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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 57: Li Sisi’s Younger Sister Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the rental apartment. Chu Tian only stopped after drinking two entire cups of milk tea in one go.

With a serious expression, he looked to the bowl of milk tea powder on the coffee table. Chu Tian was completely silent; he seemed to be pondering about something.

[1. Even though it’s said to be a coffee table, Chinese people don’t drink coffee that much. So, it’s actually called a tea table.]

Good gracious!

This taste freaking good!

Chu Tian was not someone who had drank a lot of expensive beverages. But, he was quite picky when it comes to his drinks.

Whether it be the bubble milk tea, chocolate milk tea or the other milk teas in the market, they were only so-so and not especially tasty to Chu Tian. It was so much that he had no desire to seek out those beverages at all.

The only milk tea he had drank so far that he actually enjoyed was that famous Xiang Piao Milk Tea.

He must admit, Xiang Piao Milk Tea was quite tasty.

But, even if it was the Xiang Piao Milk Tea, it wouldn’t be able to compare against his milk tea powder.

They were simply not of the same level at all.

No matter how tasty Xiang Piao Milk Tea might be, it was incapable of striking his taste buds. But, the milk tea powder he made was not only an enjoyment for his taste buds, it had even struck his soul.

After drinking those two cups, Chu Tian felt like his soul had ascended to a higher realm. It was a wonderful sensation that cannot be described with words.

After being quiet for a long while, Chu Tian couldn’t help but mutter: “Damn! It seems like I’ve struck gold!”

If he was to bring such a wonderful milk tea to the market, Chu Tian could imagine how popular it would be with his eyes closed.

Once his thoughts came to this point, Chu Tian immediately picked up his cell phone and called Li Sisi.

The call was soon connected. Li Sisi’s voice sounded from the phone, “Hey, young master. You miss me?”

Chu Tian smiled, “Big sis Sisi, where are you right now?”

“I just arrived at the club,” said Li Sisi, “Why you ask?”

“Something important,” said Chu Tian, “I’ll go over right now. We’ll talk once I’m there.”

“Sure. I’ll wait for you then. See you later.”



Fifteen minutes later!

“Say, young master, what’s with you and your impulses? Why did you suddenly want to open a milk tea shop?”

Outside the club that was still undergoing construction, Li Sisi was looking at Chu Tian with a smile as she lifted her hair behind her ear.

“It’s mainly because my friend gave me a milk tea recipe,” said Chu Tian, “I taste tested it; the taste is truly good. That’s why I wanted to open up a milk tea shop.”

A specialized milk tea recipe?

Li Sisi pondered for a bit. Reluctantly, she said, “Young master, with the wealth you have, opening up a milk tea shop would be no issue at all. But, practically all my friends are in the nightlife industry. When it comes to sitting down and having fun with men, all of them are experts. But, if you want to find someone to manage a milk tea shop, it’ll be quite difficult.”

“It shouldn’t be this difficult, right?” Chu Tian knew that managing a milk tea shop shouldn’t need any special skills.

“It mainly comes down to reliability,” said Li Sisi with a smile, “They’re not like me. They’re really quite wanton. If they knew of your wealth, I know what will happen without even having to guess. They will definitely think of all sorts of ways to get you in bed with them. I guarantee that. Those friends of mine mess around too much.”

“Eh…” Chu Tian uttered in surprise, “So, big sis Sisi, you don’t have any suitable candidates?”

Li Sisi pursed her lips, “Why? Young master, are you really planning to open a milk tea shop?”

“Of course,” Chu Tian nodded.

“I can go and ask my younger sister,” said Li Sisi, “I’ll see if she might be interested in working for you.”

“Your younger sister?”

“Right. Her name is Li Niannian,” Li Sisi winked at Chu Tian. She smiled, “She’s single and prettier than me. She’s 25 this year. Highly educated with a Master’s in management too. While she’s a bit older than you, an older woman will love their partner dearly. So, what’d you think?”

Seeing how Li Sisi winked at him, Chu Tian burst into laughter.

She’s messing with him!

She actually started trying to play matchmaking for him!

“Li Sisi. Li Niannian. That means longing for, isn’t it? Big sis Sisi, that’s your biological sister, isn’t it?”

[2. Sisi and Niannian = sinian = thinking about/longing for someone.]

“Of course that’s my biological sister,” said Li Sisi, “I need to know that person from head to toe. Otherwise, how could I dare introduce her to you, young master? With how young master doesn’t ask about money at all, if I am to introduce you to an unreliable woman, she might scoop out a hundred million from your milk tea shop.”

“You’re exaggerating,” said Chu Tian speechlessly, “Big sis Sisi, you’re making it sound like I’m an idiot. I’m not stupid, alright?”

“Hahaha,” Li Sisi laughed, “Not stupid, not stupid. My young master is only wealthy, that’s all. Well, I’ll go and give my sister a call. It’s perfect timing too since she just resigned from her company because of a conflict with the higher ups. Let’s set up a time to meet her.”

As she spoke, Li Sisi took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

After roughly three minutes of conversation, Li Sisi hung up the phone, “Come, young master, let’s go. She’s free right now.”

Chu Tian nodded and got in Li Sisi’s car, “Big sis Sisi, with how highly educated your sister is, would she come work as a manager of a milk tea shop?”

“You’re overthinking,” said Li Sisi, “Education doesn’t mean anything. We’re all in the real world now and all have to make money to survive. As long as it pays, the position doesn’t matter.”

“Then, what’s her salary for her previous job?”


“7500RMB monthly.”

[3. 7.5k rmb = 1.1kusd]

“Then, I can pay her… 30,000RMB a month?”

[4. 30k rmb = 4.4k usd]

“Don’t. Why pay her so much? If you pay her 30,000 a month, you’ll overly inflate her ego. Seven or eight thousand would do.”

“No, no, no. That’s too little. That’s big sis Sisi’s biological sister we’re talking about here. How about, 12,000…”

[5. 12k rmb = 1.76k usd.]


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