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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 36.2: Don’t Work With Adventurers, Please. (5) Bahasa Indonesia

“Is the conversation over? Then let’s get going~!”

Graveliya pointed out and said.

“Have you all packed?”

“I know it can take a few days to subdue the monster nest, so I was already told to prepare the ration and the camping supplies. No worries, I got it all.”

“Then you guys can start right away. Graveliya, Kyle, Garuda, and Mr. Cloud. I hope you all have a safe journey~”

“Yeah, see you later, Elisha~ Don’t forget to write a good review after this mission is over~”

“Agh, if you say that out so loud…”

Graveliya giggled at Elisa, who looked around in embarrassment.

Our party came out of the town.

Graveliya and Kyle were conversing while moving. Kyle was mute, so it was mostly Graveliya talking with herself.

“It only takes a few hours to climb the mountain road from here. It will be difficult, so take precautions.”

It was time to climb up the mountain road.

When, Graveliya put her arm around my shoulders. Um, this feels familiar? When I turned my head to her, I saw her with a fierce expression on her face.

“Hey, Grade-A kid. Let’s correct one misunderstanding before we continue to go.”


“First of all, we came here because Elisha asked for it, not because we wanted to fulfill your mission. Do you understand what that means?”

“What does that mean?”

“If you are thinking of becoming some leader or sh!t, and giving us orders, it’s better to dream. If you do, I think I’ll kill you. You understand?”

“You are going to kill the employer? And, didn’t you guys came over at Elisha’s request?”

“Of course, then you didn’t die in my hands, but you were killed by a monster. Do you think this big sis isn’t capable of doing that?”

“Well, I think you are.”

Graveliya grinned.

“I know, right? Don’t worry though, your mission, we will finish it properly. From now on, I will be the leader of this party. No objections?”

Graveliya’s eyes turned to Garuda.

“You, weaker than me. And, commands. I don’t listen.”

Her eyes went cold.

“Huh..? Why does that sound like I’m weaker than you?”

“Yes. Female. Thin. A thin one, weak.”

“Okay, I’m thin, so… would you like to try it? That misconception of your’s, are thin people, really weak?”

“Fight, oh? Good. Just, crush you.”

And like that, a strange battle on the verge of breaking out looked to be happening soon.

It wouldn’t be least strange if in the next second they drew out their weapons and started to clash right after.

There was a heavy tension in the air…

“Ah, leave it. After all, there’s nothing of a rat tail’s worth to gain from this. There’s nothing good about fighting, either. I’m not going to give you orders, so let’s just be ourselves so that we don’t interfere with each other.”

That tension was quenched by Graveliya’s words as she waved her hands.

“So, no fight?”

“No~ None~, muscle guy~”


After the farce was over, the party started moving again.

After a few hours, we arrived at the pond surrounded by peach trees.

“Hah? Why stopped? There is no monster nest here?”

I dived into the pond.

Pulled the ring to part the water and made a staircase. As I got out of the water, I saw the three adventurers with their eyes wide open.

I touched the stone gate, opened it, and said to them.


They descended the stairs slowly, as if looking possessed.

“This is… too grandiose to be a monster nest…”

They crossed the gate and entered. Thud! As soon as the stone door closed, Graveliya turned around in surprise. She carefully placed her hand on the stone door and began to stroke it.

At the same time, the sound of water pouring over our head was heard.

“Ahaha! This is a dungeon! It’s a dungeon! So, this thing was hiding here. Little one, you’re stronger than I thought…”

“★Pink Women Crusher Punch★”

Looking back, my fist was firmly pressed onto Graveliya’s face.

Currently, I’m pumping with strength because I used the Ogre’s Glyph.

Graveliya flew out in a parabola and rolled over the floor.


When Kyle saw his wife being beaten, his eyes widened and then his expression ferociously distorted.

He drew out a short sword from his waist and ran towards me. It looks like he’s aiming for the gap that was made while I swung my fist.

“It’s okay, chap. Thousand Miles Kick!”


Kyle, who was hit in the chin by my back kick, flew out in a parabola like his wife and rolled over the floor.

Seeing the two of them collapsing together, I smiled contentedly.

The reason I suddenly hit them is simple.

These cubs are beast cubs.

I saw it just a little earlier.

These guys like fighting, fighting among themselves.

Fighting for dominance. When worried about getting injured on fight with an opponent that’s not easy to suppress, they avoid fighting.

No matter how you look, isn’t that the habit of young beasts?

And if it is a beast, it can be tamed.


“Good, good! Everyone fighting! Ooooh!!”

“You! Good! Powerful! That’s right!”

“Ugh! Wait! Aggr! I, smash!”

You just need the right technique.

If you have the technique, you can tame all the beasts in the world.

“Aww! How dare you slap me on the face?!”


“Strong guy! Fight and win! Get recognized by ancestors!”

If you can’t tame it, it’s simply because you haven’t put that right technique to its optimum usage.

So, just hit more.

“The warm-up is finished. Guys, come jumping in.”

Oh, by the way, this is just a necessary step to tame the beast.

I never do it because it feeling addictive, never.

“Heh, heh… Kek…”

“How does the headlock taste, huh? Can you feel the difference in power, huh, barbarian?”

But it’s a little strange.


“Do you speak with the glare of your eyes instead of tongue? From the first time I saw you, you have been looking at me with those jealous gazes, sending me those f**king warnings. I didn’t even think about messing around with your wife, you pimp! Just damn it, I have no interest in f**king our wife!”

Obviously, in the process, you can’t have any sympathy, not the slightest…

“Why do you have pink hair! Among so many colors, why is it pink? Why, why?!”

“Ahhh! Don’t pull my hair, you crazy bastard!!”

Why does it looks like I’m having fun?

Dude, this will disqualify me as a trainer.

That’s simply becoming an animal abuser. And that, ain’t me.

“Come on, be a man, you are pulling a woman’s hair?! You don’t have a dick between your legs?!”

…just for a moment, it wouldn’t hurt to be an animal abuser.

“Yeah, you pink biiiiith!”

I grabbed Graveliya’s hair and turned it around like a windmill. She firmly hold on to her hair as it being the only solution to keep herself from becoming bald.


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