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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 129: If not Bahasa Indonesia

Gabriel couldn’t get close to the Headless Mage. And the distance between the two was so high that even if he attacked, he believed the Headless Mage could avoid it. The chances of success were low.

He didn’t feel like it was the right decision to waste more strength on a half chance as he needed to reserve some strength for the next few floors as well, including her main attacks, since they were going to be more difficult than this.

At this stage, he didn’t want to waste strength if he wasn’t sure that it was going to help him. The Spirit Explosion also wasn’t as useful in this situation since the Headless Horse wasn’t getting close to him.

He needed help, and who better to help him than the person that was able to hold all the Head Council Teachers at bay?

The only hesitation he had was that he only sent the Infernal Sorcerer back a few days ago, and calling him back so soon wasn’t something he wanted to do initially. However, that was the best option for now. Moreover, it was also a perfect opportunity to see just what the Infernal King was capable of.

He called out the Infernal King!

Now that a contract was already established with the Infernal King, he could call him back much easier without the need to call forth a contracting gate.

A blood-red formation circle appeared before him. The temperature in the surrounding area started getting warmer as soon as the Formation Circle appeared.


The Infernal King wanted to come back home as soon as he was summoned by Gabriel for the first time.

Unfortunately, instead of getting back home, he was sent to the Museum of Elements, where he was attacked. Just as he was fighting back, finally the summoning spell was canceled.

In the end, he finally returned to where he was taken from. He returned to the Realm of the Undead.

The ashes of the Damphirs were still there, but for some reason, his flaming horse wasn’t there anymore.

There was no sign of it everywhere.

The Infernal King frowned. He raised his right hand, clenching his fist. He closed his eyes and tried to sense his flaming partner.

No matter how far it could be, he was able to sense it. Fortunately, since it had only been a few hours, the flaming horse wasn’t too far.

The Infernal King was able to sense that it was nearby.

He advanced in the direction where he could sense the presence of his horse.

After walking for close to half an hour, he finally reached his destination. He could see a camp in the distance, which was heavily guarded by Damphirs.

He could also see a Royal Carriage. The sight of the carriage made him remember the words of the Damphirs that he had killed before. It seemed that the carriage belonged to the Damphir Princess, who was here on exploration.

He was sure that his horse was inside the camp, and it didn’t take him long to locate it either. However, as soon as he located his horse, his blood started boiling.

His horse was lying on the ground in the center of the camp. There were multiple wounds all around its body, and its legs were tied with a rope that didn’t burn.

The horse was really hurt, but fortunately, it was still alive, which the Infernal King could see as the horse still had a weak flame around its body.

As if sensing its master nearby, the flaming horse weakly opened its eyes. His flames intensified a bit as well.

The Infernal King had only left for a few hours, and his partner was attacked and captured by the Damphirs! This was unacceptable!

Dark flames of anger burned in the heart of the Infernal King, who was in a really bad mood today. Not only did he have to leave when he started fighting back in the museum, but after returning, he found this. The Damphirs was really crossing the line.

He stepped closer to the Camp without any hesitation. These people wanted to hunt them? He was going to give them a chance.

As the Internal King reached closer to the camp of the Damphirs, the Damphirs also noticed him.

The guards ran out of the camp to stop him, but for some reason, as soon as they stepped out of the camp, their bodies burned to ashes instantly as a dark sphere of fire hit them from the front.

The Damphirs was fast, but not faster than the attack of the Infernal King, who had never been angrier.

The screams of the Damphirs who were burned alerted the others as well. Even the Damphirs who were inside the tent stepped out, including the Princess.

The young Princess stepped out of her tent, only to see the gruesome sight of her people being killed like animals.

Her Warriors were like children before the Infernal King. Seeing his strength, even her beautiful face turned pale.

When she found out that her people had been killed before, she believed that it was the doing of this horse. Even though there were stories about the Infernal King traveling on a flaming horse, she didn’t believe it was the same horse since it was all alone at the sight where her people were killed.

That made her take some drastic steps. All the Damphirs attacked the Flaming Horse, ultimately managing to capture it. They had also sent a messenger with this information to their Kingdom.

It was only now that she realized for sure that this horse was the horse of the Infernal King. It seemed that they had captured something that they shouldn’t. Still, she couldn’t step back now. Even if they had captured the horse, they had reason to do it since their people were killed!

She couldn’t bow before the Infernal King when they weren’t in the wrong.

“Even though I wasn’t sure if this was his horse, I did consider the possibility. That’s why I kept this thing alive. But not to return it to you!” She muttered as if talking to herself since the Infernal King was so far, he couldn’t hear it.

“It doesn’t matter who you are; I won’t let you walk over us! If you really care for this horse enough to attack us for it, then I’ll make sure you fall to your knees before us!”

She pulled out a sword and walked to the Flaming Horse. She stopped right before the flaming horse who was lying on the ground, tied in special ropes. The horse couldn’t move even as the Princess placed the tip of her Sword right on its head. Just one thrust and she could kill the horse.

“Lone King! Stop where you are!” She roared in an authoritative voice. “If not, you’ll be losing what you’re here for!”


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