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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 56: I never knew my school life could be this colorful. Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey, C?” Still hugging my arm close to her chest, Rachel calls my name. At the same time, Laura glances over curiously.


Smiling brightly, the blond-haired girl shows me a huge box covered in a yellow piece of fabric. That box has a cubic shape, and each side is probably about fifteen inches. At first glance, it seems like a lunch box. I remember seeing Laura making food this morning while humming a happy tune.

That thing is by no means small. Of course, Rachel’s strength is ridiculous, so she can hold on to something big like that with only one hand. If it were me, I would have to lift that box with both and still feel heavy. How she even moves so lightly while holding onto it is beyond me.

But I should still ask to carry that thing for her. It is simply the right thing to do.

This is only out of courtesy, I swear on my sentience! There is not a single sliver of hidden ulterior motives behind it.

Not even because of that kiss Rachel gave me that night! I was not moved or shocked out of this world or anything.

I think…

“That looks heavy. Why don’t you let me help you with it?”

Rachel’s face beams up after hearing those words. Actually, she has been looking happy since when she turned toward me. “No need. Even though I look like this, I’m actually pretty strong.”

On the other side, Laura stares at blondy. For some reason, the class rep sounds exceptionally chilling. “She’s right, C. Just let her carry it.”

But when she turns back to me, everything is normal again. “And also, if you have to carry that thing, you won’t pay much attention to other things such as your surroundings. I don’t want you to trip and fall.”

The class rep is correct. No matter how much I want to give Rachel some assistance, as long as they both keep clinging onto my arms, I can not really hold anything else in my arms.

“We would be sad if that were to happen! I don’t know how far I’d go seeing you hurt.” Rachel claims.

“Oh? Is that so?”

To be honest, I do not know how to respond to that. It still feels weird to have Rachel by my side rather than seeing her on Han’s side.

Speaking of Han, he has been walking with bewildered eyes all this time.

“Some people just don’t get that they are nothing but a nuisance.” The class rep sighs. “Rachel, for the last time, C is my boyfriend. I can take care of him on my own. Please stop hugging my boyfriend. Thank you very much!”

Rachel smiles at the class rep and turns back to me.

“C does not mind having two people by his side, does he?” My arm on her side can feel a nudge by two gentle friends in front of Rachel’s chest.

“I do.”

I do not.

“My dear, lying is no good. I know you have a big heart that can house all of us.” Rachel’s head is now leaning on my arm all happily. She even snuggles up closer to my chest.

How the freak am I so bad at lying?

Looking at blondy being all cuddly, in Laura’s chocolate eyes, fiery anger can be seen. Rising from her deep dark pupils of her is unequal and unfathomable rage. In addition, there is a sudden change in the aura covering her body, making the air around me feel hot at once. Even Han walking further away is affected and making a weird face.

Mommy, I think I am going to die today. Thanks for all the good things that have happened until now. Most importantly, please let the girls achieve their final happiness when I am gone. They all deserve that.

Okay! I have said my prayers. Take me great Darkness!


That is it?! No stabbing? No neck breaking?

HALLELUYAH!!! I prefer living rather than dying any day!

Contrary to my death wish, the class representative only squeezes my hand tighter than before to make her presence known, probably out of jealousy. Even though she uses more strength than before, Laura’s grip does not cause me any pain. On the other hand, I can actually understand why she does that. The class rep is trying to tell me to pay attention to her in her own way.

Damn, she is cute.

“I hope you don’t feel too uncomfortable. I still remember seeing your frown because I used too much force last time.”

The class rep is so thoughtful…

“It’s okay. I’m all good!”

It feels like I am about to shed a tear thanks to her kindness.

“Why don’t you snuggle up with C just like me?” Rachel sure likes to poke the bear.

“Unlike a certain someone, my relationship with C is based on emotions, not physical touch.” This time, the class rep does not even bother to look at her rival anymore.


Why did I think of that rival word?

…Oh, shit!

“Hehe. Don’t tell me you’re gonna have just Platonic love for C. It’s not going to work, you know?”

I am not yet ready for anything too intimate. Actually, I may die out of fear. However, what would happen if things were to come to that point? Spending the night with Rachel? With Laura? With…both of them?


No, no, no, no, no!!! Stop fantasizing!!! You are going too fucking fast! Remember that you are no main character!

The stimulation is frying my brain…

“It will get physical when C is more comfortable with me.” Laura explains. “I don’t want to rush C into something he clearly doesn’t like.”

Thank you for that, Laura.

“Anyway, putting that aside. C, We should have lunch together. I prepared a meal for all of us. You, me,…Kurokawa and even Laura.”

Rachel says the first part merrily, but the last part is almost a grunt. It is as if she considers that to be a chore.

“If you did not want to make lunch for me, you could have just not done so, Rachel.” The class representative frowns her eyebrows. “I did not ask for it.”

I mean, I get the reason why she acts like that. Rachel still is a yandere and all. Heck, everyone is a yandere far as I know. Blondy does not want to care for anyone except for the one she holds dear in her heart. That is a cold hard fact. Especially when a third party, in this case, Laura, is on my other side.

It has been a miracle seeing these two trying to maintain a balance. I sincerely hope this can last until long into the future since that is something I do not wish to lose.

“If you think I wanted to make something for you, you are dead wrong. The only reason you have a portion is that C could have given you his, and I don’t want him to share food with you.”

Blondy is right. I would have done it. But damn, Rachel is harsh with her words.

At least she does not know Laura and her were supposed to be mortal enemies in the previous alterations. If she did, she would have been even more furious.

“That’s great! One quick question, though. Where is the portion for Han, Rachel?”

Poor guy lost his one and only childhood friend to a mob. I plead guilty on this one.

“Yeah, I made one for him, too.” Blondy nods.

“You did!?” From another location, Han says. “Whoa!?”

The tone of his voice confuses me a little. “Why do you sound surprised?”

“I mean, Rachel was busy with everything, so I doubted there would be anything for me. I could not possibly ask her to make me something extra while she was already busy. It is her first time getting a boyfriend, so I don’t want to get in her way, you know.”

Where was this level of revelation when she was into you?! Or is this some kind of weird opinion from the third-person point of view? You will benefit a lot if you keep this up, Han Som.

“But isn’t it normal for her to make you lunch?” I unconsciously ask him out of guilt.

“It is. Although it is also about time I start living on my own. I can’t be relying on my childhood friend all the time, especially when she has gotten herself a good man.” Han nods to himself. “Life is just going to get way harder from now on…”

Man, now I feel bad for stealing these girls away from him. But everything is not in my control, so that is that. I can only help set him up for other girls in the future. Rachel, Laura, and possibly Kurokawa are already too much for a guy like me to handle.

“C.” He looks straight at me. And with a stern look, he says: “Take care of my precious childhood friend for me, will you? Rachel is like a family member to me. If you make her cry, I am coming for your ass. Got it?”

Please do not say it in such a misleading way.

“Don’t come for my ass. I’m not gay.”


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