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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 89: The Infernal Bahasa Indonesia

The Hooded figure didn’t say anything. He just gazed at the Damphirs with eyes that had not a single shred of emotion in them. Just his gaze itself was enough to convey what he wanted to say.

“Lord Infernal…” The General of the small army respectfully greeted the Lone Undead King, whose extant species was said to be the rarest in the Realm of the Undead. He was an Infernal… the beings that were said to come into existence from the Infernal flames of hell itself.

Throughout history, there were said to be only two Infernals that ever existed. Out of the two, one was already destroyed, wiped off the existence by the Infernal that stood before them.

When it came to the Undeads, he was said to be one of the most terrifying beings. Even the other Undead Kings tried to avoid him if possible. It was unclear if it was because they were scared of him or they just wanted to avoid a conflict since the Infernal Sorcerer didn’t have anything to lose, unlike them.

The Infernal Sorcerer didn’t have an army. He didn’t have any Kingdom. He also didn’t have any friends. He was all alone in the world. If he had anyone, it was only his Burning Horse who always accompanied him wherever he went.

The Damphir General was really intimidated by the Lone Undead King, especially since stories about him made him appear like a monster, even when it came to the Undeads.

His eyes subconsciously went to the left hand of the Infernal. It was said that once upon a time, the two Infernals fought each other. In the battle, the Infernal Sorcerer got his left arm damaged, while the other Infernal lost his life.

The Infernal Sorcerer noticed the Damphir General looking at his left hand.

He raised his left hand, revealing a skeleton-like hand. While his right hand seemed to be similar to that of a human, his left hand was no more than white bones. There was no flesh on his left hand as the flesh on it had already burned in the battle he had.

Through his skeleton fingers, the Infernal Sorcerer gestured for the Damphirs to move aside. Even now, he didn’t speak. He just gestured for them to move aside.

“Our King commanded us not to let anyone pass through this point. Our Princess is on an exploration there, and until she is there, we can’t let anyone get through. Lord Infernal, can you please take another path?”

The Damphir General was still quite respectful. Even though he was worried, he still displayed calmness. If it weren’t the Damphir King’s command, then he would’ve let the Infernal Sorcerer pass through. At the moment, he couldn’t ignore the King’s command just because he was scared.

He really hoped that the Infernal Sorcerer was going to understand his concern and take another path. Not like he had anywhere to be.

The Infernal Sorcerer frowned, seeing no one clearing his path. He didn’t ask them to move again. Instead, he turned around and started walking back to the Burning Horse.

The Damphir General sighed in relief. It seemed the Infernal King had agreed to take another route and not escalate the conflict over a small matter.

The Infernal King once again looked in the direction of the Damphirs as he reached the horse. He climbed on the horse.

It was only after he sat on the horse that he removed his hood, revealing his face. Surprisingly, his face was quite similar to the face of a normal human, albeit very pale. He had short dark hair that covered his forehead.

The Infernal Sorcerer had a slender face that made him look like he was in his early twenties, despite him being in existence for thousands of years.

His right eye’s pupils were a beautiful shade of light green. As for his left eye… That was the strange part. He didn’t have a left eye… If he had, it couldn’t be seen. A green fire could be seen in place of his left eye… A fire that was said to be capable of burning anything!

Damphir General grimaced, seeing the Infernal King take off his hood. He was looking straight in their direction. For some reason, the Damphir General felt as if the Infernal Sorcerer was able to see through the hidden depths of his soul.

The Damphir General wasn’t the only one who felt that way. It was the case for every Damphir in the army. Whoever looked into his burning eyes they were frozen in place.

While all the Damphirs were frozen, the Infernal Sorcerer raised his skeleton hand, but this time, he didn’t ask them to move aside. Instead, he clenched his fist.

As soon as the Infernal Sorcerer closed his fist, a frightening fire started burning the bodies of the Damphirs. Thousands of bodies burned right before his eyes, yet his face remained completely expressionless.

Even as the Damphirs burned, they were still standing in a daze. It was as if they were so lost in the Infernal Sorcerer’s eyes that they didn’t even feel their bodies being burned.

The Damphirs burned to ashes within minutes, and they didn’t even fight back! Where thousands of Damphirs were standing until recently, only ashes could be seen there now.

The Infernal Sorcerer raised the hood again, covering his head.

The horse walked over the ashes of the people that were blocking their path until recently.

Just as the blazing horse passed through the ash-laden desert, a metallic door appeared before them, out of thin air. It appeared right in the middle of their path.

The Infernal Sorcerer frowned at the sight of the strange door that appeared out of nowhere. It was his first time seeing something like this happen. Before he could even think about it, the door opened.

On the other end of the door, the Infernal King could only see a bright light and nothing more!

Thousands of Chains came out of the bright light, shooting straight to the Infernal Sorcerer, who happened to be the only Undead that was closest to the door.

All the chains wrapped around the Infernal Sorcerer, trying to subdue him.

Unfortunately, the Infernal King wasn’t an easy target. Even the Chains of the Spell couldn’t control him since the soul strength behind those chains wasn’t enough.

Let alone being able to pull him closer to the door; the chains couldn’t even make him move.

The Infernal Sorcerer held a chain with each of his hands as the flame in his left eye burned even brighter.

The entire chain caught in flames, which weakened the chains even more. However, the real target of the flames wasn’t the chains! It was the source of the chains.

For the next few minutes, the Infernal King seemed to have an advantage against the spell chains that were melting due to his flames.

It looked as if he was going to be free while destroying the source of the chains. Throughout the entire event, his expressions remained still, as if he didn’t even feel threatened by this much.

Unfortunately for him, just as he was about to win and break the shackles, a mysterious black light came from the other side. The chains that were on the verge of being destroyed became even stronger.

The fire that was burning the Chains started weakening instead as if being subdued by the mysterious energy. The mysterious dark energy seemed to contain the purest strength of Death that was able to overwhelm even his Infernal Flames.

Finally, the Infernal Sorcerer’s expressions changed as he felt a terrifying pain all around his body. Even then, he didn’t give up. He fought back against the mysterious dark energy valiantly, firmly resisting the spell and the control contract that the spell was trying to establish.

What started as a battle between Gabriel’s Soul Strength and the Infernal Sorcerer’s flames had now changed to the battle between the Forbidden Book of Necromancy and the Infernal Sorcerer!


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