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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 3: What the heck is going on?! Bahasa Indonesia

Calm down, C. You need to calm down first.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. You need to breathe.

*Suuuu* *Haaaaa*

God damn it this is weird. First time ever I have encountered something like this. Why is the script changing? She should not notice me at all! Her eyes should only have Han’s image in there! I was supposed to be the one talking to them first, not the reverse. Out of all the mob, I am even the mobbest!

Where is the crazy childhood friend? She appears to be just slightly close to Han rather than obsessed with him. This is clearly not how it should be.

And what about the scene in front of the school gate? The murmur is louder than usual, I can even see the edge of the shadow people now rather than just a blur. Even the ground seems to be in high resolution. Why do I feel like everything is getting more…defined? Argh!! My head is bombarded with questions! This is just ridiculous!

Although terrified, I need to keep an undisturbed face. Luckily, there is no facial feature on me, so she should not be able to see my expressions.

But honestly, woman! Stop looking at me! Look at Han, for God’s sake!

“Hi, C! Good morning! How are you doing today?” Han waves his hand.

Finally, the main character says something that is in the script. Never have I ever felt such an enormous sense of relief just by seeing the dialogue going how it should be. Thank God!! At least there is one normal person out of us three after all!

If the game is still not reset at this point, I guess I should follow up with the usual rather than deviating from it. As for Rachel, well, I have no idea how to deal with that stare from her…I will just let her be.

Try to be normal, C. Just be normal.

“Hey! Did you do the Math homework? We will submit those today.” Like always, I deliver my lines flawlessly. I pride myself on perfecting something like that. Even a background character such as me has his ego too, you know.

“What!!?? Are you kidding me? I thought it was tomorrow!” Han appears to be shocked. “What do I do?” With an over-the-top reaction, he sits down on the ground and color leaves his body. Han then looks at Rachel with expectancy.

Then, I stay silent since this is the moment for his childhood friend to speak up. Normally, Rachel would be telling him how much of a slacker he is for forgetting his homework. Then, she would tell him that she spent all night advising him to study but he just played video games. Finally, like a doting wife, she would take out one copy of her work and shove it into his face, saying that he has to start writing down the answers.

Of course, that is if she wants to continue the storyline the normal way rather than continuing the bug in the system.

“Here, Han. You can copy my homework. No need to get so worked up.” Rachel hands Han her already filled homework.

If I had eyes, they would be bewildered right now.

That’s it?!

I mean…that is still the same direction of the script, but somehow I feel weird. There is no doting wife, no loving scolding, just a friend giving another friend their work to copy. If I did not see the maiden in love looks in her eyes, I would have thought they were just normal friends. I feel a weird kind of loss, to be honest.


C, this looks like the theme for now. You should only base the previous tries as a reference, not absolute. Believing blindly in the previous resets is stupid right now.

Maybe everything will derail from here because of this bug. Is it a good thing or bad thing, I have totally no freaking idea.

It can be the thing that will finally complete the game, who am I to say.

“Thank you, Rachel! You’re a lifesaver!” Han takes the paper from Rachel’s hands and brings them high above his head like a golden prize.

Looking at him being all over her homework, Rachel puts a soft smile on her face. “Please, our relationship is way over this courtesy!”

Finally, she delivers something normal. Stick to your lines, please!

She is indeed beautiful, I am not going to lie. Her smile in your world can capture any man in less than three seconds. With a quick glance, one would say these two people are going to tie the knot in the future for sure. If this were a slice-of-life visual novel, I would probably be happy with this progression. I do know that in your universe the childhood friend never wins, right?

( One exception is a certain blind girl that can use mind control magic? Huh? What am I talking about? What magic? What blind girl? Are we getting sidetracked???

Wrong novel? Ah. Got it, Creator. Sorry, everyone.

Back to our story. )

Her smile is like sunshine, alright. It warms the heart just by looking.

That is until that smile turns into wicked laughter while she cuts his tendons with a kitchen knife. Then, the sunshine smile will be colder than absolute zero. She obviously does not want him moving around that much.

If I remember correctly, that would be after their first time having sex a few weeks. There is almost no way to live since nearly every choice after that will lead to certain death except for one. To be able to escape that fate, he must have the support of another heroine. She is not here right now, though. The thing is, if Han receives help from the second heroine, he will also set up some death flags. All and all, death is just being delayed temporarily.

After that greeting, Rachel walks into the school with Han by her side. However, I could feel the intensity of the air around them. Most of that intensity is directed towards me, though.

“Aren’t you going to get to class, too? Classmate C?” Suddenly, Rachel turns back at me.

God…I am scared…

What do I say now? This is not in my script!

“In a minute!” I reply.

Staring straight into my eyes, Rachel follows Han to the classroom while I just stand there thinking with cold sweats on my forehead.

So now I have two choices.

One, follow the main character and his first female lead to class, continuing the story. This will probably just lead to the death of the main character along the way and I will have to do nothing. It will reset itself and all will turn back to normal, hopefully. The chances of Han living until the end are nearly zero, anyway.

Second, go somewhere else and wait. That will make the already corrupted game even more corrupted, thus pushing the reset closer. This method is possible but incredibly hard.

Why, you ask? For some reason, my existence depends on the cast.

Whenever I am at a place where Han is not present, my memories will start to be wiped. As if the game can not hold as much due to hardware problems such as RAM, when I am not in his vicinity, I will have my mind erased.

Trust me, it is not a good thing.

It is extremely painful. Imagine someone holding a knife and slowly cutting your brain open.

This is also exactly the reason why I have to look at these people being love birds and even having sex. Back when I started to have my sentience, because I wanted to explore and did not want to be near these people, I went all around the game. Because of that, my memories of that time are gone.

Now you know why I said I did not know when, how, or why at first.

I have made my decision. I am going to follow them to class. You guys will need to read this. There is another heroine in the classroom. That one is the second heroine.

As I walk by the sakura tree in the middle of the school, I see it being slightly more lively. Before this current run, the tree has always been stagnant. Even though it was an extraordinary tree, right now, it is different. No more the same old tree every season, its leaves now waver in the wind with different colors and patterns.

Everything is changing, and I can see that very clearly.


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