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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 55: The start of a freaking harem! Bahasa Indonesia


Unconsciously, my mouth opens as large as it can. At the same time, unable to control myself, I automatically inhale, filling both my nostrils and my throat with the cool air of the morning. Right after that, and completely involuntary, my whole body shivers a little. It is not because I am cold, per se. I just can not seem to be able to control my body while it is taking in some fresh air.

“Something would fly inside if you leave your mouth open like that.” Laura puts her hand in front of my face, blocking whatever may travel inside.

“Even though you are super cute, you should only show your vulnerability when we are alone, C.” At the same time, Rachel sneaks her hand behind Laura’s, trying to put it closer to my face.

“…A-amazing…As expected of my master!” A couple steps away, I can hear Han’s voice complimenting something. Not stopping there, he even takes a small notepad out and starts scribbling on it with a ridiculous speed.

“…Walking…hand in hand…keep it cool…straight face. Wait, no, no! Scratch that. Master doesn’t have a face. Ok, where was I…”

What the heck are you writing down, man? And stop looking at me like some kind of rare specimen!

“Aw. Look at you yawning! So cute!!” Hugging my arm close to her chest, Rachel says.

Somehow there are hearts inside of her aquamarine eyes.

Do not ask me how. It is eroge’s physics. As long as the laws of thermodynamics are not violated, everything else is possible.

Because my arm is technically touching her, I can feel the softness of her chest wrapping around it. I do not want to sound like a pervert, but her breasts are softer than anything I have ever touched before in my life. Not to mention the size of those badonkadonks!


Goosebumps rise on my skin.

Mamma mia, this is simply heavenly!!

“Rachel, I would appreciate it if you stayed away from my boyfriend by at least 20 feet.” Laura glares at Rachel.

My right hand is wrapped by Rachel’s softness. My left is hugged by Laura’s. With that said, it is without a doubt that I can feel how firm they are. Even when her size is not as big as Rachel’s, I have to say that Laura’s cup size has its own charm.

Being a good man, I will never say which one is bigger. That is like asking to be shot in the head.

“Fufu.” Strangely enough, Rachel just puts on a victory smile.

“Tch.” I can hear Laura’s annoying click. Her gaze is so fierce I can feel it even when it is not directed at me.

“A-amazing…” Han continues writing his notes.


I have no intention of knowing what that guy is doing. He is dead set on becoming my disciple to learn the way of love no matter how much I told him I had no experience. To make matters worse, he said he would copy my every action.

Nevertheless, the two girls on my side should come before him.

Han can copy everything for all I care. At this point, I am numb to changes.

They have been clinging to me since we exited Han’s villa, Rachel and Laura. At first, they did not grab both of my arms like now but kept a certain distance. But the more we walked, the closer they came to me, until the was no space between us, which led to the current situation. Even when I told them that Han was watching, they asked me what was wrong with just hugging. Since I was dumb, I could not answer a word and accepted my defeat. If I were to ask whether or not I hated it, the answer would be no. Like all the healthy men in the world, I love being sandwiched between two beauties. However, I could not possibly let them know that fact, or the two girls would not let me be alone anymore.

In addition to that, and I do not want to sound like a pervert by saying this, but not only did the yawn give me fresh air, it also brought in the scent of perfume from Rachel and Laura. While the two were pressing themselves onto my body, I was enveloped by their sweet fragrance. Even though they used the same shampoo and conditioner after the bath in the morning, I could still distinguish their scents somehow.

Rachel has a hint of floral fragrance surrounding her body. I did not think much of it at first except for how relaxing it felt. After a while, it gives me a kind of nostalgic feeling for some reason. One would expect her to smell like oranges since her favorite dish is orange chicken, but no. Her smell is very flowery.

Laura on the other hand, gives me a zesty, minty scent. Contrary to Rachel’s nostalgic aura, Laura’s feels kind refreshing, and uplifting. The weird thing is I feel a sense of nostalgia after a while, similar to Rachel’s case. Truth be told, I have no idea how I got the ability to give her such a distinctive description. So you will have to take my word for it. It makes me wonder how it will taste if I am to kiss her in the future, though. If everything goes well, that is to be expected.


My pants feel tight all of a sudden…

Argh! What on earth am i thinking!?

Eyes forward, dick downward, C! Are you already forgetting your motto!? Kissing is not so important right now, but staying alive is!! I must not let the horny consume me.

Honestly, with how easy things have been going with everything, there are good and bad things all at once. The good thing is I have been able to experience many new things, even to the extent of being a relationship, which I have never done before. But the bad thing is I am getting distracted. And in this world, distraction means death.

Because of the sudden bulge in my pants, I now have to lean forward a bit to hide my boner. I sure hope Rachel and Laura do not take notice of my change…Otherwise, I will probably die of shame before they decide to do anything to me.

“Oh, C, why are you walking like that?” Still holding on tight, Rachel is the first on to ask.


“If you feel uncomfortable, no matter how ‘hard’ it is, I will help you get rid of that issue.” Laura states.

Truly, thank you. Yet,…this…is not something you can solve like that.

Think, C, think! What can I say now?

Worry not, my friends! I just have an erection while thinking about doing lewd things with you.

NO! No! No…not like that…

Obviously, I will not discuss such a thing with the two girls. How would they even look at me if they found out I was analyzing their smell while imagining kissing them?

The worst thing is, rather than looking at me with piercing gazes while saying disgusting, Rachel and Laura will most probably be delighted. After all, they are yanderes. And the fact that I am paying attention is something the yanderes will take pride in, even ecstatic. Knowing me being interested in them that way, they will most definitely try to find a way so we can have some alone time for some action. After everything is said and done, I will be found cheating and killed by either Rachel or Laura.

For that reason, I am out.

The more they fall in love, the greater my chance of dying a horrific death.

I do NOT want to become like Han.

No, sir.

Not when TWO of them, I repeat, TWO of them are infatuated with me right now.

Not to mention Kurokawa, who went home for something. I am not trying to sound optimistic, but she seemed to be interested in me in some way as well. Since we left the villa, the girl with the bang was nowhere to be seen. I must say that not seeing the bookworm is a little disappointing. Without her, the trio will not be complete.


What the heck is going on with me?! Why am I thinking like this?!? Those kinds of thoughts will lead to certain doom!!

C! You are clearly getting the girls way too much into your head!



Taking a deep breath, I continue forward to school.

“No more weird thoughts. No more weird thoughts.” To keep my mind busy, I mumble a mantra and hope it would work.

Anyway, that concludes the first time ever I yawn. It feels kind of weird having no control over your mouth and your body no matter how short it can be. Even when I try my best to suppress the urge to yawn, I still can not make a difference.

Biology is weird.

Physiology is weird.


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