I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? – Chapter 78.2

The battle between the suits and the mantis has already started, but I don’t care about it. Just hit the legs, it’s the suit’s usual weak point. As I’m aiming towards the suit, it turns to look in my direction.


(Mercenary) Did he notice me already? Damn. But it’s too late already.


I was sure the hit landed, but in what seemed like a fraction of an instant, the suit dodged it. It doesn’t matter! Now you have no way of dodging this last bullet!


(Mercenary #2) Hey, did you hit him!?


(Mercenary) …..


(Mercenary #2) Stop spacing out, we have to run away!


(Mercenary) He blocked it.


(Mercenary #2) What!?


(Mercenary) He blocked the bullet with a knife.


Hahahahaha. He really blocked it. As soon as I shot the first bullet he was able to calculate the trajectory of the bullet to deflect the second one. What kind of machinery would ever be able to do that!?


(Mercenary) Still, a knife that can block a railgun shot. Haha, I wonder if I can make one of those too.


(???) What are you saying? Are you stupid? Do you really think there’s anyone that could ever reach that monster’s level?


(Mercenary) Haha no, not really. Anyways, I guess we should give up and surrender at once.


This is an underground base. From the ground floor down to the 10th basement floor, there are only mercenaries like us defending. After that, there are professional soldiers from the US and EU. We’re just cannon fodder. There’s no point in fighting if we don’t have the same level of defense that the higher ups of the New World have. I don’t plan on dying today, and maybe if I surrender I can escape in the confusion. But what about my pal?


(Mercenary #2) What? Why are you looking at me like that?


(Mercenary) Nothing. I was thinking of an escape plan, but I forgot you were here.


(Mercenary #2) Hey, don’t say it like that! Actually, why are you even thinking about running away!?


(Mercenary) Well, you see…


When I take off my helmet, my buddy looks terribly surprised. Well, can’t blame him, most mercenaries do the same.


(Mercenary #2) You’re… Asian… No, you’re Japanese?


(Mercenary) Yeah, I’m Japanese. It’s a pleasure, buddy.


Japanese people aren’t known for becoming mercenaries. In fact, I’ve been in the business for a long time, and I’ve only seen one other Japanese mercenary in my life. Although Japanese mercenaries weren’t that big of a deal. They were just military nerds that knew how to hold a rifle.


(Mercenary #2) You… Why are you a mercenary?


(Mercenary) Well, a lot has happened. I was fired from the Self-Defense Forces.


(Mercenary #2) Fired? What did you do?


(Mercenary) Hey, did no one teach you manners? A mercenary’s past is delicate. Well, whatever. I was in the 1st Airborne Brigade of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.


(Mercenary #2) W-What!? You… You were a Ranger!?


(Mercenary) Hai, Me, Was.


(Mercenary #2) What is an elite like you doing in a place like this!? I’m sure you could’ve gotten any other job.


(Mercenary) Not really. I received a Dishonorable Discharge.


I see the railgun next to my partner’s feet. Seems like he has no more questions. I picked up the railgun and checked the ammo. It’s fully charged.


(Mercenary) It’s my turn now, Pal. Where did you come from?


(Mercenary #2) The Special Air Service, from the UK.


(Mercenary) Hohoh, a brit? Your name must be John! What happened to your wand? Hahaha.


(Mercenary #2) Shut up. I’m not the one that received a Dishonorable Discharge.


(Mercenary) Yeah yeah, sorry. Why did you quit?


(Mercenary #2) I needed money. My wife is ill.


When you need money, how deep are you willing to go? I was thinking of cutting this guy off and escaping by myself, but maybe I won’t. Though I’m sure the Noah guys would catch him immediately. Well, whatever. I’ll try.


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