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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 91: Foundation of Civilization Bahasa Indonesia

After Amelia came into office, with complete control of the entire Ministry, she can pass any laws that she wanted. And her first goal was to get rid of many of the old laws and regulations, however, she also knew that she could not rush such a thing. So, she approached the entire situation with care and decided to take things slow. After all, technically speaking, she held the position until she decided to retire, or someone gave valid reasons for her retirement.

Just like, it was already Christmas break of 1992. And Edward did not do much research during most of the semester as he was studying genetic to prepare for his next magical study.

The only thing he accomplished was studying the Basilisks and managing to create one of his own. Even the werewolf potions were created by Snape and Damocles Belby–who was the inventor of the Wolfsbane Potion.

On the first day after the break, Edward received a letter from someone. With elated breath, he used the Floo Powder to arrive at his destination. In front of a french fireplace, Edward saw a beautiful young woman smiling and waiting for her. At first, he was surprised and almost instinctively wanted to flirt with her, then he remembered who she was.

“I have to say, Ms. Perenelle, you are even more beautiful than I imagined,” said Edward with his usual charming voice.

“Thank you for the compliment. It’s unfortunate that not only am I taken, but also a few hundred years too old for you,” replied Mrs. Flamel.

“It’s a shame indeed.” Then Edward turned his head to see a handsome middle-aged french man also waiting for him. “Now I understand how you were able to marry such a beautiful wife; it seems that you were also a handsome lad in your youth, Mr. Flamel.”

“Call me, Nicolas.”

Edward could see that the Grand Alchemist was not used to his newfound youth. Most likely, if it was not that his wife was so young, he would have preferred to choose an older look similar to Dumbledore.

After engaging in small and casual talk for a few minutes, the group finally entered a laboratory. There, Nicolas showed Edward a great stone. Without hesitation, he started analyzing it.

“You did it so quickly. A Philosopher’s Stone made with emotions instead of souls,” said Edward, unable to contain the joy in his voice.

“Well, you already gave the general blueprint, so it was not that easy.”

“There is no need to be humble. This invention will forever change Wizarding Civilization, and you will be credited for it.”

Nicolas Flamel’s old eyes burned with a vivid flame, before returning to calm, then, he smiled.

“So, is there anything to report?”

“Well, as you theorized, this stone cannot create the Elixir of Immortality. However, it can still be used to prolong life, but nothing compared to the real stone.”

Edward nodded, then said: “Let’s called the one made of emotion the Lesser Stone.”

“Alright. Additionally, I always felt that the Lesser Stone was completely different from Greater Stone.”

“It’s understandable,” replied Edward. “Previously, I believed that the Greater Stone was just really condensed magic powers bing by souls. But I was not completely correct. The soul and the magic power are combined to form an unknown change. Most likely, we have not come even close to understand the abilities of that Stone.

“As for the Lesser Stone, emotions are only a small part of the soul, so it must lacking abilities. However, it does not matter as its powers are more than enough.”

Edward paused slightly as he observed the green stone. “With it, we can ignore Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration and make food out of nothing. As such, no wizard or muggle will ever suffer from hunger on this planet.

“Based on the Elixir of Immortality, we can cure most if not all maladies on this planet.

“We can create any metals–both magical and non-magical–through Transmutation.

“Using this stone as a medium, it is possible to integrate both magic and technology together, driving our civilization forward into both an interstellar and interdimensional era.

“On top of that, the stone is a clean and renewable resource. As long as magical powers still exist in the ley line nodes and humans have emotions, they can be manufactured in large quantities. The Greater Stone is considered a perfect material, so it can last forever on its own. As for the Lesser Stone, it should be able to last a few centuries.

“This small stone is the foundation of any powerful civilization.”

The Flamels marveled at Edward’s words. Although they knew that he had great ambitions and would accomplish them someday, they did not think that someday would be so soon. And, more importantly, that they would play such a great role in the process.

Nicolas sighed deeply as he was glad that he accepted Edward’s invitation. The only downside was that he wished his old friend, Albus, would see things his way and changed his mind.

After everybody calmed down, Edward asked: “Was there any side effect to the people who had their emotions absorbed during the process?”

“No,” replied Nicolas. “As long as not too much was absorbed, they were perfectly fine. Furthermore, we did not just use the emotions of one person, but many at the same time.”

Nodding his head, Edward continued asking; “What about the control group that used only dark emotions to make the stone?”

Perenelle then showed him a dark green stone before explaining: “So, far beside the change in color, and an increase in power when using dark magic when using the stone, there was not much difference.”

“Can you show me the data?”

“No, problem,” she answered before giving him a piece of paper with a comparison of the two stones. Edward nodded after reviewing them. Just like when he first tested the stone after creating the first one, the dark green one could augment any dark magic compare to the normal one.

Following this, Edward did a few basic tests with the stone to make sure that everything was alright, then he gave the Flamels their next assignment that they could help him with.

Nicolas took a document from Edward’s hand, opened it, and read the title: “Project Magician.”

Although surprised by the silly title, he kept ongoing. However, the more he read, the more shocked he became.

“Edward, are you serious?”

“What is it dear?” asked Perenelle–who took the document and quickly read through it. “You actually want to find a way for muggles to use magic?”

“It should be possible,” said Edward calmly.

“Theoretically, as long as we find a way for muggles to create an artificial magic core, then it’s true,” said Nicolas. “But, you should know that things would not be so simple.”

“I do not need for all muggles to be able to use magic. However, even if it’s only 10% of them, with a population of 7 billion, that’s still more than all the current wizard population on this planet.

“If I want to create a magical civilization, the population will be an issue. And If I have to wait for the natural way for more wizards to be born, it will take me too long, and I do not want to wait. So, this is the best approach.”

The Flamel couple looked at one another and nodded: “We will do our best.”

“You can contact me if you have any issues.” Then, Edward bid them goodbye as he returned home. He first sent little Susan a letter telling her that he will have to cancel on his promise, but he will make it up to her later, then he entered his laboratory for his experiment.

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