I Cut off the Exes That Ridiculed Me, Deciding To Live as I Please, but It Seems They All Liked Me for Some Reason – Chapter ss – 2

Side Story 2: Crossroads B-1

“Yuta! Thanks for showing up to the store today!”

“No problem, I’m glad to see you too.”

Being dumped by my girlfriend and wounded by my junior ripped my heart to shreds. Tattered, I headed for a maid café on a whim. I had no plans of stopping by, nor did I have any expectations for any of the maids there. All I needed was a bit of human warmth. Even if it was only a fake illusion bought with money, I was fine with it.

A year had passed since then and this store, which I regarded as a temporary residence at the time, became an irreplaceable place for me to live. It was all because of Yui, my idol, who gently melted my frozen heart. Unlike the other two, she never berated or betrayed me. When I cut my hair, my ex only laughed at it as a meager attempt on my part. Yui, however, smiled brightly and showered me with praise.

She became my emotional support, and I naturally started to go to the store more often. Now, I spend half of my week here at the café. That’s why today, as always, I was comforted by the sight of an angel with arms wide open as if to embrace me into her welcoming arms.

“What’s on the menu today? A ‘meow-meow parfait’ sounds nice, but I also would love that polaroid~!”

“Then let’s take that picture! I’ll add a drink to your order, too.”

“Thank you! I’d love a drink!”

With that, she skipped around and went behind the counter. Yui’s charm stems from her dazzling smile and honest sensitivity. No matter what I talk to her about, she never gives me a curt answer. When I tell a joke, her smile is like the tender sun, and when I’m sad, she listens while comforting me. She’s like the cure-all to everything.

I truly don’t understand why she’s not popular, but at least for me, she was the most attractive girl in the whole wide world.

“I’m back~! Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Don’t worry, you looked mega cute when making me a drink.”

“Ehehe, I’m glad you said that!”

The sight of her bashful and delighted smile was even cuter and I could feel my heart pummel against my ribcage.

“Then, should I give you a reward, Yuta-kun?”


Then I felt a soft touch on my leg under the table. She smiled devilishly while patting my thigh twice. I was so nervous that I brought my left hand down, but then her cool fingers caught me. They felt like smooth ceramics, almost as if she was beyond human.

“You can’t tell anyone, okay?”

“…Of course.”

Yui would always try to get as much skinship as she could whenever she noticed no one was looking. It made me incredibly happy, but my heart could barely take it. However, this immoral relationship was like a bewitching spell, and before I knew it, it had already lodged itself into my heart as a habit that I always wait and long for.

“Well then, shall we take that polaroid picture?”

“Yeah, let’s.”

It was a shame to let go of that chilly and smooth feeling behind, but I also wanted to get that memento, so I sweetly accepted to part our touch. We got up from our seats and moved to the outskirts of the store, waiting for another maid to come and take our picture.

“Hey, you two! Sorry for taking long~!”

“Riko-chan, thanks!”


The maid who came running toward us was Riko, one of the most popular in the store. Although she had just joined the ranks, she quickly gained popularity with her rustic atmosphere and meaningful words. Moreover, according to Yui, they went to the same school and were very close to each other.

Be that as it may, I stare at the two of them while thinking. Short brown hair and neutral features gave Riko a more boyish vibe, while Yui, with her long blue hair as clear as the Okinawan sea, and calm droopy eyes, gave her a genuine sparkling and modern vibe. From appearance alone, I couldn’t imagine the two becoming friends at all. Perhaps their relationship developed after an event that involved punching each other as the setting sun fell out of the earth in the background.

“What’s up with the dawdling? You two, get in line so I can take a picture!”


“Ah, okay!”

I came back to my senses after her calling out and lined up next to Yui.

“How shall we pose today?”

“Hmm, we did a cutesy rabbit one the other day, so…”

“Ah, then I’ve got an idea! Yuta, look straight at Riko!” Yui raised a finger.

“Um… Like this?”

“Yup! Just keep looking forward!”

What kinda pose is this? Regardless, I did as she asked and stared directly into the camera.

“Let’s take a picture then~!” Riko gave the signal and placed her hand on the shutter button.

Still unable to grasp the intent of the pose, I gave Yui a sideways glance only to see her approaching me, draping her hair over her ear with one of her hands.

Aren’t you getting too close?! She gets closer and closer until the distance between us was zero—


At the same time the shutter clicked and the flash glared, I felt a soft sensation on my ears—her tender lips closed in on my lobe as she hummed.

“Hehehe… ‘Hiyah!’ huh? You’re so cute!” Yui laughed.

“I thought my heart was gonna stop outta nowhere!!!”

That was close, I almost turned her into a murderer. My ears were so red and warm even a boiled red octopus couldn’t compete. I mean, Yui is grinning from ear to ear, but Riko is surely gonna be pissed—

“Seriously… Yui, you’re not trying to be found out, are you?”

“I’m not~!”

As a rule, maid cafés prohibit their workers from having excessive skinship, romance, and the like with their customers. Well, despite it being illicit, there was almost no punishment.

These are feelings that shouldn’t be harbored. A love that I thought I hid well was about to be broken out of its shell because of her antics. I have to endure this somehow, but whenever she does this to me, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of hope inside my chest.

“Yuta, today’s also fun, right?”

“Yeah… Thanks, Yui.”

“You’re welcome!”

I don’t have a clue about what her true intentions are. Does she really like me, or is she just making fun of me? Either way, I can’t win against this little angel and little devil called Yui.

“Hey, um, Yuta…”

She stared at me while looking strangely nervous. Holding the hem of her uniform with both hands, she looks as if she’s about to pour her all into something of extreme importance.

“This is my contact info—”

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