I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? – Chapter 79.1

– Arakawa Kouki’s POV –


The snowfield is covered with monsters wherever you look. Noah made reinforced suit armor for the centipede at the front. The New World’s base is being flooded by countless demons. The frontline also includes the Arachne tribe, carrying on their backs knights of the Mantis tribe led by Acatle-san.


(Kouki) This is literally a monster movie…


The monsters are attacking a fort filled with humans. It’s just like the movies I used to watch before I died. Except that the monsters can now communicate with humans and use their tactics.


(Chernobog Member) Commander, news from Arakawa Miki. The second volunteer army from G-88 has arrived at Hakone. They will reach the Antarctic in about 10 minutes.


(Kouki) Even more reinforcements?


(Chernobog Member) Yes. We’ve determined that the enemy has only basic powersuits available, so we’ll be breaking through with units that are more powerful than regular powersuits.


(Kouki) So I take it Hakone isn’t able to keep informed?


(Chernobog Member) That would be the case, yes. Signals are constantly being jammed. There is a Merkava magic unit along with the main squad. Hopefully we’ll be able to determine whether we can use magic in there or not.


I don’t think relying on magic is… Actually, no, I shouldn’t think that. Especially after seeing a 700m wave of water, or seeing climate changing.

I need to tell Mom to properly thank all the countries involved- Wait, why is Alice so silent?


(Kouki) Alice? Is everything fine?


(Alice) Yeah…


Alice takes off her visor and swipes her sweat. As she tries to reach for the button to contact the captain, a box of orange juice falls and rolls to her feet.

Are you… serious? How much did you drink!? Of course you’d have to go to the toilet after drinking like 4 boxes!


(Kouki) You drank too much…


(Alice) But it was good…


I’m glad it was. Well, it’s no surprise she has a dry throat with how hectic this has been. Powersuits are equipped with a small toilet system. I’ve used it many times. And so have Claire-san and Ellis-san. But maybe asking Alice to use it is a bit too much.


(Kouki) If you want to take it, there’s a medicine that would prevent you from sweating and, you know, filling up the suit. I won’t force you to take it if you don’t want to.


(Alice) …I’ll take it.


(Kouki) The medic bag is stored in my feet. I need access to the controls.


(Alice) Fine…


She did not think that for very long. Let’s see… Blue was painkillers, red was haemostatic, I think it was white. While I’m passing it to Alice, the Captain receives a message.


(Yurya) Commander, the infiltration was a success. We’ll charge in whenever the coast is cleared.


(Kouki) Understood. Let me know when we’re ready.


Alice grabbed the pill with her trembling hand and swallowed it down almost immediately. The label said she would be feeling better in no time.


(Alice) Sigh…


Ohh, is she sighing because she has to disassemble? Wait, why is she looking away from me? 

Hold up. The brain control system is activated. Can she read my thoughts!? Hey! She shivered after I thought that! She can read my-


(Alice) Kouki-kun! Alert shot! We’re being attacked! 


(Kouki) A sniper!? Alice, come back to the controls!


Alice does as I say and comes back to the suit, but due to her panic she took control while in an awkward position. The suit slipped due to the snow and we tripped. 


(Alice) We have to use the knife!


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