I Played the Role of a Hated Hero, but for Some Reason, I’m Loved by the Last Boss and Living With Her! – Chapter 96.2

Chapter 96.2

The Most Powerful Species ◆ (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Behemoth’s nose suddenly picked up a strong smell.


But it was not unpleasant…rather…




Behemoth ran through the commercial district of Cid, as her nose led her. The first thing she saw when he got there was a seemingly abandoned house. A two-story wooden building that exudes a desolate atmosphere.


The entrance was slightly ajar, and a smell that continues to irritate Behemoth’s nose even now wafted from within.




The smell leads Behemoth into the dark, empty room.


The smell is even stronger than when he first sensed it, and Behemoth’s cheeks involuntarily flush.


In the corner of the room. A fire burns in the supposedly unattended fireplace, and as soon as he smells the smoke rising from it, Behemoth’s face is instantly flushed with debauchery.




A numbing sensation in her head. Her cheeks and neck are all flushed, and her eyes, which are even half-open, become even more vacant and vacant. 


「whyat, this is…..」


A sweet, numbing tingle slowly envelops the body. Behemoth walks over to the fireplace and peeks inside.


Burning with a small crackling sound are a few twigs. The surface is charred, so it is hard to tell what it is.


Behemoth, however, slumped to the floor.


「Au…head, poof, do…」


It was a feeling of elation that she had never felt before. It was a feeling of intoxication.


But her ears, which had been comfortably relaxed, caught the sound of someone’s footsteps coming into the room.


「Ha…you’re good at that.」


「As expected from leader.」


「The beastmen have a much better nose than we humans do. Especially the cat beastmen warcats are very sensitive to the smell of『this one』…」


Several people entered the building. All of them are men.


Behemoth shakes her numb head and looks at them.


Leather armor and a koshimi made of demon fur. His huge body covered with raised muscles is exposed for all to see, and his face is very intimidating with a deep moat.


The man who had just been called the leader of the group walks up to the behemoth. The man has an appearance that would make an ordinary human being shrink away from him. Behemoth, however, looks up at him unconcernedly.


「Hey there, little beastie. How are you feeling?」


「? I don’t know…but I’m feeling a little pouty…」

「I guess it’s true that cat-beastmen get drunk on『Marb』more than anything else.」




「What, you don’t know? This.」


The man takes out a small twig and throws it at Behemoth. Caught in mid-air, the twig emits a scent that is weaker than the smell from the smoke, but certainly the same.


『Marb』. It is a kind of medicinal herb with analgesic properties.


However, this plant has the same intoxicating effect as alcohol for feline beastmen, and is traded among cat-animal warcats as a kind of luxury item.


The smell of the marb was so strong that a normal beastman could detect it.


「I don’t know about you, but I hear you cat-bastards get drunk on the smell of this guy…And it’s very strong. Right, sweetie?」




With a foggy head, she tried to catch what the man was saying, but couldn’t understand what he was saying.


All she knows is that the man has a plant called『Marb』that is making her feel good.


「We’ve still got some spare marbs in the back of the house…Kuku…hey, if you hang out with us for a little while, we’ll give you some of these marbs, okay?」


Unable to think clearly, Behemoth’s gaze was drawn to a small branch in the man’s hand.


……I want this……


And desire sickled inside.


「Yeah…give it to me…it…」


「We have a deal…then I’ll take you to the back. Follow me.」


Behemoth slowly lifted her wobbly body and followed the man.


Little did she know that beyond the doorway lay desires even more hideous than those of the beast.


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