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“Fucking Magi-mirrors,” Axel cursed under his breath as he walked towards the great hall after avoiding yet another group of curious students who were asking for a picture. This was not in his calculations.

Most of the students seemed to have already seen his fight and now many would inevitably try to research his background and shit. Many would even want to know if he’s a pureblood or not.

His footsteps paused in front of the Great Hall. What was more important? The food, or the peace?


His stomach gave him the answer.

“Food it is,” he muttered before thinking how to go in. Right now, it would be for the best if he didn’t appear in front of anyone.

It seems like he’ll have to use his skills. But they haven’t been working well after his injuries. So there’s still a chance that he’ll be noticed.

Taking deep breaths, he dipped his head low and diminished his presence as he looked around in all directions.

‘Score!’ he thought as he saw an opportunity.

He began walking in the opposite direction to the great hall while keeping his head low. This time, very few people even noticed him and even they didn’t give him a second glance.

He didn’t know how he does this. He’s just practiced a lot and he started getting better after his various experiences.

In the next few steps, when he passed by a group of students heading towards the Great Hall he suddenly disappeared from sight since he didn’t emerge from the other side of the group he was passing by.

He had blended into the group.

After a few minutes, Axel soon emerged out of a group of students heading out of the great hall with a pile of food stacked in his backpack. He had stored a lot for emergencies like this one.

He sighed. He was noticed several times just now. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to do it again with his body’s condition being so bad. And also,

“Damn, I didn’t even perform any rapid movements. But why was my body hurting so much?” He muttered.

He couldn’t understand why. Usually, it’s not that bad. Only sometimes.

At this moment, a System notification came, alerting him.

[Congratulations. You have unlocked the Stealth Skill: ‘Blend’:

Allows you to Blend in your surroundings using your body movements, accessories, and Magic.

Current proficiency: 10%

Information on how to gain further mastery will be transferred to your head.]

[Congratulations. You have unlocked the Stealth Skill: ‘Presence Reduction’

Allows you to reduce your presence using your body movements and magic.

Current proficiency: 15%

Information on how to gain further mastery will be transferred to your head.]

[Congratulations. You have unlocked the Thief skill: Daring mind.

A thief needs to be daring enough to attempt the theft. Allows you to calmly analyze your situation and make quick decisions not based on fear but logic.

Not a proficiency-based skill.]

“….” Axel was left disoriented for a few moments when information was poured into his head.

“System, what the fuck?” He uttered, politely asking for an explanation.

[The new Class feature provides you the information to train physical, Magical, and mental skills related to that Class. Your class is Arcane Thief.

When you sneaked into the Great Hall, you used these skills just now, meaning that you already possess some mastery in them. So they were unlocked. The reason you were feeling pain was that you were using magic and using magic naturally causes you pain.]

‘How can that be?’ thought Axel. ‘I wasn’t using magic! It was just my usual zone.’

The zone, as Axel calls it, is a state in which he is able to pull off difficult thefts with ease.

“Wait a moment…fuck,” but then he suddenly realized.

“There’s no way, right?”

Has he been using Magic all this time? Now that he thought about it, it actually made sense.

[You have unknowingly incorporated magic in your skills after repeated training, and practice over the years along with your talent. This is one of the reasons why you are as good as you are and were able to get a Special Class like Arcane Thief.

It is a high-tier class, even above advanced classes. It can not be randomly gained by anyone. Especially not as their starting class in their crippled state.]

Axel slowly nodded in understanding. So that’s why it hurts so much when he sneaks around late at night these days. It used to be so easy…

Axel couldn’t wait for the day his body is healed. When that time comes, he’ll stop worrying about low-level people like bigoted Purebloods. That will be the day he’ll start his domination. The real threats would only be strong wizards and Voldemort and his minions.

Going into an empty classroom, he ate his food in peace while he accessed the information that had been poured into his head.

There were step-by-step instructions to train the skills he had unlocked, much like how the information on Occlumency was poured into his head. But when he was getting immersed in it, the bell rang, signaling the end of the Lunch.


Axel decided to do this after his classes were over. With his food problem solved he only had to deal with his classmates who were easy enough to deal with.

Today, they had Herbology, History of Magic, Potion, and Astronomy.

The Herbology was with the Hufflepuffs. The Greenhouses of Hogwarts were huge. It was Axel’s first time seeing magical Flora. And of so many different varieties!

He listened attentively when their squat Professor with gray hair and muddy clothes Pamona Sprout told them about the magical properties of some of the Plants to catch their attention. But he quickly lost interest when she had them do it practically since he couldn’t do anything with his hands.

“Need help?” Asked someone from the side.

Axel glanced over to see Susan standing beside him, Hannah right behind her.

“No,” said Axel simply as he focused back on his work.

Susan pouted,

“Well, it does seem like you do,” she said, looking pointedly at his handy work. The magical plant looked as crippled as his hands.

“Why do you want to help me?” He asked. He didn’t know why Susan would approach him while leaving her large group of friends.

Susan was honest.

“I… I sort of feel bad that I thought you were a bad person when you were sorted into Slytherin.”

Axel didn’t stop his work, not the least bit affected.

