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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 6: Spare me please… Bahasa Indonesia

After wiping her hands clean, Rachel puts her blue ink-stained handkerchief away. Then, supporting herself with a hand on the table, she gives Kurokawa a piercing look. She looks like a queen in this pose.

“I beg your pardon, Kurokawa?”

YES! YES!!! I just love how everything goes according to the schedule. Not going to lie, but the striking posture is stunning and powerful. Other than the fact that she is a nutcase, Rachel is indeed a true beauty beyond comparison. No matter how many times I have seen her, I still can not help but compliment her looks. Inside my head only, of course. I do not want to mess up the game, duh!

Wait a moment? I think she is turning a bit red? Is she that mad already?

I know I have been saying this over and over again. And probably some of you are already bored. Still, STRANGE!!!!

It should not be like this! There is absolutely no doubt Rachel is crazy! However, there is a build-up for every character in the game. If the female leads behave as deranged psychopaths at the start, there will be no development in this eroge!

“Oh? I thought that I made myself pretty clear?” Kurokawa nonchalantly replies.

“I’m sorry. I did hear you say gibberish. Isn’t that right, Classmate C?” Rachel turns at me, who is sitting at the edge of the classroom, minding my business.

What do you want now?! Do not bring me into your mess!

Now that she shows me her face, it is not totally raging red. The red color is mostly on her ears, while it only blushes on her cheeks. Rather than anger, it looks more like embarrassment.


Weird, weird, weird!

“Hey, C! Hello? I. Am. Talking. To. You!” She calls out to me again, stressing every word as if I had trouble hearing.

Hah! Do I look stupid to you, Rachel? I have no lines to deliver here, so you people can enjoy your bugs alone. Thank you very much. Muchas gracias!

As a mob in this world, I have to always remember one sentence.

Eyes forward, dick downward.

That is the law of this world that I learned. After many times of having knives in my face and my dick chopped…

“You do look pretty stupid right now, C.” She stares at me, looking all disappointed.

God fucking damn it, Rachel…

Why must you hurt me…

This bug keeps giving me emotional damage. If I had eyes, I would have cried a river.

Fortunately for me, Kurokawa jumps in to save my tiny ass.

“Leave Classmate C out of your shenanigans, Rachel. What did you mean by gibberish?”

What a kind girl she is! I would have fallen in love with her if the circumstances were different.


What are you blabbering?? Where is the elegant girl?


The bug is messing up with the audio now…

She is a massive masochist, alright. Within her heart is darkness unfathomable to the common man.

However, Kurokawa is also one of the few characters who do not try to kill everyone else. The bookworm wants herself to feel that pain rather than to deliver that. She was actually the one who forced Han to create the harem since it gave her the mental pain she craved.

Kurokawa wanted to see her lover fucked other women while she watched. Plus, she wanted to hear him compliment other people and degrade her like a pig.


I swear to God, I saw her eyes lit up right there!

Even when her bangs are covering half of her face, I could still see flashes of her cheeks.

Kinda pink? The tips of her ears are red, too.

What is up with these people today?

“On second thought, C, how about you help Rachel answer the question?” Kurokawa turns toward me.


Rachel quickly follows with a sadistic smile. “That is actually a great idea. I wonder if the ever so quiet Classmate C has any interesting insights in our discussion.”


Excuse me? What did I do to you people?

“I know that Classmate C is very talkative despite your quiet appearance.” Kurokawa claims.

Um? Hello? This is the start of the game! Even if we are halfway through it, the interaction between us two will never be more than a few lines of dialogue. How on Earth did you jump to that conclusion!?

“That is something that I can agree with you, Kurokawa.” Rachel nods.

Why aren’t you two talking to that guy?! Isn’t Han your future lover/ victim? Stop this madness already!

Kurokawa shows a slight smile on her face. “Oh, Rachel. I did not ask for your opinion!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t really care.” Rachel returns immediately.

By the way, since he finished his work, Han has been oddly silent. Is this because no one is paying him any attention?

It makes sense, honestly. Han is the main character, so if the female leads and the side characters are not interacting with him, he must be stagnant.

Not good! Not good at all! The bug is not affecting his character.

He needs to follow the storyline and conquers these demons ASAP.

Do I need to give him a kick or something?

Oh, well! Having this current game reset is better than facing these monsters!

I will probably have to become a supporting character rather than just a mob…

Tired…I am so tired…

“Han, I remember you have to cook for Rachel today. Do you know what you are going to do?” Let’s go with this.

Kurokawa will be put aside at the moment. She does not have a good relationship with Han yet, so I do not have to include her. We still have many chances in the future.

I have never done something similar, so there is a pretty high chance of failure.

Please, ladies, I am trying my best here. If you keep staring at me like that, I will die from sheer pressure, seriously!

“Oh! That! Hmm…I am still not so sure.” Han starts to get out of his daze.

YESH! Yes! This is working somehow.

Then I need to continue.

Keeping a normal voice, I give him a suggestion. “Why don’t you ask Rachel herself?”

She asked you to make dinner this morning, then just go and ask her! How freaking clueless can you be? There should be a limit to dullness!

My head hurts…

“Ah! I’m so stupid!”

Yes. Yes, you are.

Han turns to his right. “What do you want for dinner tonight, Rachel?”

“Anything is fine.” She smiles at him. “As long as you make it, I am already the happiest woman on Earth!”

Hearing that, Han blushes slightly.


“Then I will make your favorite: Mac and Cheese!”

Dumb ass! That is YOUR favorite dish!!!

I forgot that he knows absolutely nothing about this girl…poor Rachel…

His thickheadedness never ceases to amaze me, honestly. From the beginning to the end of the game, he has always been pushed around because of his indecisiveness. Because of this reason, he never really had the chance to get to know the heroines.

Probably that made it very hard for Han to finally win.

Still, Rachel claps her hands in happiness. I can hardly see any hint of discomfort on her face.

She is so devoted to him already.

“Yay! I am so ready for dinner tonight!”

No. Han needs to try harder if he wants to stay alive. At least give him something difficult. This kind of leniency is damaging to your relationship!

“Why don’t you guys have orange chicken for dinner? I have heard that dish is becoming a trend.”

Orange chicken is what she likes, Han. Remember that, my boy.

“Oh yeah! C is right! Why don’t we do that?”

It is not too late to save him.

“As long as you make it, I will eat anything and everything!” Rachel blossoms.

Alrighty, everything is back on track!

He will make her dinner, and she will help him prepare it. They will be like a newlywed couple, laughing and joking around throughout the cooking scene. After a heartwarming dinner, they will go to bed together. It will be then that Rachel finally jumps on his lower half.


My lonely heart feels painful…

Still, he needs to strengthen his relationship with Kurokawa as well. She is the second heroine that will help him escape the first death flag.

How do I make this work now? Hmm. It is hard to make Rachel accept Kurokawa…

Let’s think about it tomorrow. Her scene is still far away.

“Why don’t you join our dinner, C?”

Why don’t you fuck my ass too, Rachel?


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