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HP: The Arcane Thief – Chapter 20: Mysteries and The Greasy Git Bahasa Indonesia

“So, let’s start with the important history of Britain, shall we?”

Said Professor Jakub Gorski, rubbing his hands together.

“In this lesson, we’ll mainly be focusing on the important events that have happened in Britain along with their consequences. In my class, there’s no need for learning precise dates since I think those are the single most boring and useless thing that we can learn from History. Also, do remember to take notes.”

At the mention of notes, there was a hustling noise since there were many first years who hadn’t bothered taking out their notebooks.

Daphne glanced at Axel’s hands when Professor Gorski mentioned taking notes.

“Can you write with that?” She asked as she took out her notebook and fountain pen.

Axel looked at her as if questioning why she was questioning the obvious.


Daphne couldn’t understand the situation.

“Then… how are you supposed to take notes… and do homework…and write exams?” It would have occurred to her in the last class if Umbridge had actually taught them something worth writing.

Axel actually didn’t know it himself until yesterday. He didn’t know anything about Hogwarts. And he didn’t know why he had assumed that a magical school wouldn’t stress on having you write stuff and just let you learn magic through wands.

Thankfully, there was a solution.

“Professor Mcgonagall has allowed me to use Self-writing pens. She said I’ll get them soon.” He had a signed slip from Mcgonagall to explain his situation.

Daphne was surprised to hear that,

“Weren’t they banned until the third year?”

These days, self-writing pens were so advanced and convenient that they had become a norm in the Wizarding World. But it was banned at Hogwarts until the third year since the students then wouldn’t properly have practice in spelling and writing. It’s quite easy to detect when something is written by one, so the younger students do struggle a lot writing everything with their own hands.

Self-writing pens are banned for all years in the library since you need to dictate in order to write and no sound is allowed in the library.

Otherwise, except for exams, the older year students are free to use them if their dictation isn’t disturbing anyone since it’s fast and convenient and they can spend more of their time practicing magic.

Daphne sighed.

“How luc—” she was about to say ‘lucky’ but she stopped herself. Having his hands in that condition… he’s probably the last person to be called lucky.

After everyone was ready, Professor Gorski began.

“Magical Britain is believed to be the origin of witchcraft and wizardry for many wizarding communities. Its History can be divided into three parts: Primitive, Early, Middle, and Recent. Let’s begin with a brief description of each, shall we?”

“The Primitive age, we are directly going to skip. There are barely any factual records of that time and there’s nothing concrete. It doesn’t come under studying History, it comes under Researching History. Have you ever wondered how wizards came into being? Where do wizards get their powers from? It’s about that. Obviously not for the first years.

“Now, the real stuff in Britain started with Merlin. No one is really sure about his origins, or how he gained his power despite there being multiple stories. But, it has been widely accepted that Merlin was the most powerful Sorcerer and the origin of most of the witchcraft and wizardry we have now.

He had several apprentices at the time, each of whom he taught different fields of magic and even trusted some of them with his deeper secrets, like how he gained his power.

These apprentices then branched out to many places, spreading what they had been taught and researching their own magic as well. This was how a lot of different magical communities were formed in different countries with Britain being the most powerful and progressive.

One of these apprentices, the one with whom Merlin had shared the secret to his powers, actually turned on him. Her name was Morgan Le Fay, more popularly known as Morgana. We’ll study in detail about it later.

Also, the founders of Hogwarts were also in this age,” He took a pause here, seeing that many were struggling to keep up.

Axel was fascinated. He wondered where Merlin got his powers from.

[The information is currently locked at your level.]

‘Damn,’ must be a hell of information to be locked even after 13% approval.

Professor Gorski continued, “This was the most important stage so even while giving a brief description, I had to say so much. Now, the third stage is the Medieval Stage. This lasted the longest. It was after every one of these powerful people had either disappeared or died.

This is the stage of degradation. Many families started to hoard their magic, and conflicts continued to grow between them, causing the loss of a lot of valuable Magical Knowledge. A great many Dark Lords emerged as well. During this age, Britain didn’t make any significant improvement in magic and instead went backward.

Then comes the period that historians called the Recent age. It’s called such because it started just about a decade ago.

Yes, Britain was in its Medieval age until a decade ago. It’s after the demise of the most recent Dark Lord. This is a period of rapid progression. Britain already had the foundation and funds befitting of the Origin of many countries’ witchcraft and wizardry.

Under the phenomenal leadership of Minister Bellatrix Black, it is rapidly gaining back its lost status and reforming to be a powerful and prosperous magical country with at a rate never seen in any other magical country or community,” finished Gorski.

