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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 28: Can I just say “Exit game” and log out? Bahasa Indonesia

As we are going home, Han’s childhood friend drops another bombshell on the top of my head. Because the streets are totally empty with no one walking except for us, the ringing from deep within my brain is louder than ever.

No, Rachel.

For the love of my lord and savior Parmesan, no.

This is the second time you have asked me to join you guys in having dinner. I understand Han does not know you will force yourself on him, but I do.

Do you think it is amusing? Watching the two of you have coitus?

It is…only slightly, though…Rachel does have a nice body…

Wait, C! No horny!

“I will have to decline that.” Shaking my head from left to right vigorously, I reply to the crazy blond-haired lady in front of me.


Laura…why are you looking at me like that…?

Her amber eyes are focusing straight on my face without any blinking. It is not scary, just…odd…how she does not blink…

And that smile…

What did I do?! I clearly rejected Rachel, did I not? Maybe she wanted me to not say anything? Or she is jealous because Rachel asked me out again? Whatever the case is, I must be vigilant.

And why are you also staring at me, Kurokawa? I can not see your eyes, but your whole body is clearly leaning toward this side!


Never mind, Laura just steps in to prevent her from getting close. Phew! I wonder why she was trying to come here. Even though I am curious about what she is about to do, nothing good can come out of the main heroines.

With that said, I hope to see the light inside Rachel’s eyes flicker and disappear because of my rejection. To my dismay, she does not stand down. The aquamarine color still shines brilliant despite my efforts.

In fact, somehow, she is smiling much brighter than before.


The two girls turn their heads. Both Laura and Kurokawa are now once again gazing at her.

“Why not? Isn’t it better to have more people?” Rachel tilts her head slightly.

Gah! She got me!

My sentence comes back to bite my ass!

And do not try to look cute, please! Above all else, seriously, though. Why me?

Do I want to join Rachel? The answer has always been clear. Neither do I want to have my guts pulled out or my eyes gouged, thank you very much. And I am most definitely NOT trying to say that for fun. I had had those “procedures” done quite a few times already. Furthermore, I am now a man in a relationship. A RELATIONSHIP!

It is a sacred thing, no?

So I beg of you, Rachel! Please stop this madness you are trying to create.

Why can you not just have fun with your childhood friend? Why do you have to pull me in?

“Excuse me, Rachel. I don’t think you have talked to me about inviting my boyfriend to your private dinner party?” Still pushing Kurokawa away, Laura steps in between my line of sight, blocking Rachel out from my view.

“Hey!! Tch!” I can hear someone clicking their tongue, yet the sound is tiny, almost inaudible. That quiet yet irritated voice should have come from Kurokawa. I wonder what just happened.

Nonetheless, at this point, we are all staying still. Because of that, I can feel the air around us turns tense and heavy out of nowhere. Even the protagonist himself is sweating across his temple sides.

However, despite the rising atmosphere and the tremendous tension in the air, three people are totally unaffected.

Laura, Kurokawa, and Rachel.

I swear I can see something similar to life-energy swirling around them. As if the girls are getting into a battlefield, not a conversation.

Oh, and if you think about the two guys: Han and me, just stop it. We are just for show and are certainly not worthy of your time. The girls are the main reasons for everything.

After a few seconds that feel like an entire century, Rachel opens up.

“So whenever I ask C something, I have to go through you first? Isn’t that just absurd? That is what I think people are calling control freak.”

Ouch! That packs quite a punch. Although, that logic is irrefutable.

“R-Rachel?! I d-don’t think we should be calling people that way! Can we just go home?” Far over on my right, Han tries to stop his childhood friend. There is a clear tremble in his voice.

God…How beta can you possibly get?

“That is right!” Kurokawa directs her bang at Laura. “To love something is to completely set it free. The heart wants what the heart wants, and you can not keep love locked up inside a cage.”

Oooh. Theatrical!

“Kurokawa. Just stop. Okay? I seriously do not need to hear an audiobook right now.” Laura sighs in the direction of Kurokawa.

Damn…That is brutal…

“So you disagree that love should be free? Do you want to keep it around you at all times like some kind of pet? That’s not love. That’s possessiveness. And do you know what kind of person has such a personality, Rachel?” Still, Kurokawa does not seem to flinch.

Something has probably fired up inside of her, which leads her to say a lot. Because usually, Kurokawa does not focus on anything uninteresting. There is something questionable, though. That is the fact that she is directing the question at Han’s childhood friend.


What the heck? I suddenly get goosebumps! Has the temperature dropped?

“C-class rep?!” Also, the high-pitched voice of a frightened man can be heard.

What is Laura doing? I am behind her, so I can not really see what is going on at the front. By the look of horror on Han’s face, I can more or less take a guess.

“Oh, Kurokawa, you didn’t know?” Next to Han, his female childhood friend turns at the girl with the band with a “shocked” expression.

“Do tell!” Completely disregarding the look of Laura, Kurokawa replies while smiling.

Rachel nods and continues.

“It’s called a yandere.”

“Oh! I have read novels with a lot of those! They are just a bunch of crazies!” The bookworm follows the nod of Rachel.

These two are so obviously in cahoot! They do not even have the slightest idea to hide it!

I turn my face at the surrounding, trying to make myself a passerby who has no correlation to this conversation.

The tiles on the roofs are redder than before. The details are also more prominent.

Someone must have updated the art.

“Rachel, what is a yan-dere? Is it some kind of a new trend?” Han raises his hand up.

Before anyone can answer, Laura has already taken the first step. By the way, I can swear I just saw a twitch on Rachel’s face. As for Kurokawa, I have no idea.

“Oh, you will understand sooner or later. You have got one very close to you right now! A yandere is someone so devoted in their love that they would sacrifice anything for you.”

I do not know why, but I feel like that answer is for Rachel.

What a weird feeling.

Anyway, what the class rep said is not wrong…but it is just half the truth. If I had eyes, I would send Han a look of sympathy for asking such a dumb question.

Understandably, for a guy looking for a girlfriend, Han would be glad after hearing something Laura said. In fact, he is totally fired up.

“Oh! So there is a potential girlfriend somewhere around me? Who is it? Is she beautiful? Is she cute? Can you tell me who it is? Wait! Wait, wait! Let me do it myself. Let me think if I can find out this person! Hmmm, is it next class…”

Why are you focusing only on the outside layer and the looks? You need to think about their personalities and characteristics, too! You horny ass! The soul is vastly important, as well!

“Oh boy! I can not wait to get myself a girlfriend! We can do so many things together. We can hold hands, eat ice cream, and hold hands!”



Always thinking about holding hands.


My hand feels tighter thanks to Laura squeezing my hand.

She is so thoughtful.

It is such an irony, though. The poor guy, who does not even know what would happen to him, asked about the type that would make his life a total mess. Or rather, take it away in an extreme manner.

The yandere is literally right there! Next to you!

Your childhood friend has been hearing all your thoughts. Even Kurokawa is turning her face at you! They all have feelings for you, and you are already busting your balls!

That yanderes will kill you for it, Han.

Never mind Laura, she is not the killer. It is Rachel that you should care about it for now.

Kurokawa…well…she asked to be killed…so it is kind of different? Is it not…?


Again, you girls! Stop staring at me!

I want to go home so deperately right now…


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