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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy – Chapter 155: Escape (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Numerous gazes focused on Theo, who stood on the podium.

Most eyes were on the young heir of a renowned family, caught off guard by his intention to step forward.

They all seemed eager to see Theo’s embarrassment.

“Such scenes are rare. This will be quite the spectacle.”

“Who does this young brat think he is? Nobility or commoner, it’s all about capability these days!”

“Although I was once called the genius of our generation, at his age, all I did was goof around.”

Theo calmly swept his eyes over those gazes.

Step by step, with a confident stride, he approached the man who had raised the question, Johnson.

Then, he addressed the audience.

“Greetings, esteemed guests. I am Theo Lyn Waldeurk, co-author of this paper.”

A hushed silence filled the room.

And it was no surprise.

The young heir’s voice betrayed no hint of nervousness.

Theo continued,

“Firstly, I apologize for unexpectedly taking up the valuable time of everyone present.”

Still, no response.

Without delay, Theo pointed at Johnson and asked,

“Mr. Johnson, what part of the paper are you curious about?”

Johnson gulped.

‘Is he out of his mind?’

Johnson felt dizzy.

He hadn’t expected this turn of events.

When he interrupted Mari’s presentation, he had imagined a flustered young man struggling to respond.

‘God… Damn it!’

Externally, Johnson maintained composure, but inside, he cursed continuously.

What angered him more was that, in contrast to his own anxiety, Theo’s demeanor was indifferent.

In fact, it seemed as though Theo was enjoying the situation.

Johnson’s mind went blank.

Being extremely conscious about his image, he couldn’t bear to look around.

He was too afraid to see how others were judging him.

‘If I show even a hint of weakness now, it’s over for me.’

However, contrary to Johnson’s hopes, there was already a murmur growing among the attendees.


But Johnson found himself at a loss for words.

In fact, no one in the audience would have known what to say.

Johnson’s initial challenge to Theo had been based on disbelief:

‘How can a 16-year-old be involved in such an advanced study as a co-author?’

However, these were merely suspicions.

Demanding evidence was completely unreasonable.

What could even be considered as valid evidence?

The boy standing before them had reacted unexpectedly and remained steadfast.

The fact that Johnson had visibly shown his fluster already determined the outcome of the situation.

Murmurs echoed through the hall.

While Johnson wondered if he should ‘bite his tongue and end it all,’ the restless chatter from the audience only grew louder.

“To stand so confidently like that… It truly seems like they collaborated on the research, doesn’t it?”

“Exactly. Even a fifth-year hero often gets nervous during their first seminar presentation… but he looks like he’s saying, ‘Ask me anything.'”

“Johnson really messed up. He could have asked such a trivial question after the presentation privately.”

“Heh, heh, true that. On another note, I’m quite taken with that young scholar. He doesn’t look flustered at all. If he really wasn’t the co-author, such composure would be impossible.”

“Even considering that he’s a direct descendant of the Waldeurk family, he truly stands out. He’ll likely do great things in the future.”

“Now, that’s what nobility looks like, right?”

“No need to raise your hand when you speak, Lord Narang…”

“Oh, it’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve seen something this exciting. My heart’s racing.”

The increasing volume of the audience’s voices was now far beyond mere murmurs.

Their collective voices reverberated throughout the entire auditorium.

“May I request everyone to please quiet down?”

The hall silenced in an instant.

Every eye in the audience turned to the source of the voice.

It was Theo.

Theo briefly scanned the audience, then fixed his gaze on Johnson.

“I believe, Mr. Johnson, that you might have momentarily forgotten the content of your question.”

All eyes in the hall were now focused solely on Johnson.


Johnson, no longer able to feign composure, was visibly sweating.

The thought of his reputation was long gone from his mind.

‘This crazy… Is this a public execution?’

Johnson felt a strong urge to bolt from the hall and throw himself off the building’s rooftop.

This situation was like delivering a final blow to an opponent who was already down.

Whether or not Theo was aware of Johnson’s turmoil, he allowed a faint smile to grace his face.