“And what makes you think I’m not a bad person?” He asked, with all the bad person vibes coming out of him.

Susan shook her head.

“Uh… I don’t know? Because you were so cool today at the Dueling? Because you shoved that snob’s wand right into his face?”

Axel nodded in understanding. He had understood that he can’t understand this girl. But, he really liked her honesty.

“I appreciate your honesty. Would you prefer my honest reply or a dishonest one?”

Susan smiled,

“The honest reply!” She chose instantly.

Axel stopped his work for a second and gave her his full attention as he looked at her.

“I don’t have any problem with you, but I’d prefer it if you left me alone,”

Susan’s confident smile slowly disappeared upon listening to his reply.

“Oh… okay… then see you around,” she said, trying to hide the sting that reply gave her.

She really wanted to ask why he didn’t want to be friends with her or how could he not want to be friends with her, but… she was now somewhat scared of his honest reply.

Axel simply shook his head. He had nothing in common with that girl. And she was so superficial. It suddenly didn’t matter if he was a bad person if he could duel well.

They had nothing in common and she was a bit too immature. Though it’s not her fault since she’s only acting her age. Very few 11 year olds would be mature enough that Axel would tolerate them.

The next class was the History of Magic with Ravenclaws.

“So, you’ve already studied this one as well, huh?” Asked Axel as he glanced beside him.

Daphne nodded her head with a sigh.

“Sadly yes. That asshole made sure that I knew my Pureblood history. About how we fought Goblins and stuff.”

She has decided to use that name for her father. And the fun part is, no one can stop her.

She had once again chosen to sit in the last seat. Axel didn’t hate her enough to move somewhere else or deny her. She was much more tolerable.

Daphne shook her head as she looked at him curiously.

“But forget about that. Tell me, how were you so good at the duel today? Who taught you?”

‘The Streets,’ thought Axel. But he couldn’t answer her with that, could he? Anyways, he had already started to pick up some of the skills even before he left the orphanage since his life at the Orphanage wasn’t good either.

Axel just shook his head mysteriously.

“It’s a secret,” he said.

Daphne frowned. She knew her stuff. The things Axel was doing, even her Dueling tutor couldn’t do that. Daphne has always wanted to be powerful. Thus, she wanted to also learn how to do that.

But, the thing is, she doesn’t know how to ask him to teach her. In her whole life, Daphne hasn’t asked for anything so she doesn’t know how to.

But then, she remembered something. Her sister Astoria had always had a way of getting whatever she wanted and she always succeeded. Thus, even though it felt quite embarrassing, Daphne decided to try her sister’s method.

“Hey, Axel,”

She pouted her lips as she blinked her eyes cutely.

“Will you teach me?” She asked.

Axel also smiled at her.

“Of course. I won’t,” he replied in kind, wondering why she would even think he’ll agree.

“…” Daphne was left speechless for a moment before her face flushed red in embarrassment.

‘Astoria! You hateful brat!’

To her relief, the professor came at this moment, preventing her from finding a hole to hide in.

For History of Magic, the professor was a middle-aged man with Long hair, a beard, and a huge mustache.

“My name is Jakub Gorski. And I am your History of Magic Professor. I am a traveler and explorer who has decided to take a rest after a serious injury,” he introduced himself in a deep and rugged voice.

“Now, before me, this subject was taught by the ghost of a Professor, who only taught about things that were centuries old and most of them pretty useless. Also, most of it was based only on Britain,” he said in a somewhat condescending tone while shaking his Head.

“No. We won’t be doing that. We’d be studying only the History from which we can actually learn something. And we won’t be sticking to Britain.”

He spread his hands wide.

“I have traveled the world. I have visited numerous magical communities from the most primitive to the most developed. I have even visited many muggle places which had a connection to wizards. And let me assure you, this world is a wondrous place! Thus, along with some of Magical Britain’s history, you will be studying the History of other places as well.”

“Of course, another reason would be that, since there are so many foreign students among you that it doesn’t make sense to force them to learn Britain’s boring history.”


Daphne clicked her tongue from beside him.

“I shouldn’t have sat in the last seat,” she murmured in disappointment, her previous embarrassment forgotten.

“This is something I haven’t ever been taught,”

Axel had to admit, this teacher was interesting. Much better than a boring ghost professor who everyone would ghost.

But it was also a pity that he can’t just do his other pending things instead like he had thought he would, since he has to pay attention.

First is Occlumency.

As much as he’d like it, he can’t just focus only on Occlumency. He really needs power right now and Occlumency is going to take time. The first stage, as system put it, isn’t really that simple. For most of the Wizards who have practiced Occlumency, that is the final stage for them and it takes them at least a decade to reach it for average wizards. That’s why everyone isn’t rushing to learn Occlumency. Even with his talent, he can’t master it instantly.

And that can be fatal if he doesn’t improve on other aspects during that time. His luck has always been shitty and life keeps throwing obstacles at him from time to time. If he’s only focuses on Occlumency, he’ll be weak as hell in this condition to face those obstacles.

So, now has several things on his plate at once. First, he has to learn Occlumency, then he has to unlock and learn his Arcane Thief Skills, and finally, he also has to increase his magical output by the method he received from the system


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