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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 130: Sins of the Daughter Bahasa Indonesia

The Infernal Sorcerer dropped in his tracks as soon as he saw what the Princess was threatening him with.

The Damphirs who were still alive surrounded the Infernal Sorcerer. One of them brought the same special rope which they used horse.

In the distance, the Princess was smugly smiling. She had managed to stop the Infernal King! If she could only take him hostage now, the reputation of her Empire was going to go through the roof. The Infernal King wasn’t an ordinary entity in the Realm of the Dead after all.

The Infernal King raised his hand but not to attack. He took off his good, revealing his charming yet emotionless face. The flames in his left eye flickered when more brighter. The flames had turned to pitch black from their usual blue.

“Now go down on your knees and let my men capture you! I promise you, we won’t harm you! We will only take you to our Empire!”

The Infernal King frowned. The Infernal King rarely spoke in his life, but when he did, he was very precise. It was one of those times.

His lips parted as he let out a few words that sent a chill down the spines of the Damphirs that were surrounding him.

“You don’t need to take me. I will go myself… To deliver your ashes.”


The Princess was stunned at the response, but before she could even react, she felt a terrifying pain on the hand which was holding the Sword. It was as if her hand was burning.

She looked down, noticing that her hand was actually on fire. The sword which used to be in her hand was also blazing hot. In fact, or looked like the fire was only spreading through her arms like a poison.

The Infernal King spread his arms as a cloud of dark flames spread out from him, burning everything that stood in its path.

Seeing the power of Dark Flames coming toward her, the Damphir Princess was horrified. This man was crazy! He was still attacking her even if his horse’s life was in danger?

Unfortunately, more than taking someone else’s life, she wanted to save her own. To avoid the flames, she started running away as fast as she could, leaving the Sword and the burning horse behind.

The dark flames burned all the Damphirs that were around the Infernal Sorcerer. Only their painful screams could be heard which made the Princess even more scared! The entire camp started burning. The only ones that weren’t affected by the flames were the Infernal King and his horse.

In fact, instead of hurting the horse, the flames rather made him stronger. All his wounds healed. Even the ropes that were said to never burn turned to ashes before the Infernal Flames.

The Flaming Horse was not only free, but he was also perfectly fine.

The Horse stood up and ran to the Infernal Sorcerer.

The Damphir Princess was running as fast as she could as her life was on the line, barely keeping some lead with the dark flames. Her face was pale, and she felt she was just inches away from death which she wanted to avoid at any cost. She was really regretting her decisions of coming here in the first place!

A dark cloud of flames was relentlessly following the Damphir Princess to burn her to ashes, but before the cloud of flames could reach her, something else came out of the dark clouds.

It was a blazing horse, surrounded in dark flames. A proud figure was sitting on the horse. The horse was not only faster than the Flames, but it was also way faster than the Damphirs who were known for their speed.

Within seconds, the horse moved past the Damphir Princess, making her expressions turn even darker. After creating fifty metres of distance between the Damphir Princess and itself, the horse slowed down and turned around.

The Infernal King stepped down the horse, glaring at the Damphirs Princess who was running toward him.

The Damphir Princess was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Behind her, there was a cloud of dark flames which could burn her to cinders, but before her, there was the Infernal King, who was burning in flames of anger. She knew that if the Damphir King got her, her death was going to be worse than anything she could imagine.

“You can’t do this to me! I am the Princess of the Damphir Kingdom! Stop right now and let me leave! I’ll forget everything that happened here! Don’t make this mistake. My father won’t leave you if I’m killed!”

The Infernal King snapped his fingers. Within seconds, the flames that were chasing after the Damphir Princess stopped.

The Damphir Princess looked behind. The terrifying fire was gone. She sighed in relief and slowed down.

‘It seems the threat worked.’

She stopped, placing her hands on her knees as she gasped for breath.

“Thank you for listening to me. I’ll also keep my side of the promise. I won’t mention this to my father. I’ll forget what happened here. You can also leave safely and not worry about anything. By stopping at the right time, you saved your life from my father’s wrath!”

The Infernal King stepped closer to the Damphir Princess. He stood mere inches away from her.

“I want to see his wrath…” He hoarsely stated, grabbing the throat of the Damphir Princess. “The Sins of the Daughter, shall be cleansed by her blood only.”

“Arghh!” The Damphir Princess felt her throat burn. The pain was tormenting for her as the fire slowly spread to her entire body.

When the Infernal King killed the guards that were blocking his path and refusing to move, even though he was angry, he gave them an easy death. They didn’t feel pain even as they died. However, this woman didn’t deserve the same mercy.

She dared torture his friend! She dared to leave wounds on his body and threaten him with his death! All these sins weren’t worth mercy from him. And if it meant that he had to destroy the entire Damphir Empire later on, he was ready!

If her father wanted to show him his wrath over this, then he was also ready to show his real strength to make this world tremble before him!

The Princess burned to ashes, suffering a painful death.

The Infernal King’s fists were empty as the Princess died, but still he picked up a tiny bit of her ashes. He promised her he was going to take her ashes to her father, and he was going to keep that promise. Instead of waiting for enemies, he wanted to go to them to teach them what they should never do!

Strangely enough, in the ashes, he also found something else. It was a small coin, which he didn’t understand much about. On one side of the coin, there was a moon carved, but it didn’t look like their moon. It was like the moon of the earth. On the other end of the coin, there was a face of a man which he didn’t recognise.

Still, without thinking too much about it, he kept the coin with him as well. He didn’t feel like throwing it away, especially since the coin had managed to survive his dark flames without melting, which meant there was certainly something quite special about it. As for what, he didn’t know.

After more than a day of journey, the Infernal King was only halfway to the Kingdom of Damphirs when he noticed a formation circle appear above him. The formation circle pulled him up and swallowed him whole.


The Infernal King was summoned by Gabriel. He appeared right before him, coming out of the Formation Circle.


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