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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 171: Weakest for the strongest! Bahasa Indonesia

Gabriel had his Grimoire as his teacher for his Necromancy. He only needed teachers for his Darkness and Light Elements, and Cylix and Novius believed that they could fill that gap!

That had to make Gabriel stronger, so he could be the force of change onto the world! They had really high expectations from Gabriel, not realizing that his own expectations from him were quite different.

The goals that they thought for him were not the goals that he had made for himself.

“Do you want to rest, or shall we start right now?” Cylix asked Gabriel, who seemed confused at their words.

“What do you mean? Start what?” Gabriel asked in return. “You mean my battle with Qin?”

If it was about the battle, he still needed more time since he had gone through a lot recently. He needed some time to gather his thoughts. Moreover, there was no time restriction on this floor, so he could also take as much time as he needed.

“Hahaha.” Cylix burst into a hearty laughter. “You don’t need to fight Qin. That battle has been canceled since you’ve already proven your worth by defeating your first opponent.”

“Then ready for what? If it’s about a battle with you, my answer will still be the same. I need more time.”

Gabriel stuck with his answer since he didn’t want to fight now. Even though his body was perfectly fine now, there was still a headache that he was suffering from. He also didn’t want to be distracted when fighting these people.

“Don’t worry. You can take as much time as you need. In any case, it’s going to take a few months in your training at least.”

“My training?”

“Of course, your training. We both noticed that you don’t have much knowledge of your Elements of Light and Darkness, so you definitely need some guidance. We will be teaching you everything we know about the two Elements and the spells that always came in handy for us.”

“Why?” Gabriel asked, confused.

He was happy that they were going to teach him since he definitely needed some stronger spells, but why were they doing it for him? In the end, it was he who had to fight them. Why were they strengthening their enemy? Did they want to lose in the coming battle?

Even though he was right about the last part, as Cylix and Novius actually wanted to lose, he was quite wrong about the reason. They weren’t teaching him because they wanted to lose. It was just an added advantage for them.

“Because we want you to defeat us using our own Element! Consider it your challenge!” Cylix smirked. “Since you have the Element of Light, I want you to defeat me only using the Element of Light. If you use any other Element, then I’ll fail you, and you’ll be kicked out!”

“And since you have the Element of Darkness, I want you to defeat me using the same Element of Darkness.”

The two of them wanted to teach him, and what better way to motivate him to learn than by claiming that it was his only ticket to the hundredth floor?

If they just said that they simply wanted to teach him because they thought he was worthy, there was a good chance that he wasn’t going to take his training seriously. But if there was something at stake…

Something like the access to the hundredth Floor, then not only was he going to take his training seriously, but he was going to become much stronger, focusing only on their element while in training.

This way, both of them left no option before Gabriel but to agree to them.

If Gabriel was confused about why they wanted to train him before, he now had a proper idea, even though he was still wrong.

He had a High Tier Spell of Necromancy that he used to kill Axion called the Curse of the Dead! He was sure that he could’ve defeated at least one of the two founders with that spell, gaining the access to the hundredth floor.

It also made sense to him that they would change the rules of the Trial. Based on the new rules, it became much more unfair for him since he couldn’t use his strongest Element and his strongest Spells!

Instead, he had to rely on the Elements that he couldn’t boost with his Grimoire! With the new set of Rules, the Trial on the 99th floor became much more complicated for him.

He had to defeat Novius with an element that he had just awakened! And he had to defeat Cylix with the Element of Light that he was master of! It was like his challenge was that he had to burn the God of Fire using fire!

“Scared?” Cylix asked, seeing hesitation on Gabriel’s face. “You know, if you’re scared, you can leave this tower and come back when you’re stronger.”

Since he was sure that Gabriel wasn’t going to leave the tower, he tried to use Gabriel’s self-confidence and dignity to provoke him into accepting this deal. They didn’t want him to think that they were doing a favor on him by teaching him.

“Yeah, if you don’t have faith in your skills, we won’t force you.” Novius also understood what Cylix was trying to do. He played along as well.

“I suppose I can’t take his help either?” Gabriel asked, glancing back at the Infernal King.

“You can’t.” Cylix shook his head. “You can only use your own strength to fight us.”

Gabriel knew just how impossible this challenge was, but could he do anything else? He couldn’t force his way to the hundredth floor. Due to the restrictions of this hall, he couldn’t even fight here. He had to do things by the rules, even if the rules made things unfair for him.

“I can take as much time as I need to learn your spells? And you’ll teach me every single spell you know without keeping the strongest for yourself?” he asked.

Even though he had a disadvantage in fighting by their rules, he also had an advantage. If he could learn all their spells, it was quite good for his future, even if he lost.

Moreover, if he knew all their spells, he could learn all their strengths and weaknesses to make a proper plan on how to defeat them. So there was still a chance for success. As long as there was no cheating.

“We will teach you every single thing we know without holding anything back!” Cylix accepted.

“So, do you accept the challenge?” Novius asked. “Master our Elements and defeat us using them!”


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