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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 7: The death flag comes into class. Bahasa Indonesia

What does she want, honestly? Isn’t having someone else over annoying for their private time together?

I just can not understand the logic behind her words. Rather than a bug, I somehow feel like I am speaking to a person. This needs to be researched deeper ASAP!

I have a bad feeling about this…

Nevertheless, for now, I must decline! I have no idea what she is planning. Also, what can I, a mob, do while you two play the newlywed couple game? I get envious, too, you know…

Even I want someone to take care of me. Of course, that person should not be similar to you girls!

“I’m busy this evening.” That is what I am going to use. A rather simple excuse, I must say.

Maybe a bit too simple.

I think I fucked up… Even a child would be able to counter that excuse.

Han drops down on his table. “Really? Bummer. I was looking forward to your cooking, C!”

What do you know! The density of this guy must have created a black hole on its own. Now that I am thinking about it. That…sounds…oddly like he is talking to his heroine…

Please let this be just a one-time thing! Please, Creator!

Rachel’s aquamarine eyes gleam at me, unsatisfied by my answer. Why would she be…

“Oh? Too bad, then. I thought that we could discuss a few things.”

Phew, not that bad! At least she did not ask me why I was busy. Usually, I just stick to my role, so it is difficult for me to make things up.

Rachel, between you and I, there is nothing to discuss! Please, just go home with your childhood friend! And good luck getting laid! The first time always hurts so remember to lube it up, girl.

I have a little sense of accomplishment after that. They are back on the right track. So I will simply step away from this role as a supporting character.

“No, no, no! Classmate C. That won’t do!” Rachel shakes her head all of a sudden. Her eyes are still focusing on me. “We need you because it looks like you know the trend better than we do! I don’t know the taste of orange chicken. Isn’t that right, Han?” She then tosses a look at the main character.

This is what I get for keeping the storyline to the original? Han Som, my boy, my Lord, show some backbone, man… Do not let Rachel push you around like this…

The guy answers with. “Yeah! That’s true, C! We still don’t know how to make it yet! Why don’t you come and show us?”

How on the God damn Earth did you come to that conclusion!!??? Why did you not invite your best friend Classmate A but me!? I absolutely will NOT come to your place! Awaiting me is probably nothing but death!

Sometimes I feel like everything is falling apart. Well, maybe just today, but still! Han is not thinking straight, the side characters are not doing anything, and the first heroine is dead focused on me! Can it get any worse?

“Ehem! There is a recipe online that you can just search it. The dish is not that hard to make.”

I swear to God I have delivered more lines than even Han himself today! My head hurts just from thinking about how to solve this crap. If there were a hospital in this world, I would go, genuinely.

Maybe I have a tumor or something. That does not sound bad at all. A brain tumor would be a blessing at this point. I can finally be far from all these people, far away from these psychopaths.

“Rachel, can’t you see you are bothering other people?” Tapping lightly on her table, Kurokawa joins in the conversation.

A beautiful black-haired saint finally shines down her warming light to defend me.

Are you an angel? I know she is talking about the whole class, not just me. But in my case, where everyone is a bunch of shadows except the main cast, I feel like she is talking directly to me.

“Excuse me, Kurokawa. Please return to your books. Us Three…” Stressing the word ‘three’ very hard, Rachel squints her blue eyes. “…are not asking for your participation.” Her sentence is almost like a grunt.

Unfazed by Rachel’s aggression, Kurokawa softly smiles. “I just heard C declined your offer just now. Isn’t that right, C?”

I vigorously nod. That is what I call ‘kind’.

“And you tell me you are not bothering other people, Rachel?”

You must be an angel sent from above, dear Kurokawa! You are here to save my poor soul! I can even hear a choir singing majestically behind your back. It must be nice having your own BGM all the time.

“Even if I am bothering other people, it is still not your business, isn’t it?” The atmosphere starts to change around Rachel. I can feel the gravity slowly increase. Metaphorically, of course. Even from a distance, I can still feel the heat emitting from her.

“I don’t need your permission to do anything, Rachel. Please remember that. I do what I feel is right! Look at you forcing others to do what you want. Have you no shame?!”

Nice comeback, Kurokawa!

Her ears are getting a bit red, though. Hmm. I wonder why? Anger, I presume.

Oops? She covers her ears already. Her hands just cuffed them gently. That was pretty cute.

Han also joins in the conversation. “H-hey guys! Don’t get so worked up! We are classmates!”

He has a troubled face, sweating and waving his arms around to get the girls’ attention.

You would think that his action was meaningless. In reality, it is not. See, the female leads’ “obsession” will only be activated after the first intercourse. This means, at least for now, they will not be violent. Remember, we are still at the beginning of the game.

“If C is busy, we should leave him be. There are many other chances to be together.”

After Han’s desperate call for peace, the two girls sit down. The bickering has seemed to stop thanks to his intervention.

I would say that this interaction was a little too early. Usually, Kurokawa would not have such an influence at this point in the game. Her relationship with Han is probably still in its earliest stage. So having her face off the powerful childhood friend is a little risky, especially when Rachel is about to get her “yandere” power tonight.

But heck. Everything has gone down the hill since this morning. I should only use the past as a marker.

I will be an idiot if I keep thinking about the story fixing itself.


I can feel Rachel’s violent gaze on my blank face. It is indeed forceful. Hah! Look all you want! Since I have no facial expressions, you will get bored at some point.

As for Kurokawa, her red ears could be because she read my thoughts and felt embarrassed by my compliment.

Pfffft. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ridiculous! As if something like that would happen.

It is already hard to gain consciousness, and mind-reading abilities, too? C, you are getting it way over your head. Perhaps that made-up brain tumor is messing up with your thoughts.


Both Rachel and Kurokawa look at me very weirdly.




The classroom door opens, and a girl walks in. If one were to meet her the first time, they would notice her yellow ribbons on both sides of her head. She has long and luscious chestnut hair, making the already feminine figure of her body even more dignified. Her pupils are a dark brown color that shines brightly like marbles. But the looks of them are very stern. On her right arm is a yellow band that says: Class Representative.

In short, she is a graceful member of society, our current Class Rep, Laura.

Hugging some documents in her chest, the Class Rep makes her way to the pedestal.

“Please submit your Math homework!”

She is the first death flag. Her disappearance will start the main plot of the story.

Although Laura is an innocent girl, she will die at the hands of Rachel. If I remember correctly, she was murdered by her own paper-knife.

Not by cutting her wrist, nope. That is so last year!

Rachel forced her to eat it whole.

Read it again, I said eat, didn’t I? She had to put the paper-knife inside her mouth, chew it, and swallow. Quite a brutal way of killing someone, for sure!


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