“Ha… ha… ha.”

‘That damn brat. Do fellow aristocrats really need to stoop this low? This is going way too far.’

Beyond sadness, a burning anger surged in Johnson’s heart.

He felt like he was socially doomed.

He wasn’t concerned about what would happen next; he just wanted to lash out at the audacious young man on the stage.

The young man spoke.

“I can relate, as I’ve often found myself in similar situations.”


Johnson’s eyes widened in surprise.

The audience, too, stared at Theo with round eyes.

‘Wasn’t this supposed to be a thrilling public execution?’

Unfazed by the audience’s gaze, Theo maintained a faint smile as he said,

“If you can’t recall your question right now, Mr. Johnson, perhaps you could organize your thoughts and ask again later?”


Johnson’s eyes grew even wider, taken aback by Theo’s unexpected response.

Theo had just thrown him a lifeline.

‘…This guy’s absolutely nuts!’

All of Johnson’s animosity melted away.

Moments ago, he was plotting Theo’s end, but now, such thoughts had completely vanished.

His impulse to challenge Theo also disappeared.

The brat, no, the handsome young genius of the Waldeurk family had humbled himself, going out of his way to find an excuse for Johnson.

Johnson, who felt like he was on cloud nine, replicated Theo’s faint smile and responded,

“Hahaha, you’re absolutely right. Maybe being a descendant of the Waldeurk family grants you such sharp insight. I deeply apologize for interrupting your presentation and causing a disturbance. I’ll organize my thoughts and approach you with my question soon. Is that alright, Scholar Theo?”

Surprisingly, Johnson’s way of addressing Theo had shifted from informal to ‘Scholar’.

Meeting Johnson’s earnest gaze, Theo responded with a respectful nod of his own.

“Hahaha, of course. There’s no need for an apology. If anything, I should be thanking you, Mr. Johnson, for offering me such a valuable experience.”

“The thanks is mine for your understanding, hahaha.”

With a restrained chuckle, Johnson settled back into his seat.

Theo glanced at the audience and said,

“With that, we conclude our presentation. I apologize for unexpectedly taking up your valuable time. I am Theo Lyn Waldeurk.”

With a dignified and lofty demeanor, Theo gave the audience a brief nod.

“Shall we go, Mari Jane?”

“Uh, yes, let’s.”

Theo exited the hall alongside Mari Jane, who wore a flustered expression.

For a considerable time after their exit, the audience remained in their seats.

They were deeply impacted by the recent turn of events.

‘He showed grace and understanding to someone who openly criticized him, even at the cost of his own pride.’

In the Kingdom of Rodemian’s Hero Association seminar, where various sly schemes are rampant, stood a young genius whose virtues and capabilities seemed something out of legend.

The image of the young genius, who showcased a heroic demeanor, was deeply engraved in the minds of everyone present.

“······Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The moment Maximin entered his room, he let out a laugh he had been suppressing since the auditorium.

This restraint was due to the image he held as the head of a noble family.

Regardless of the presence of his subordinates or his daughter in the same room, Maximin’s laughter continued unabated.

“I had suspicions something was wrong, but to this extent? Truly… ha, ha, ha! The father was impressive, but the son is even more so.”

As Maximin laughed, he felt the intense gaze of his daughter.

“Why so glum, Piel? Wasn’t it entertaining?”


Piel’s voice was frosty.

She was unfamiliar with the sight of her father being this ecstatic, and she was anxious about whether Theo was a contractor.

Sensing his daughter’s somber mood, Maximin stopped laughing and regarded Piel with a serious expression.

“What’s bothering you?”

“Is it true or not?”

Piel lowered her head after speaking.

Maximin’s unique ability, the ‘Banisher,’ allows him to discern beings that aren’t human.

Of course, it’s not as good as ‘that thing’ deeply hidden within their family, but Maximin can differentiate with about a 90% accuracy.

Piel anxiously bit her lip, silently praying.


Seeing his daughter in such a state, Maximin tilted his head, puzzled.

“It doesn’t seem like it.”


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