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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 125: Chaotic Warzone Bahasa Indonesia

The friction between the Celestials and the Hypogeans cannot be resolved unless they specifically did something to settle it down.

While there are the Revenants; a group of chosen Celestials and Hypogeans who could tolerate each other and work together for something both races want, at the end of the day, the two races hated each other at the very depths of their heart.

It could even be said that there will be no peace so long as these two races are at the same place at the same time.

The Chaotic Warzone is an area where the Celestials and Hypogeans fight to the death to settle down their grievances. It is a place of unrest and constant slaughter and destruction.

Bruce, the one who mapped the entire world, and Mr. Slayer, both arrived at this place and saw it with their own eyes. Both Demons and Angels kill each other wantonly. It is a battlefield reserved strictly for them.

Bruce just scouted the area and hid as he mapped it out while Mr. Slayer downright jumped into that place and thrived in it.

Currently, Ashton has no idea if other humans had reached this place aside from those two. Though he knows that now, it is his turn to do so.

The Chaotic Warzone is an area that he had to pass through because beyond it, is the last stretch towards the Last Bastion.

Ashton…he’s so close to returning home with Aria. So there’s no way he’d skip this part.

That being said, anxiety cannot overcome him now. It shouldn’t. For it will only make him do reckless decisions. He had to remember that he was carrying a burden that was far too important and beyond himself, he cannot die here. He has to calm down and do this as methodically as he could.

‘It’ll probably take me years to…no, it ‘has’ to take years.’ Ashton declared to himself. ‘Just like Mr. Slayer, I have to thrive on this battlefield. Coming and going as much as I want without being obstructed.’

‘I need to reap as many of their forces as I could.’ He mused to himself, ‘The Blood-Drinking Seal needs its thirst to be sated and this mission that the system gave to me, has to be cleared before I return home.’

Ashton blinked as he stared at a blank space.

‘If I survive out here for 5 years in total, the final reward will be a pill that can help me remove my curse. I can’t let that chance go. I need to have that if I want to achieve my goals.’

‘Since the Chaotic Warzone is a battlefield for both Celestials and Hypogeans, then for the first time, I’d encounter an Angel…somehow I’m not looking forward to it.’

Ashton smiled wryly. He finds it funny that, even though his old world was gone now, its influence still stuck with him even now.

The first time he heard about Angels, an image of a humanoid with multiple pairs of pristine white wings and a golden halo emerged in his mind. This is funny because that’s far from what Angels were supposed to look like in the bible itself, or this world even…

‘Don’t be afraid’, these were the words that all angels tell humans the moment they appear before them, and there’s a reason behind that.

Angles, to summarize, are wings and eyes galore. They take on weird shapes and just looks…wrong and freaky, but since, according to the bible at least, they were serving god, they were supposed to be the ‘good guys’.

In this world, that somehow remains the same only, Angels couldn’t care less about humans. If anything, they see Humans as rare delicacies and nothing more. Their main concern here is to stop the demons from conquering this place since they want to conquer it instead. That’s all.

‘I suppose most of them are just ‘benevolent-Lovecraftian-abominations’ minus the tentacles and teeth. Though, I’m pretty sure they do take on a humanoid form since they have no originality.’ Ashton chuckled to himself.

He could remember his first lesson on History back at the Mystic Academy. Their old Professor activated a projection for the class to experience. There they saw the ‘unofficial’ start of the invasion which occurred at the opposite poles of the world.

Ashton could clearly remember the ‘golden shadows’ which represented the Celestials, taking on a Human Form after killing some Human tribes. That is why Ashton said that they have no originality…

‘Anyway, I have to prepare for this…’ Ashton shook his head to get rid of the unimportant thoughts of his. ‘At the Chaotic Warzone, I won’t just deal with the Demonic Corruption, I’ll also be introduced to the Golden Corruption.’

The so-called Golden Corruption was the golden trail that Celestials leave behind to terraform the land into a place more suited for their needs. Simply put, they turn the ground they’re on into Golden Sand which could ‘consume’ those who weren’t Celestial.

Back at the Mystic Academy, Ashton’s White Magic Professor once showed him samples of soil corrupted by both races. He could still remember the repulsion he felt back then. He could also remember how the black soil eroded the material they tested and how the golden sand swallowed it completely.

Ashton doesn’t have any reason to be afraid of the corrupted ground. If he could survive the demonic corruption, there’s no way the golden corruption would become a problem for him.

Right now, he could safely say that he’s probably the most powerful White Mage that Humanity has. Just the levels of his White Magic alone could easily make him an extremely respected White Mage, not to mention the sheer amount of mana he possesses and the other things in his arsenal.

That being said…

‘Would White Magic even be effective against Celestials?’ He couldn’t help but ask himself.

Cause White Magic was extremely effective against Hypogeans/Demons. Even the faintest hint of purity was harmful to them, but could the same be said for Angels?

‘…I don’t know.’ Ashton pursed his lips, ‘I guess I could only see it for myself. Well, whether it’s effective or not, I should be fine. It’s not like I neglected Black Magic all this time anyway…’

Yes, that’s right. White Magic isn’t the only branch of Magic available to Ashton. He also knows a few Black Magic Spells as well. In fact, he ground them up as well since they might become useful in the future.

That being said though, Ashton’s Specialization is White Mage, and the benefits he got from this were strictly applied to White Magic only. His Black Magic Spells were destined to be just a tad bit weaker compared to his White Magic because of this little disparity.

Either way, whether they were useful or not, will ultimately depend on Ashton’s further inspection. And in order for him to start the said inspection, he has to arrive at the Chaotic Warzone first.

The Chaotic Warzone is about 2.5k kilometers away from the Demonic City. With Ashton’s pace, it shouldn’t take him long before he reaches the edges of the zone.

Since his promotion, Ashton could use the library as some sort of a vehicle to go where he needed to go. He didn’t need to go out anymore to do so which was safer and more convenient. That being said, traveling this way is slower.

Doesn’t matter though, Ashton wasn’t in a rush. Plus, he could multitask so it’s better this way for both him and Aria.

Right now, he’s driving the library towards his destination while he’s also deciphering the ‘ARC’ blueprints with Aria.

Thanks to his new System Skill – Omnilingual, he could now completely understand the language used on the blueprints. Don’t be mistaken though, knowing how to read the language is different from knowing what language it is.

Although Ashton could indeed read the language now, he still has no clue what was the name of this language at all. But that’s not really important now, is it?

‘Surprisingly, we lack some materials for ‘The Core’. What a scam!’ Ashton chuckled to himself.

It is indeed surprising, considering how many resources Ashton accumulated by signing in every day and harvesting loot from his victims. The materials they lack were Angelic Remains; both common and rare ones, as well as a few high-end Demonic Trinkets like the Demonic Crown.

‘Also, more Soul Bones like the Undead Dragon’s Skull Bone. We need more of this to complete the core.’

Thankfully, he hadn’t fused with the Undead Dragon’s Skull Bone yet. It turned out that he’d find more uses for the bone rather than replacing his own skull with it.

Well, the idea of turning part of his skeletal system into a Demonic one didn’t really sound particularly inviting for him to begin with so he might as well use it for ‘The Core’.

‘Just as well…’ Ashton flared his nose and swept his hand on his head which is now filled with some stubbles of hair, ‘The Chaotic Warzone should be crawling useful pests that I intend to get rid of anyway.’

‘By the time I’m done with that place, we’ll have everything we need to construct an entire city.’


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