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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 56: Soul Milk Tea Bahasa Indonesia

Sitting before the computer, Chu Tian smiled upon seeing the private messages Wang Xiaofeng sent him.

It must be said, working with the government was great.

Ignoring all else, merely in terms of money, the government was exceptionally straightforward and did not try to mess around at all.

Once verified, they would immediately pay!

Chu Tian did not reply to Wang Xiaofeng. After reading those private messages, Chu Tian began to type away at his computer.

Ten minutes later!

Seeing 81.5million RMB in his bank account, Chu Tian couldn’t help but smile and lick his lip.

Since Wang Xiaofeng didn’t want a toll fee this time around, Chu Tian did not leave any money for him. Just like that, he transferred the entirety of the 26.6million into his account.

Adding on the 54.9million from the previous job, there’s a total of 81.5million.

If Chu Tian’s e-wallet balance was added to it too, then it would be close to 90million.

“Such anticipation! I suspect my balance will go past a hundred million tomorrow.”

While Chu Tian was paid for the 36 breaches he discovered, he knew that the job was not going to be finished with only this.

It wasn’t that there would be more loopholes and breaches for him to discover. Instead, it was whether or not the government would be able to patch those breaches just because they knew about them.

The most interesting thing about computer programming lies in how fixing bugs were not as simple as ‘patching up the breach.’ Oftentimes, the price of patching up a breach would be creating two or more new breaches.

That was something programmers knew extremely well. Fixing a bug leads to a new bug. It was an endless cycle. It was like the bugs can never be fixed.

While Chu Tian doesn’t dare to guarantee too many, he dared say that at least 10 of the 36 breaches he discovered cannot be fixed by anyone else other than him.

The only method to fixing them would be to change the system completely.

But, changing one’s system was not a way to solve the issue either.

In the Hacker’s World, there existed such a phrase: ‘There’s no system without loopholes.’

Thus, even if the government decided to change their system anew, they will only be confronted with new breaches and loopholes.

If Chu Tian guessed correctly, the government’s next plan would be to have him fix those breaches.

Since it would be fixing breaches, the pay would naturally be higher than finding the breaches. Thus, if everything goes accordingly, Chu Tian’s net worth might surpass 100million RMB tomorrow.

Since it was something concerning national security, the government would most definitely seek to have it fixed as soon as possible. There was no reason for them to drag this matter along.

Thus, while ‘Wang Xiaofeng’ didn’t mention the job of fixing the breaches today, he will most definitely mention them tomorrow.

Chu Tian’s bank balance will soon surpass 100million!

Thinking all that, Chu Tian happily shut down his computer. He got up and went to the washroom to wash up.


Early next morning. 8:30AM.

After exiting his apartment, Chu Tian called for a taxi. He had the taxi drive him to the major supermarket downtown.

Bai Xiaochun had to participate in her club activities this afternoon. Thus, Chu Tian decided to try out the milk tea recipe he obtained last night.

While the ingredients the recipe requested were very common, it was difficult to gather all the ingredients from the small supermarkets near the university. Furthermore, Chu Tian also needed to buy some cookware to aid him. Because of that, he decided to proceed to the major supermarket downtown to purchase everything at once.

An hour later!

With a large bag of stuff, Chu Tian returned to his rental apartment.

He first unpacked his purchases and placed the items on the coffee table in the living room. Then, he removed his t-shirt and began to recall the recipe in his head. He began to mix the ingredients following their ratio.

Ten minutes later!

After he finished mixing a bowl of fine powder per everything’s ratio, Chu Tian picked up the bowl and proceeded to the kitchen.

He ignited the burner and began to preheat his pan. Then, he poured the entire bowl of powder into the pan. Using a small flame, he began to stir-fry the powder.

Time passed by slowly. Soon, three minutes had passed. Chu Tian only turned off the burner when the powder in the pan had turned brown-yellow in color. With that, he poured the powder in the pan back into the bowl.


This was the final result of the recipe in his head.

The milk tea recipe does not possess any name. Furthermore, it could be enjoyed with a proportional amount of water.

Chu Tian brought the bowl of milk tea powder back into his living room. Then, he took out a 10cc measuring spoon and a measuring cup.

[1. 10cc is roughly 2tsp.]

The formula in his head stated to mix 10cc tea powder with 650ml water. 650ml just so happened to be the amount of water in a large glass of cola.

[2. 650ml is 2.75cups or 22oz]

Chu Tian used his 10cc measuring spoon to scoop up a spoon worth of milk tea powder into the measuring cup. Then, he added 650ml water into the measuring cup.

After stirring the milk tea powder into the water, a brown-colored milk tea drink appeared. With that, Chu Tian took a small sip of the milk tea.



This is simply too tasty!

Chu Tian was only planning to check out the milk tea to see how it tasted. But, once he took his first sip, his eyes grew wide open.

The milk tea powder does not smell like anything special. Yet, upon drinking it, the taste buds on his tongue seemed to be activated all at once.

It was very difficult to explain the sensation of drinking this milk tea.

It was as if this was no longer a sense of enjoyment for one’s taste buds. Rather, it seemed like even one’s entire soul was struck by the taste.

It was a feeling of enjoyment from one’s soul. It was like one’s soul was flying.

Chu Tian looked to the measuring cup he held in his hand with utter disbelief, “My fucking god, this tastes too fucking good!”

After saying that, he drained the entire cup in a single gulp. But, he was still not satisfied. He went ahead and mixed another cup of milk tea.


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