“So, this was a brief description of the History of Magical Britain. Now we’ll go into detail starting from the Early age…” And so, the History class went on.

After History, they had Potions with Gryffindors.

“Why exactly are you here?” Axel asked Rose who was standing beside him in front of his potion-making counter. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t annoyed with her presence.

Though, if anything, Rose seemed even more annoyed at being by his side than he. She looked at her Magi-mirror in grievance. It had several messages from Aunt Andromeda all but ordering her to take good care of Axel and babysit him. She even threatened to send a howler if she didn’t.

“It’s not like I want to be here. I simply don’t have a choice,” she said in a peeved tone.

She looked at Axel with narrowed eyes.

“What exactly did you do to Aunt Andromeda? She’s been awfully concerned with your well-being.”

Axel frowned. must be that woman who asked her to sit here.

He had mixed opinions about this woman. Her actions don’t make sense and they’re contradictory if he takes Bellatrix’s words into consideration.

Her letter to Mcgonagall did help him in the end since he now had her signed note stating his injuries and she did get him to have a good time and now she’s asking Rose to take care of him. Axel didn’t know if she wanted something else from him.

‘But, does it really matter?’ He thought to himself. He realized that he couldn’t really bring himself to care. Whether it was some kind of compensation due to the memory extraction or whether she wanted something else from him, he didn’t really care anymore. The situation is, he has to partner up with Rose for this class. It can’t be that bad, can it? Does he really need to struggle so much to reject it?

Rose was even more annoyed when her question was ignored.

“So? Did you do anything to her? She’s even threatening to send a howler if I didn’t help you,”

At that moment, a man strode in, with his cloak billowing behind him in style. The first thing he did was a roll call.

When Rose’s turn came,

“Rose Potter,”

“Present sir,”

Snape looked up from his sheet at Rose. Even though his face was expressionless, Axel could tell that something was different from his experience in reading people.

Snape’s eyes then fell on him for a second before going back to the parchment. When his turn came Snape had looked up at him again, and Axel didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling about this.

‘Just great,’ he muttered in annoyance.

After Roll call, the man swept his gaze around at the class.

“You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making,” he began. He spoke in barely more than a whisper, but they caught every word.

“As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmeringj cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of…”

Axel glossed over the rest. The man seemed to be exaggerating quite a bit. He’ll have to see if this man can really teach them to brew glory and stopper death.

But suddenly,

“Hunt! What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”

‘…What the fuck?’

Of course, Axel didn’t know. Potions aren’t going to help him when he’s in a fight. And, with his condition, can he even brew potions? Thus, he hadn’t bothered even touching the book.

“I don’t know, professor,” he said simply. He didn’t think it was a big deal. He could bet even half the students didn’t know anything based on what he’s seen from his previous classes.

But Snape’s lips curled into a slight sneer.

“Tut, tut, you should be more qualified before trying to leech off someone’s fame,” he said, glancing at the person beside him.

For a moment, the Slytherins and Gryffindors seemed to unite as many of them had problems with The Girl Who Lived and the adopted daughter of the most powerful pureblood family partnering up with him. Many of them snickered, sneered, or smirked at Snape’s comment.

Though Axel was surprised. He didn’t know so many people minded. He was just minding his own business. It seems he had underestimated her fame. If he knew, he’d have kicked Rose out ages ago.

He was also surprised why Snape would target a Slytherin. From what he had heard and observed, he was a discriminatory bastard who always favors Slytherins.

“Let’s try again, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?”

Axel had had enough. It was clear that this bastard was targeting him.

‘Tell me, System.’

Rose was a bit worried. Sirius had warned her repeatedly about ‘the greasy git’. That he might be a pedophile and necrophile, whatever those things meant. And that she should be careful of him all the time.

When Snape had asked the second question, she was going to help Axel by whispering the answer to him, but—

“A Bezoar is found in the stomach of a goat. It’s a very potent antidote that can save you from most poisons,” said Axel, surprising her.

Snape sneered,

“Well, a lucky question. Then tell me, Hunt, what is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?”

Not a second after he had asked the question, Axel’s bored voice came again,

“They’re the same plants. There’s yet another name for this plant as well. It’s Aconite.”

Snape seemed to not give up.

“What color of fumes are released when a boil potion is made successfully?”

“Pink. The potion in question is an effective remedy against pustules, hives, boils, and many other scrofulous conditions.”

Snape was still not satisfied.

“What is the Wiggenweld Potion?”

Rose frowned. This was not even a first-year question! Even she didn’t know the answer.

But Axel didn’t even bat an eye as he answered.

