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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 4: In the classroom. Bahasa Indonesia

The interior is similar to how most Japanese classrooms should be. There would be a table for teachers and a blackboard at the front, alongside some chalks. The difference between this place and your world would be almost all of the students here are shadow people. They are definitely more defined than before, with sharper edges and things like that. Nonetheless, in the end, they are still shadows. Their sole purpose in this life is to make this place appears crowded. Nothing more, nothing less. They are technically mannequins in the classroom to fill up the empty spaces.

Our classroom is on the second floor. Not only that, it has windows that allow us to look outside. And by ‘us’, I mean the main cast, not me.


“Good morning!” Han pulls the door of the classroom open. On his other hand is the homework given by his childhood friend.

Walking behind him is Rachel. She has had quite a disinterested face since our strange encounter this morning. I have heard her saying ‘shut up’ very quietly to someone invisible. Imaginary friends at this age? What a crazy woman. Even with this bug, she is still living in madness.

“Would you please stop talking, C?” She turns back at me, looking irritated.

Excuse me? I was not even talking! Do not blame someone for something they have not done! In fact, I will have you know that I was silent the whole way from the school gate to the classroom. Because of that, I could understand nothing from you, you lunatic woman!

Well, she is one of the yanderes, so some quirkiness to her character is understandable. People just love it when the female leads are insane.

I respect their kinks. Each to their own, I guess.

“Hey, Han! Hey, Rachel! How are you two doing?” The first one to answer him is classmate A, his best friend. This guy right here has quite a tragic fate. Somewhere in the future, he will be gutted by his dear sister. Why? Because his sister has been madly in love with the main character since years ago, that is why.

To my knowledge, it went like this. Knowing Han, Classmate A would be afraid that his sister would suffer. Therefore, he advised her to stop her love. Of course, his sister did not take that so well. Instead of trusting her brother, she thought he was trying to separate them. The only way she could think of was to disembowel her brother. No brother, no obstacles. That was her train of thought. Unfortunately, the happiness she got after the murder did not last long. Soon after a sex scene with Han, she was discovered by none other than Rachel.

Her abdomen was cut open, and her entrails were used to hang her own neck. Classmate A’s sister’s naked corpse was put onto the sakura tree for everyone to see. On her back were wounds that read “Filthy Whore”. Those wounds were probably cut by Rachel’s favorite kitchen knife.

“Good morning, love birds!” Says Classmate B. This guy is one sly son of a gun since he is the first adversary for Han to overcome. Although he is just a third-rate villain, he will create some problems for Han in the future. Classmate B does not have a yandere event related to him, but he will introduce the dark forces of this world to Han.

By the way, these two are better designed than I am. Classmate A and Classmate B have different hairstyles and their own faces. Unlike me, who has to see people without eyes. I will also not get into their looks since we all know you people are here for the girls only.

“I just realized we were supposed to send in our homework today instead of tomorrow…” As he makes his way to his chair, Han makes a big sigh. “So now I have to start copying Rachel’s! I am ashamed of myself!”

“Hi! Kurokawa!” He walks past the table of a black-haired girl who is only reading her book.

Kurokawa makes a light nod. “Hi, Han! Good to see you, as always!”


Rachel’s eyes immediately focus on Kurokawa. The latter seems unfazed by the intense pressure.

Her face is totally covered by her bang. There is no way to know what she really looks like. However, her hair is an exquisite ebony color and is silky smooth. Even though her face is not visible, the elegant postures she possesses make it clear that she is not just a pretty girl.

She is the second heroine. “Book Goddess” Kurokawa. Do not trust her frail-looking body. That girl reads only the most horrifying novels with smiles on her lips.

Ah! I forgot to tell you guys. Rachel’s title is “Family Rose” Rachel. Because she has thorns, you see. What do you think of my naming skill? Not so shabby, eh?

Classmate A starts laughing upon hearing Han. “You?! Ashamed?! Hahaha! Bwahahahaha!!! Come on, bro. Be real and confess! Did you stay up late last night to play the eroge I gave you?” He looks at the main guy with knowing eyes.


Ugh! I am going to throw up.

“That game is outstanding!” Classmate B nods his head vigorously.

If everything was the same, Rachel would slam the table and curse the two guys for giving Han the game. But I have learned my lesson. She will probably not do something like that. I just need to brace myself for anything absurd.


“So it was you guys! I told Han many times to do his thing, but he was distracted! All of that was because of you two!!” Unexpectedly, Rachel yells while pointing her finger at the two guys.

Okay, what the fuck? This is exactly how the script is. Are you or are you NOT going to play by the book? Make up your mind already, geez! What are you doing now!?

And stop looking over here for the love of God! I have not said anything weird! Unlike you, I am devoted to playing my role as a side character, thank you very much.

As long as you focus on Han, you have my never-ending support.

To be fair, I guess she behaved how she should have. I would be mad as well if I was in her position.

“Whoa! Lady! It was Han himself who asked for that game!” His best friend, A, immediately puts his hands up to show his innocence. He knows how scary Rachel can be. There is a backstory where A introduced a girl to Han. After hearing the news, Rachel quickly murdered A’s cat and left the corpse in front of his house as a warning. Fun stuff.

Classmate B is silent. He knows he should not be talking.

“Cut them some slacks, Rachel! It was my fault for not doing my own practice.” Han comes to the rescue before things get any worse.

“Hmph!” Rachel breaths out from her nose and sits down.

And that is it for the second scene.

I feel pretty good now that things are not changing much from the original game. Probably the bug only appeared for a little while? No need to overthink it. I can not do anything to fix this wretched game, anyway.

Pushing through the shadows, I reach my destination. My table is in the middle of the first row of the class, by the column. There is nothing much to say about my location. I can not even look out to the corridor due to the wall blocking virtually everything.

Han’s table, however, is much more interesting to talk about. Just like how the protagonist of an anime should be, his location is right next to the window, looking down the schoolyard with the big sakura tree in the middle. From that position, Han can dreamingly gaze outside. The tree will be spectacular if he can make it to the cherry season. As long as he lives, the floating pink petals of the sakura will be a sight to behold. It is also at this place that many game events will happen in the future. Han will occasionally look out the window when the wind blows. And thanks to that, the heroines will be able to see his “plain-looking” face. Their love for him will simply increase on their own just like that.

Right next to his seat is obviously Rachel, his childhood friend. Since she has to be with him all the time, the author has made it so she will always sit on his right side. Talk about easy plot progression.

To sum it up, in front of Han is Kurokawa, and on his right is Rachel. On his left is the window showing the whole school. Sooner or later, all the other places will have Han’s Harem members.

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Who am I to disagree?


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