I Played the Role of a Hated Hero, but for Some Reason, I’m Loved by the Last Boss and Living With Her! – Chapter 96.1

Chapter 96.1

The Most Powerful Species ◆ (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


We left the park.


Demiurge puffed up her cheeks a little and stuck to me, not wanting to leave me.


Around the time I told her about my old friends, Martina, Sofia, and Touka, she gradually began to get into a bad mood, expressing a different kind of resentment all over her body than when she saw the book about me in the bazaar.


At first glance, they seem to be snuggling up to each other in a friendly manner, but they are launching a somber and painful attack on my joints, squeezing and pinching the skin on the back of my bare hand.




And then this growl.


Apparently, Demiurge can’t tolerate the fact that I have acted without regard for myself for the sake of other women.


She also said that she would never accept the existence of a woman other than herself, whom she wanted to protect even if she was hated by the rest of the world.


「Husband is kind…to everyone, and I am sure he would risk his life to save anyone, even if it were not me……………Mmmmmmmm~~~~~~!」


Her cheeks are so puffed up that they are even red.


I would like to poke them and squeeze them, but I’m afraid she’ll get angry.


I’m not free to do that, though, because my other arm is occupied by Behemoth.


「Lord, it can’t be helped that females flock to the superior males…give up… Getting angry at a partner who is no longer there will only make you hungry…」


「You may be able to tolerate a harem, but I am not that tolerant! The fact that you and husband mingle in the future is enough, even though I’m a bit bothered by it. At least, if it’s one of my relatives, I should be a little more tolerant! But I don’t even want to imagine my husband and a female from who-knows-where getting along with each other! It’s unpleasant!」


「Lord, heart is narrow…」


「You can cancel your mating with husband right now.」


「Lord is the most open…minded…person in the world!」


How many people here, however, would recognize them as the most powerful beings in the world at this sight?


Not only ordinary people, but even seasoned adventurers would not be able to recognize them by their appearance.


Martina, Touka, or Sofia might recognize them as something more than ordinary.


「But husband really makes me nervous. I’m going to have to ask you to whisper your love to me tonight.」


Demiurge looks up at me with a bewitching smile that instantly turns from an exasperated pout to a bewitching smile that includes a hint of bewitchment.


The strange force on my elbow joint now turns toward pressing against her chest, and the slender fingers pinching the back my hand crawl around to entangle with ours.


「This the punishment. Tonight, you and Behemoth will be with me until the darkness falls. Prepare yourself, husband.」


「B-Be gentle with me…」


「Lord, today is my…day.」


「I understand. I’ll leave the best to you, so don’t look so glum.」






It was a scene that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.


Two beautiful women (not human) talking about their night with me…


My life, which was supposed to end with me being hated, dying alone, and being only self-satisfied, has been reborn by Demiurge, and is now trying to shape a slightly different way of being a family.


What is insane among humans becomes common sense among us, and values change.


Behemoth is going to bring about a big change in human values in me.


And maybe these guys will change as they mingle with human society.


Just as the Demiurge have developed human-like romantic feelings.


「Husband, what are you going to do now? The sun is still high in the sky, and today we are going to deepen our intimacy with Behemoth. If there is something you want to do, husband, don’t hesitate to tell me.」


「What I want to do, you know…」


To do so, I need to know a little more about the town of Cid, but unfortunately, I don’t have much information about this town, which I have only visited a few times.


I could have asked the guild about it, but I was in no mood to stay there.


It was a complete no-plan.


Now, what should I do?




As I was walking and thinking about what I was going to do, Behemoth suddenly stopped moving.




The weight suddenly disappeared from my arm, and Behemoth ran toward the street vendor.


「What? Belle! Where are you going!?」


「Belle! Hey! Wait a minute……!?」


Demiurge also turned away from me to the direction from which Behemoth had run off, but just then a group of people blocked the passage, and I lost sight of Behemoth for a moment.


Oh no!


The wave of people had died down, and we looked ahead.


But there was no Behemoth in sight.


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