“It’s a healing potion with the power to cure injuries. It is also the antidote to the Sleeping Draught and…. the Draught of Living Death, which, by the way, is actually the answer to your very first question.”

That managed to shut him up and slap those who had laughed.

Snape looked at him for several seconds before looking at the rest of the class.

“Well, why aren’t you all writing that down?!”

Axel had managed to answer all the questions.

Rose was impressed and confused at the same time.

“Why didn’t you answer the first question earlier?”

Axel shrugged,

“I was trying to keep a low profile. Not everyone has a powerful background to fall upon like you.”

“….” She was a bit speechless to hear that. Low profile? He was probably the most high-profile first year right now after her. Though looking back, he did try his best. He never sought any fame. But he’d be bullied more if just he let bullies like Snape and Malfoy walk all over him. So, when there was no other choice but to stand out, he stood out in a way no one would dare to mess with him again if they were not idiots.

When thinking about it, she could understand why. Slytherin is infested with Purebloods like Malfoy. So he understand why he would want to keep a low profile.

Axel raised his index finger,

“Also, let me make clear, I am NOT sitting with you in the next class. No matter what. I was an idiot to even think this could work out fine, am I clear?”

By now, even Rose knew better than to mess with this guy. She was so overwhelmed by his rythym that she found herself nodding obediently. If anyone who knew her saw this, they’d have their jaws dropped so low that you’ll have to dig them out.

Snape had them brew a potion for the rest of the class. Axel and Rose’s potion was progressing just fine since Axel was doing almost nothing.

But of course, someone had to have a problem.

“Hunt, why aren’t you doing anything?”

Axel produced two pieces of paper from his pocket. One was his condition report he had got from Saint Mungo signed by Andromeda which mentioned his current body’s condition and another was Mcgonagall’s signed note on the state that he be given some liberties on things which he can’t do.

Axel had thought that this should shut him up since everyone was always just too surprised to know just how bad his body actually was. But apparently, not Snape.

Axel knew that the man WAS indeed surprised to know about his condition. But, he didn’t seem to show the same empathy as the other teachers.

“Well, I don’t see the problem here,” he said after a pause.

‘Huh?’ This made both Axel and Rose surprised.


Snape sneered, “I said, I don’t see the problem here. Having injuries doesn’t give you the excuse to not try. If you’re afraid of bringing your partner down, then don’t pair up in the first place,” he said clearly.

‘Well, wouldn’t be a problem if doesn’t fucking hurt every time I try, you bastard,’ thought Axel. He knew this bastard knew it was painful and yet he was making him do this.

‘Fine, if this is how you wanna play it,’ thought Axel as he picked up his things and left Rose’s table.

It was good that this bastard knew how bad and irreparable his condition was. He’ll get a nasty surprise when he one day finds out just how much Axel can do even with this condition and an even nastier one when Axel eventually heals himself and becomes more powerful than a wizard and a better potioneer than this guy.

Axel can hold grudges for years until he finally pays them back.

The potions class wasn’t too difficult in the end since he didn’t do anything that’ll be difficult with his condition. Axel will simply get a bad grade. But since when was that a problem?

Funnily enough, the greasy bat had stopped targeting him after he had left Rose’s table. This made him hate her more. Damn it, if only he had known that she was the problem. He’ll make sure this won’t happen again.

But with the classes over for the day, he can now focus on better things.

Like increasing his power output and exploring the new system feature.

‘Alright, system, explain how I should level up this Arcane Thief class and unlock better skills,’ he said to the system after he had retreated to his hideout that night.

First things first. Like last time with the spell practicing, he once again focused on escape first. Arcane Thief might not sound powerful, but… as a thief, Axel can see its huge potential. Alongside ensuring his safety, it can be very powerful in combat. In fact, an unusually skilled thief by profession already, he’d be able to use these skills to their fullest potential.

Like how he did at that time with Valentino girl.

Despite all her so-called talent and genius, hadn’t Axel caught her off guard at that time without any power? If she was a certified enemy, she might have been dead right then and there.

Also, he had almost given up on thieving after his last attempt. But now, with the skills of the Arcane Thief Class… the Purebloods wouldn’t know what hit them.


A.N.: Those who skimmed through some details on the history don’t need to worry too much. The Long-ass History lesson was a one time thing for some world building and to raise some valid mysteries which would be explored later. Like how wizards came into existence? How did Merlin got his powers? If Merlin was the reason for witch craft and wizardry in most many countries, how did other countries which are not included get their own magical practices?

In the , he finally starts to train his skills.

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Edit.: Jeez, he’ll be healed soon enough. Have some patience guys. It’ll be more worthwhile.


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