I Cut off the Exes That Ridiculed Me, Deciding To Live as I Please, but It Seems They All Liked Me for Some Reason – Chapter ss – 1

Side Story 1: Crossroads A-1

TL: Just a heads-up, this is a non-canonical what-if scenario. He hasn’t uploaded an “A-2,” so I’m not sure whether this is a part 1 or not.

“Haah… Haah… Sen… pai…”

I put every ounce of strength into my legs as Senpai keeps moving forward with the indomitable will not to look back. His shrinking figure only tells me he feels alone and misunderstood, as if no one in the world could ever emphasize with him. I tried and tried to catch up, but my body couldn’t handle it. Against my will, I was left behind.

I can’t move, I can’t move! His figure, just hovering between my fingertips seems as close, yet as far as the stars.

“Wait… Senpai…”

My knees crumbled down as my hands, longing for him, fell to the floor. I could barely breathe and my mouth tasted rusted iron.

Oh no, I can’t catch up now.

Since then, I’ve repeatedly thought about ways I could catch up with him.

Then one day after school, I saw him reject a girl with blue hair. Before she could even finish her apology, whatever it was for, he had already stabbed her words with a knife, spilling bloodied phrases to the grass. Even the attention from those around the two didn’t seem to bother him. As I watched, I thought to myself—

One day in class, he cut off Asakawa-senpai. Whatever came out of her mouth could no longer reach him, and even as her tears stained the floor, his heart didn’t budge an inch. As I watched, I thought to myself—

One night at the school building, he took evidence of someone who tried to harass him, then threatened to show said picture to the teacher if that someone did anything else. My senpai snickered as the other guy ran off shamelessly. As I watched, I thought to myself—

I thought to myself for a long time. He only walked ahead faster and faster, and soon, I wouldn’t even be able to see his figure in the distance. I tried my best to keep going, but he was miles faster than me. It’s as if he’s the hare and I’m the tortoise: if he never waits for me, I’ll never catch up.

…Oh, I see. In this case, I should just make him stop.

If my senpai stops, even my turtle-like speed would eventually catch up. Then, if I can get in front of him, I should be able to tell him how I feel. My senpai might finally recognize my efforts and acknowledge me. With that decision made, all that was left was to act.

First, I knew I had to figure out his behavioral pattern, so I used all the time I had to follow him. He usually spent his time after school alone watching movies, going to the game center, or reading something at a café. In the past, I would monopolize the space next to him, but now there was no one in sight. To my eyes, that was a gaping hole, an abyss meant to be filled.

Though his melancholic eyes as he read a book were so cool, I forgot my purpose and was only mesmerized by his appearance. Looking around, I see numerous girls glancing in his direction. Before I noticed it, my teeth were clenched and I had claw marks on my arms. Don’t lay your eyes on my senpai. I’ll be the one to make that man happy.

Today we’re watching a new action movie, and it’s the sequel to the one we’ve watched before. Just seeing my senpai’s childish and cute reactions to the main character mowing down his enemies tickled my mommy instincts, so much so that I felt the urge to hug him. Watching the movie together reminded me of a time when our relationship wasn’t broken. That made me think, will there ever be a time when we can spend time laughing together again? No, I’ll just keep doing my best.

From then on I followed him every single day to find out his pattern. The location of his house, the times in which he went to and from school, his occasional outings to the convenience store late at night—With all the information I’ve obtained, I considered every possibility and simulated every course.

With winter break starting tomorrow, I finally decided to spin my plan in motion.

My senpai lives alone in his house and no one ever visits him. That being the case, even if I lock him up in there, no one will ever find his whereabouts. And then, I come in. I’ll spend the entire winter break telling him how I feel. I’ll make him understand that I love him and that I’m looking out for his well-being.

Back to the present. After school was over, I look at the ticket I bought last week. It’s the debut day of a new movie, so he’ll certainly go see it. In the meantime, I’ll get the necessary tools to carry out my operation: ropes and handcuffs to prevent his escape. Well, I don’t want to hurt him unnecessarily, so I also searched for ways to bind him without hurting him too much.

I also decided to use a stun gun to immobilize him. Sleeping pills would be harder to use, and it’d be difficult to find the right dose so he would only pass out inside his house. That’s why I chose the gun; with it, I could wait by his house and attack him just as he’s about to enter without being seen.

As soon as the movie ended and he got on the train, I had finished all my prep. I ambushed him near the station and tailed behind without making a peep. The fact he didn’t show the slightest sign of awareness made my cheeks relax. In just a handful of minutes, I’ll be able to talk to my senpai again.

At first, he’ll probably be intimidated, and maybe even spit some resentful words at me. However, if I express my heartfelt feelings, I’m sure he’ll hear me out.

Just watch me, senpai. I’ll do my best.

Approaching his house, senpai takes out his key from his bag. Just as he was about to step foot inside his property, I quietly approach him from behind, stun gun in hand, and—

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