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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 19: After lunch is dinner… Bahasa Indonesia

*Ding dong ding dong*

Just as I am about to run out of the classroom, the chimes of a long-awaited school bell arrive.

The end of the lunch break is finally here to save me!


Sitting back down on my chair, I exhale a happy sigh of relief. Laura says nothing and looks at me with amusement in her eyes, but I do not really care. Because peace and quiet can now return to my background character life for a little while.

Sorry, class rep, you need to go back over there.

“It looks like you are eager to get back to class.” The class rep says so with a tiny smirk on her lips.

“Class is starting again, so please go. I don’t want the teachers to get mad at you.”

Yes. I am only waiting for you to return to your seat. Of course, the teachers are shadow people who can not do absolutely anything. Therefore there is no way for them to punish you. It is but an excuse, Laura.

It is but an excuse…

The girl stands up while staring at my face. “It was good talking to you, C. I’m on the clouds now that you have accepted my confession! Wait for me after class, too, ok?”

Do not worry, my fellow classmate. It is not just you who is baffled by the sudden news. That confession is also a nuclear bomb to my heart, dear class rep. Thanks to your discussion, I am on a cloud nine as well.

But mine is a mushroom cloud, though.

Near the window over at Han’s seat, Kurokawa is staying silent. It looks like her coughing is much better than before. So she has an allergic reaction.

I wondered what she was about to ask before choking and started coughing uncontrollably. Curious…

Well, it matters not. As long as Kurokawa has the strength tomorrow to survive the ordeal of her own character and build a good relationship with Han, I am all for it.

Ah? Kurokawa is trying to say something.

“I…*cough* am…*cough*…not…do…ing…*cough*…”

*Cough cough cough*

Again, she starts to cough. That allergy must have been severe! I can hardly make out the words she is saying.

Laura turns to that side. “Stop doing that. You must feel the limits of everything already. Because of the coughing, it is not like you can say whatever you want.”

*Cough cough cough*

No need to be so harsh on the bookworm, Laura. I know you may feel a little worried for her because I do, but try to keep it softer for the poor girl.

“Don’t force yourself, Kurokawa. Just sit down for a minute and relax. The teacher is not coming into the class anyway.” I speak up to the bookworm.

Hearing my voice, she turns her face at me, but I can not see anything because of her bang. What is the expression on her face? I have no idea.

Wait! Am I doing the wrong thing here?… Kurokawa is a masochist, so maybe she likes harsh words more than soft ones? Hmmm. Makes perfect sense, though. Should I talk to Kurokawa the same as Laura?

“C? You still haven’t answered my question.” A pair of hazel-colored eyes suddenly beams at me.

I instinctively reply without any thinking.

“Eh? Yes?”

The class representative smiles brightly after that. “Great! I will be with you right when school ends!”

…Guess I will have an afterschool date, too…Great job, C…splendid…

I would have been ecstatic if I were not involved in a strange event with the lunch date. We all know how that went, and now another one?

Am I digging my own graves?

Anyway, no use crying over spilled milk. Let me just enjoy the current peacefulness as the class rep is leaving my area.

“I will not make you wait for too long. Don’t worry too much.” Laura turns her head sideways to look at me. The profile of her face at this angle is both feminine and sharp at the same time.

Laura smiles with a slight hint of red on her cheeks. “Hehe!”


My heart just jumps! Damn this! Damn you, C! You keep complimenting her like this is not a good sign!

At this rate, I will be swept away by her charms sooner or later. How on the god damn Earth am I going to continue the story like that?!


A big sigh escapes my lungs. I will look on the brighter side since not much can be done for now. Everything is messed up, and I am also getting messed up. Why did I come to this…


I slump down the clean surface of the desk, lying facing down.

Looking at it from another angle, even though I can not escape the room, it is still pretty good. Since I do not need to be in between these two crazy girls anymore, I can relax for a little bit. Truth be told, I have not felt well since this day started. Being stuck between one of the female leads and one yandere-in-the-making side character is certainly not good. Not good at all…

One slip of a tongue, and BAM, my head lifelessly rolls to the corner like a soccer ball.

But hey, now that Laura has to go back, at least I get my personal space. By the way, you should know that she has been very close to my body.

And by close, I mean it. Laura has not left any gap more than 2 inches between her and me. Because of that, not just one time that her body, which includes her breasts, touches me on the arm or hand.

What can I say except they were soft…

Do not get me wrong! I do like the attention she has been giving me. It is the first time I have ever been sought after, so I think I can have the right to enjoy this a little bit.

Now, I am obviously delighted to have a confession. Who would not? Any guy in this entire world can agree with me on this. Especially when that confession comes from someone who is a beauty of unrivaled proportion.

However, receiving it is just one end of the rope. Accepting something as horrified as the feelings of a yandere is something else. It is simply beyond my wildest dreams.

Although Laura is only one side character, she is still a female character. And in this god-forsaken game, I Will Survive With The Harem Ending, there is no such thing as an ordinary female. Trust me, I know. For that information, I had to pay with my past lives.

Then rises one difficult question to answer.

Why did Laura pay attention to me?

I do not even have a single idea of how Laura comes to be like this. What have I done to deserve such a treatment?

Oh! Rachel and Han are back! Their lunch must have been quite fine with no one to interrupt them. During lunch date, they would not do much of anything except for eating like a newlywed couple, with Han being all red and embarrassed.

You know, building up the characters a little. It was so generic that I lost interest in what they talked about after a few trials.

Walking behind her childhood friend, I feel like Rachel’s face is uncomfortable. Why? Should she not be all happy after enjoying her lunch with the love of her life?

Usually, she would make lunchtime a little further to be with Han. With the bugs roaming amok in this current trial, I would say that much is acceptable.

“Uwah! I’m so sleepy! I’m gonna sleep until the end of school. Is that fine, Rachel?” The male protagonist makes a big yawn with his two arms up high.

His childhood friend replies with a stern voice. “No, that is not good! You need to be more focused in class!”

Please, Rachel, put in a little more feeling, will you? A little more caring would be preferable, thank you very much! Stop being so stiff and be lovey-dovey to your fiance! Honestly, why do you look so worried? You sounded like a rock just now.



Who was that!? I heard snickers!


Rachel turns her crazy face at me. But strangely, I do not understand why but I feel the muscles on her face lose their tension a little bit.


Um…Why are Laura and Kurokawa looking at her like that? It is as if they have a raging fire boiling inside their pupils.

“Heh!” It seems Rachel has noticed the stares from the others but chooses to ignore them. She is brave, and you have to give her at least that. If it were me, I would have fled the scene already. Yes, I am a coward.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of some psychopaths!


The teacher finally comes into the class. The next period is about to start.

Since peace and quiet have returned to my side, I can think about the strange events of this morning and devise a solution to manage this.

Some time ago, I had a strange feeling and thought that maybe they could somehow understand my intentions. The girls would behave and ask questions that I had not even asked. Let’s just hypothesize this by giving them mind-reading abilities.

This is exceptionally terrifying!


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