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The door opens and comes in a shadow.

“All rise. Bow.” Laura stands up to greet the shadow teacher. The rest of the class quickly follows her.

As the thing walks into the class, it nods and starts to write gibberish on the blackboard, signaling the afternoon period has begun. Seeing that, I go back to my own world. It is about time to return to serenity after the chaotic morning I had.

Although occasionally, my concentration is disrupted by a glance coming somewhere that I can not pinpoint. It is not a murderous look or anything. I just feel like those eyes are taking quick peaks at me.

Whoever is doing that, please focus on the lesson in front of you. Your future is more important than looking around.

“Hachiu!!” Laura lets out a high-pitched sneeze. Pretty cute.

Bless you, class rep. It must be hard working as the class representative and study all at once.

The more I notice her, the more attractive Laura becomes. There is this particular gap moe between her usual self and her personality that I am starting to see. I have never seen her being this life-like throughout all the previous trials. This current bug has done things way beyond my imagination.

At this rate, I am going to fall for her.


Damn it, C! Have some control!


Bless you, Kurokawa. I almost forget that you have an allergic reaction, too. Her sneeze is also cute. Her bang moves like a curtain fluttering in the wind because of it. And even before the sneeze, she had to bobble her head a little to take in a few breaths. That revealed her slightly-opened azure eyes about to close.

It is simply hilarious how silly she looked. Who would ever think that behind those crystal clear eyes are one massive masochist?

Tomorrow, we will have her event. Do not get your hopes up too high, C. Things have not gone the way I want them to, so I will try to keep an open mind when something weird comes up.

Still, I am not going to lie! This is what I really do feel. These girls are just so adorable when they are unburdened by the storyline. It makes me want to save them from it. Seeing them and knowing they will kill each other mercilessly is weighty on my conscience.

However, that is not my job.

That is what the protagonist should be doing. It is Han’s job.

( Get it? Han’s job? No? Okay…I will see myself out…)

I take a glance at Rachel for no reason. Somehow, I need to check in on the female childhood friend to see that she is not up to no good. Thankfully, Rachel is sitting there writing things down like a good girl. I never thought of the day I would feel so blessed to have someone doing nothing.

*Sniff sniff*

It is so ordinary I am going to cry with joy!

Ever since she came back from the lunch date, Rachel has been quiet. Except for the dialogue between her and Han, she did not bother to do anything else. I mean…That is a good thing but compared to all that has happened until now, Rachel is quite docile.

Too docile, as a matter of fact.

Wait a minute…She is looking this way.

Look forward, C! Act like you do not care! Scary!!!

That was my fault for staring at her…I apologize for my rudeness, Rachel.


The temples of my head are feeling tense all of a sudden.

Phew, so many things to think about. Maybe I am letting the bug go a little too into my head. All these questions and doubts are seriously going to cost me my sanity.

I was thinking of telepathy earlier. What was up with that?! Was I going crazy because of a confession?

Mind-reading power? Seriously? What are the chances of mind-reading abilities? And on ALL of the characters?

The bug of me suddenly realizing I live inside a game is already one in a god-knows-how-many-millionth chance. Now, this?

I have had an indefinite amount of trials in this world already but have never encountered such a thing. The possibility of something like that happening is near zero to me.

Also, it is not as if they are all doing things out of the norm. The people are still on a ridiculous path towards the storyline, albeit weird and twisted. For example, Rachel just had her lunch with Han, and they will still have their dinner with just the two of them tonight.

Of course, Rachel’s invitation is not in my consideration. What do I look like? Stupid?

I know I am still an olive oil bottle because of my extra virginity. But if someone hears others talking about having sex, they should be bothered, right? There should be no reason for Rachel to follow what I thought.

Everything else can be considered a mere coincidence. It is at least a more plausible explanation.

But still, if this world has given me my own sentience, it is not so difficult to show the other characters my inner thoughts…

For real, though…This is really a pain.


I will give this a fifty-fifty for now. It is hard to believe, but I have to be more careful. If I find a clue about having my thoughts read by the yanderes, I will jump off this school building and wait until the next reset. The bug should be fixed then.

To get out of this situation without getting hurt, I must first understand what I am dealing with. Honestly, dying is not something that I am afraid of, as I have perished numerous times under many circumstances already. I am actually worried about whether or not the yanderes will torture me! Rather than giving me death as soon as possible, these psychos can and will inflict an unfathomable amount of pain before finishing me off…

Because of that, there needs to be a plan or at least an understanding of the matter.

Firstly, it would seem that the girls are paying attention to me more than ever. Especially Laura with her out-of-no-where confession! Even Kurokawa is talking to me more than to Han. The only one who is sticking to their role is Rachel, and that is not entirely correct, either.

If I want to survive, I must find out why they are being like that. Laura was the first one to approach me and confess. Therefore, I should be investigating her before everyone else. In addition, since she behaved as if she had been in love with me for quite a long time already, it should be easy to dig out information from her. Once I get the correct information, I will hopefully be able to make it so that they stop giving me their attention.

Still, if I have the chance, I should at least talk to the other girls and help them achieve a good relationship with Han. That will be a massive wall to pass, considering Laura has already made her claim on me. One moment she finds out I am talking to another girl, bam, dead.

I need to be extremely careful playing this cupid game rather than staying behind the screen.

God knows if I want to do this or not, but I can not leave this thing to ruin. Maybe the day Han success in conquering all of the girls will be the day I can start having my own life. Sadly, nothing makes sure I will have my own life after everything is said and done. One can only hope for the best, I guess…

While trying to find out the hidden info, I must always, always, and always remain a background character. Never must I interfere with the main storyline to make sure things proceed the way they should be.

Obviously, this is going to be horrendously challenging. How exactly do I continue to be in the background AND deal with the main cast at once?

It is simply impossible!

And yet, there should be one more thing I need to think about!!

Although the current trial has been nothing short but chaotic, the reset is still not commencing! Yes. It is the reset I have been telling you all this time.

The countdown until reset is never exact, yet it does not postpone this long. At the moment, I have no other explanation for that except for two:

Either this whole reset thing is bugged, also.

Or this run is canon.

Both are equally terrifying.

If the reset is bugged, I might die for real. Suicide to skip through the story until Han is killed will be then impossible. I will be stuck in this new and bizarre iteration of the game.

On the other hand, if the run is canon because of an update in the game or something, I will forever be stuck in this new set of plots.

Two possible explanations, one single outcome…

The more I think about this, the more ridiculous reality is becoming.

God, please send help…

Ah…My head hurts so much…


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