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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 27: My first time going home with a girl, or 2, or 3…and a guy… Bahasa Indonesia

Five people are now leaving the school together due to my dumb mistake.


Because of me, who else…

Now, before any of you start saying anything weird or feel like cheering me on, let me add a quick sentence.

It is awkward.

Very. Awkward!

How many times have I been talking about this? Again, I am most definitely NOT the protagonist, so I have no idea how to handle girls in my world. Even though I can not hear you, I know many people have told me to get the girls for myself. The answer is no. I will not.

You have no power here!

That is simply not what I am supposed and designed to do. I am not Han, who can somehow make everything nice and cool. Unlike his charming, beta self, I am still a faceless guy.

…Maybe with the exception of a mouth. Honestly, I still feel weird talking using my newly formed lips and tongue. Is it that slimy all the time? And these teeth that I have are sharp and rough. I wonder how it feels to bite now that I have a mouth.

Wait a second. If I have a mouth, will I feel hungry? I should, right? Everything has been changed, so I should expect to have some grumbling noises in my stomach probably pretty soon.

Ah…I am getting sidetracked.

Besides, what do you want from me, anyway?

Not going to lie, but I would love to smack myself in the face right this instance. I wish I had never said anything to the people in the class and just left.

Why did I even consider saying more is better? That is just stupid…so so stupid…

The more, the merrier?! How cringy is that!?

God! C, get your head out of your ass!

After that one sentence, the heroines all wanted to join out of nowhere. Seriously, what is the appeal that you girls are seeing in me?

Please tell me as soon as possible so that I can change! I promise I will!

Laura was already joining me, which was understandable since she was magically dating me. I would also like to have someone accompany me back home.

However, Kurokawa asked to chime in even though her scene would not start until tomorrow. She was almost forcing me to let her be with us.

Lastly, the psycho Rachel, who shut her childhood friend down heartlessly just to participate!

Drastically different…

Usually, I would say that these girls are acting way out of their usual selves. However, at this point, I think I should stop saying that things are getting derailed. It is getting satire, and I am also tired of repeating the same sentence. I will also apologize for doing all of this again and promise to not do it in the future. Maybe. Except for when I forget…

Instead, I will focus on the normal one. Thus, that leaves us the main protagonist of this story.

The only person who did not want to join us was Han. And even he was unable to change Rachel’s mind!

His effort, which consisted of a bunch of ehs and ahs plus a lot of hand wavings, did quite a terrible job.

Of course not…What did I expect from him?

Seriously, man! Grow some balls, will you? The way you keep giving in to your childhood friend like that is why you always die in the previous trials!

How about you try saying: “NO! I want to go home!” and watch her reactions? What is the worst thing that can happen, right? It is not like she is going to kill you for saying no.

Although Rachel is a psycho, her craziness lies in her love for you. There is absolutely no way for her to harm you in any way!

The only way for her to harm you is if you are cheating. Or perhaps, she does not have any feelings for you anymore. And that is virtually impossible.

What is the chance of Rachel falling out of love? Absolute Zero.


So be not afraid, Han Som! Go, spread your wings!

But to be frank, even though Han is a wimp, he is the only one who still holds his characteristics until now. Compared to the rest of the cast, who has given me nothing but question marks above my head, only Han stuck to the story and tried to steer it back. He did his best to keep the storyline stable, yet the bug affecting Rachel was already too powerful.


How on Earth am I going to get out of this…

Regretting the previous discussion in the classroom, I desperately try to drag my feet forward to the unknown fate that awaits me.

“What are you thinking, C?” The class representative squeezes my hand softly.

Looking at the eagerness in her eyes, I do not want to let her know the anxiety in my chest.

“I’m just thinking about my future.”

That should be good. Not exactly a lie, either. I am thinking about my bleak future.

“Don’t forget you have me now, C. It should be our future!” She brings her hand, which is intertwined with mine, high up for me to see.

“Thank you!”

Even though I am still not sure why Laura spends her time with me, I still feel appreciated. We can always talk about it when we have some private time together.

I do feel some skepticism, though. For Laura to switch her target from Han to me is a matter I must look into.

“Just like I said before, I am not letting anyone get in between…”

As Laura is about to say something, Kurokawa makes her presence known to me.

“It is not going to be just her, C. I will also be there for you!”

Troubled, I awkwardly reply to the bookworm.


Why is she talking like that?

“Don’t worry about Kurokawa, C. She’s just here to mess with our relationship.” Laura looks to her right.

Let me give you our position to help you imagine the scene.

Just like in the morning, we are surrounded by the shadow people moving away from the school. The murmur of them is getting louder, too.

That should be enough for the atmosphere. As for the environment, there are no cars or anything on our way home, so I guess I do not have to talk about them. By the way, houses on the streets keep repeating the same pattern as we pass by them. You know the usual white brick wall and a red-tinted roof design? They have those color schematics.

The sun is still not settling down yet. Thanks to that, everything is still pretty visible.

I walk on the far left, and Han is on the far right. Between him and I are Laura, Kurokawa, and Rachel. All in that order, respectively speaking.

Since I am on the left side, I do not see the expressions of Laura when she turns to face Kurokawa. Although it should not be a good sight because the air suddenly drops around us. On the other side, Rachel and Han are also paying attention to us. Rachel looks a bit stiff, while Han has a nervous face.

A bit boring, in my opinion. Rachel should be holding his hand or something.

“Do not put words in my mouth, Laura. I am NOT trying to do that.” Unexpectedly, Kurokawa holds her ground. I can still remember these two had a confrontation in class, and Laura was able to have the upper hand.

What changed here? Hmm?

“I just want to be there for him. What is wrong with that?!” Kurokawa almost shouts.

“No need! He has me already.” Laura shakes her head. “You have your destiny to fulfill with someone else.”

“Nonsense! Can you hear your hypocrisy right now? Just because you came forward first does not mean you can stay! Things can change, you know?”

Why are they talking about me?

“I am not quite sure I can follow your conversation.” I raise my hand up like a good student.


Laura puts her other arm on my head. It is warm.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure the bookworm stays away from you.”

Kurokawa’s voice stiffens after hearing that.

“What did you just call me?”

“I called you a nerd.” Laura snickers.

My brain has stopped its function. I have no idea what to do…

Am I just dumb?


“Kurokawa is on point. Laura, you are being a greedy hog.” Here comes Rachel with her harsh comments. It is most definitely not helping.

Han, please…You are my only hope…

“R-Rachel, I d-don’t think we should intervene…I don’t know what is going on between the class rep and Kurokawa, but I think we should mind our own business.” I can see the desperation in his eyes as he struggles to pull onto Rachel’s sleaves.


Rachel turns her head lightning fast. Scary as heck.

“If we are not helping our friends settle their arguments, how is that a good friend?”

“I…um…I…just want to go home…” Han seems to be stunned.

Me, too, kid.

Me, too.

“Rachel…” Laura glances at Han’s childhood friend. ” You should be heading back, no? Don’t the two of you have some kind of dinner every day?”

“As I remember correctly, Han should be cooking something for Rachel tonight. I was sitting in front of him when that happened.” Kurokawa also joins in the conversation.

So now the two of them are attacking Rachel instead of each other?

“Y-yeah, Rachel! We need to get back soon. I still need to cook you something good today!” The protagonist pumps his fists enthusiastically.

“No need. I think I am waiting for C’s orange chicken dish.”

Oh for Christ’s sake, not this shit again…


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