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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 170: The Angel and the Demon! Bahasa Indonesia

Gabriel was the youngest Mage of a Light ever known in history to awaken with the Element of Light at the age of eighteen.

After receiving the Element of Darkness, he also became the youngest person ever to awaken the Element of Darkness.

Even though his spirit had no choice but to utilize all the darkness that was forced on him, making it a forced Awakening, it was still no different than the Natural Awakening.

Thanks to his connection with the Forbidden Book of Necromancy, Gabriel’s Spiritual potential, and Talent were already at the peak tier, which couldn’t just be utilized for the Elements of Necromancy.

It didn’t matter what increased his talent and potential to leak tier; what mattered was that there was no restriction on what that talent could be used for.

That also made him a perfect candidate for the Element of Light and the Element of Darkness, further strengthening his mind in learning concepts of various elements as long as his body had an affinity with that Element.

Novius taught Gabriel the most basic spell, which took Gabriel only a few minutes to learn, thanks to his talent.

He raised his right hand, casting the small spell of Darkness.

As soon as he finished casting a spell, a small sphere of darkness appeared above his hand. The sphere of darkness couldn’t be used for attacking as it was very weak and small. However, it still made Gabriel impressed. It was true! He was using a spell of Darkness!

That meant he had three elements now, with Necromancy being his main and stronger element!

He was a Necromancer who could use more than what was his specialty! He had no idea how this all worked since he was the first person in history known to awaken more than one element in his lifetime.

What didn’t make sense was why him? How could he be the only person to awaken more Elements? If it was related to his Grimoire, then other Grimoires were also similarly strong. Why didn’t any Holy Priest in history awaken another element?

After a few seconds, the small sphere of darkness dispersed on its own.

“Incredible, isn’t it?” Novius asked. “You are now a Dark Mage as well, young man. And I couldn’t be any happier.”

“Why are you happy about it?” Gabriel asked. Why did they care if he became stronger? They knew that he was against their academy and possibly against the entire world. Then why were they so pleased to see him gaining more Elements?

“Why won’t we be happy?” Cylix chuckled. “There was a time when Light and Darkness used to be friends. The world still had its problems even then, but we all fought together, and not against one another.”

“I don’t know what happened in recent times, but that bond has broken, and with it broke all hopes of coexistence. With the war of Light and Darkness, the world became a much worse place than it used to be. Now that you have both Light and Darkness, you are the bond between the two elements!”

Cylix placed his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder, compassionately looking at the young man. “I know things are going to be hard for you because of these two elements, but if there is a person who can heal this World… It is you. At this point, words can’t help the world. Only strength can change the world from its core!”

“With the kind of potential you have, you are the only person we can think of that can even stand before all the forces of the world,” he continued.

Novius chimed in as well. “If they say people holding the Element of Light are Angels, then you are that angel! If they say that people holding the Element of Darkness are Demons, then you are that Demon!”

“You are the exception that breaks all their logic. If you’re a Demon, you can’t be an angel. If you’re an angel, you can’t be a demon! You’re a loving paradox for them! You’re proof that there is no good or bad from birth. Being good or bad, it’s all about the person and not their element!”

“You are the living Gray Area in their black and white world!” Novius stated.

When he first saw Gabriel, he thought he had a challenger who didn’t have the potential to defeat them. However, after knowing him better, he realized that he was wrong! Gabriel wasn’t the person who didn’t have the potential to defeat them! Instead, he was someone who had the potential to defeat even Gods and Demons if they stood in his path!

Unfortunately, that was just the potential. He hadn’t reached the point where he could utilize his full potential yet. If he was killed before he could even reach that point, then it was all for naught… That’s why they needed to make sure that he couldn’t be killed that easily!

They needed to make sure that Gabriel was strong! At least strong enough to protect himself from danger or to fight back! If they wanted him to change the world, they needed to be his strength!

Gabriel was already very good at using his Origin Element of Necromancy… A bit too good. He also had a Holy Grimoire to help with the Necromancy, so they didn’t need to focus on that. Even if they wanted, they couldn’t teach him anything about Necromancy since they themselves didn’t know anything about it.

However, they could still teach him about things in which he was lacking! Since Gabriel was more focused on his main Element, he rarely used other Elements, which were also very versatile when it came to battles.

He didn’t have anyone to teach him about his Element of Darkness; the world didn’t have many Dark Mages or the same resources that they used to have.

As for people who could teach him the Element of Light in the outside world, they were never going to teach him anything since he had the Element of Darkness, and they considered him their enemy…


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