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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 126: Petty Bahasa Indonesia

‘…oh wow.’

Ashton’s senses bled past the walls of the Grand Library and saw the scenery outside which surprised him.

What a sharp contrast that was…

As it turns out, the Chaotic Warzone is split in two.

One side was filled with dark and gloomy clouds, Ashton could even see the Black Fog in there which strengthens the demons as so long as they stayed within it.

On the other side, was a golden dessert. The skies above it were clear and open, golden light poured down making the whole area appear holy and divine. Ashton could also see several abodes carried by clouds, and for the first time, he also saw Angels…

‘Yep, they’re just as creepy as the demons…’ Ashton declared in his mind.

An amalgamation of halos, wings, eyes, and whatever else greeted his vision. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but think that Angels just looked…wrong. not that the Demons looked right to him. Both races looked weird but that’s coming from him, a human, so of course, his opinion was biased.

But just as it was stated earlier, the Chaotic Warzone is split evenly between these two forces.

From where Ashton was, he could see the base of both races and could also see how they openly glared at each other as if they couldn’t stand the opposite’s existence…

Ashton didn’t have any plans of doing anything right now. His priority was to gather as much information as he can before he makes a move.

As he surveyed the battlefield, he couldn’t help but notice that a group from each race was bound to make contact. He focused his attention on them with interest cause he wants to see what was going to happen next.

“Ah look at what we have here…” someone from the Celestial Race scoffed upon seeing the group of demons not too far from them. “Some losers from the Filth Race. How unlucky must we be to encounter such abominations.”

‘Uh, hello? When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror?’ Ashton reacted inwardly.

The Angel who spoke was a floating head that had the face of an old man. This one has three pairs of wings, had a 9-inch halo floating above its head and its body and wings were covered with numerous sets of crimson eyes which were glaring at the demons.

Really, this one doesn’t have any leg to stand on (not that it had one, to begin with) when it comes to appearances.

“And here I thought I was the only one who could smell the foul stench of a hypocrite, as it turns out there really is one around. My, how are you floating head? I see that you’re all healed from the injuries you suffered from me. Had a good time in the infirmary I hope? What’s with the face? Ah, did that pretty sister of yours rejected your marriage proposal again? Tsk, just accept it at this point fat head, you’re ugly as fuck. Don’t even think about it.”

‘Oooh…’ Ashton made a stank face upon hearing how the demon ruthlessly roasted the angel, ‘Dayum Sir! Hold yourself back for the poor thing! Look at it! It is so close to crying.’

“You’re going overboard!!” The angel roared in fury, and just as Ashton thought that those eyes couldn’t get any redder, he was proven wrong. “Don’t you dare utter Sister Nono’s name with that filthy mouth of yours!!”

“Or else what, fat head? Or else fucking what!?” The demon stepped forward and brought out a pitchfork that was doused with pure corruption and demonic intent. “You’re going to fight me? Go ahead then! I fucking dare you. But know that this time, there’s no fucking way that I’ll let you live, I’m all out of mercy after all.”

“Hah! As if I need mercy from filth like you. Do you worst I guess!” The Head Angel (?) looked at his team and roared, “Come, Brothers! This time, we eradicate the filth before us!”

And just like that, a battle erupted…

Ashton who was observing from a distance had a pensive look on his face as he thought:

‘It didn’t take much for them to start a fight at all…they really couldn’t stand each other that much huh?’

The commotion caused by their fight alerted the others who were patrolling the area. Ashton watched in interest as he saw the others fidgeting where they stood.

‘Oi, oi…don’t tell they-‘


Ashton couldn’t even finish his thought when another roar echoed on the battlefield.

He watched, mouth widening, in surprise as the patrolling groups recklessly abandoned their posts to jump in on the battle.

Battle cries erupted everywhere. A chain reaction occurred and before Ashton knew it, the battlefield became extremely active.

Light and dark clashed, and the previous split disappeared. Above the battlefield, dark clouds loomed and occasional sparks of thunder swam threatening to strike down at any given moment.

Nevertheless, the war raged on. Everything started with a little scuffle yet the time it took for it to escalate was too short, almost a blink of an eye even.

Ashton was speechless. Seriously are they this petty?

There was no reason for a whole-ass war to erupt just from that little scuffle. At this point, he’s thinking that both of these races were just finding a reason, no matter how big or little, to fight each other.

At some point, he could even see Noble Demons and Angels of the Upper Echelon duking it out. He heard no arguments whatsoever, they just appeared out of nowhere and started fighting.

Again, how petty can both of these races get?

The war raged on for an entire day. Ashton remained inside the library, watching the whole fiasco play out with a baffled face.

As they fought, Ashton realized that the day and night cycle was completely skewed in this area. Well, kind of…

You see, the side where Angels reside never turned dark. In other words, it didn’t matter how much time passed, night didn’t dim the side where angels reside at all. As for the demons’ side, it’s the opposite.

Ashton had no idea how this was happening and frankly, he couldn’t care less right now since all he could think about was the surprising event in front of him.

At some point though, the battle died down. Ashton was so distracted that he didn’t see who won between the Head Angel (?) and the Pitchfork Demon. So much has happened that he completely missed it.

And then, the war died down just as fast as it happened. Which again, did not make any sense at all.

‘I didn’t even hear a retreat call. They just kind of stopped sending more reinforcements and it’s done. How?’ Ashton was really confused.

He was baffled for that whole day, he even missed his meals because he was so bothered by what he just witnessed. Why did neither Mr. Slayer nor Bruce finds this unimportant that they didn’t bother writing it down at all?

Honestly? Weren’t they curious about their behavior?

‘Maybe they were curious but nothing made sense so they just didn’t bother themselves or they just didn’t care in the first place.’

It could be either of those, to be honest, but since those were already dead, he couldn’t ask them anymore. Anyhow, it’s not important.

What he should focus on is how he should deal with this.

In the end, Ashton lacks more information. Currently, all he had were his initial guesses. Nothing concrete or proven yet. He figured that he had to observe the battlefield more just to be sure.

If there’s something that upsets him, it’d be the wanton destruction of the territory.

This place had endured so much abuse from the war which rage almost every single day. The soil doesn’t even know what color of form it should take on any more. Was it even possible to rehabilitate this place at all? Ashton was afraid that not even his Lv.55 Purify could do anything for this place.

There was a period of calm that followed that very abrupt war. Though not too long after that, Ashton could, once again, see that both forces were sending teams to patrol their domain.

Ashton observed the routes were taking and couldn’t help but had a change in his expression. For some reason, there was this foreboding sense in his heart and right away, he felt a headache incoming…

The routes of one group of demons and another group of angels were bound to meet once again. The closer they got to each other, the worse Ashton’s premonition got.

And then, they eventually meet.

The group paused in their tracks and glared at each other. The atmosphere turned tense. The elected leaders of both groups eyed each other, gripping their weapons tightly in their hands.

“The fuck are you lookin’ at, huh?” The Demon asked.

“Nothing much, just wondering why a filth would suddenly appear in my vision, that’s all.” The angel replied.

“You wanna go huh?”

“Bring it on bitch! You think I’m afraid of you!?”


‘Jesus tap-dancing Christ!’ Ashton’s mouth was gaping. ‘Seriously? Again?’


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