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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 92: Kogratil Bahasa Indonesia

After dealing with the Flamel’s couple issues, Edward started his research. He placed his crown on his head to increase his intelligence, then officially begin.

He first entered a room full of eggs of different sizes and shapes: these were dragon eggs. Today, his goal was to create a real dragon, just like he said to the Gryffindor Trio in Hagrid’s Hut.

To achieve this goal, Edward did not start directly with trying to purify the dragon’s bloodline, but instead, focused on the Body Aspect of the Life Code. One thing that Edward noticed recently was that he had overlooked the importance of that aspect on the Life Code.

Whether it was the Soul, Bloodline, or Body (DNA), they were all connected one way or another. So, Edward spent the past few months studying genetic, and he had a few accomplishments.

For once, he discovered a magic gene–which was the connection between the Bloodline and Body Aspect of the Life Code.

(AN: According to my research, JK Rowling admitted that there is a magic gene. Those born with the gene active were wizards and witches, and those without it are muggles and squibs.)

After this discovery, his understanding of the Life Code once again increased. So, he begins his experiment with this. Using a combination of alchemy items and the scientific method, he edited the gene of many dragons to induce biological atavism on these magical beasts, hoping to return to their ancestral form.

After doing this, he teleported these eggs into a special room designed with the exact environment needed for them to hatch. Tubes were inserted inside them. Then. the eggs disappeared for a split moment before returning. Immediately afterward, they started to hatch.

Some of them did not break their shell, some of them died immediately afterward, while the surviving ones started to grow at an abnormal rate. In just a few seconds, the surviving dragons grew to adult size.

The reason for that was because Edward did not want to waste time on this experiment, so he used the power of the Gate. By sending these eggs to five years in the past and bringing them back to the present, they rapidly age by that amount. He then used the tubes attached to their bodies to provide them with the necessary nutrients for their growth.

After checking the surviving dragons, Edward quickly how they were different from normal dragons in this universe. For once, they had four legs and wings–unlike the normal dragons in this universe that only has two legs, and their wings are their fourth limbs.

Following this, Edward did a quick check on this new breed of dragons and summarized the difference between them. For once, they are way more intelligent than ordinary dragons. If ordinary dragons had the intelligence of 5-8 years old, these were 8-12.

Additionally, their scales were more magic-resistant, they were 54-83% larger, and the amount of magic power in their bodies far exceed the usual standard. Their bloodline mutated and became even more powerful as a result of this experiment.

Unfortunately, this was not the result that Edward was looking for. Nevertheless, this was just the first step in his experiment.

After that, he repeated the first step once again, thus creating more of this new breed of dragons. With the result of the first trial, the success rate became higher and the process faster and easier. And with each success, his understanding

Afterward, Edward had those new dragons breed with one another. With the power of the World Gate, the female dragons’ pregnancy was instant, and the growth of these baby dragons was also instant. Of course, there were a few casualties during the process. After all, the power of time is not easily messed with.

After that, he had these new dragons inbred to keep their bloodline pure. With the power of time, he only spent a day to bread these creatures for countless generations, until a dragon with the purest bloodline was born. Unfortunately for him, due to the generation of inbreeding, he was a little crazy and infertile after being born.

Edward had experience dealing with craziness due to bloodline because of Bellatrix, so he could fix that problem, but he could not do anything about infertility. But, he did not care about that as his plan was going alright.

Edward walked into a room with a basin full of blood. Many ancient runes were engraved all over the basin, and a Philosopher’s Stone was in the middle, connecting all these enchantments.

This pool of blood was the bloodline of all the new dragons for countless generations. After they gave birth to the next generation, Edward would draw their bloodline from their bodies and stored it here.

As for the enchantments, it was to purify the blood; these enchantments were based on the principle of purifying metals in alchemy but designed for bloodlines.

The essence of them was basically, the Philosopher’s Stone will use its massive and pure energy to destroy anything that is deemed ‘weak’ or ‘unnecessary in this blood, leaving only the best genetic material.

After activating them, the blood in the pool lit up, then slowly started to reduce inside. Three days later, a glowing red sphere was floating on top of the Philosopher’s Stone; it looked both like a solid and a liquid.

After spending analyzing the red liquid and recording the information about it, Edward fed it to the only remaining dragon with the purest of bloodlines. Immediately afterward, a cocoon enveloped its body, turning it into a giant egg.

Edward spent the next few hours with elation as he slowly felt the life growing inside the giant egg. But something occurred the following day. A weird mental wave emitted from the egg. After using his mind to feel it, he received a message: “I need energy.”

“Already have the mental capacity to communicate,” muttered Edward with a satisfied smile. So, he placed the giant egg in the middle of a ley line node and watched as it absorbed the magical power inside to grow.

A few days later, the egg was larger and taller than the Basilisk by a few times. Cracks started to appear from it, and soon, beautiful and majestic creatures with two horns and wide wingspan appeared.

The creature roared in the sky as it said: “My name Kogratil, the Thunder Dragon King, and the last of my kind.” Oddly though, he was speaking in a strange language, but anyone who heard him would instantly understand his meaning.

After saying this, a special signal emanated from his body. This signal was not even detected by any of Edward’s instruments, let alone him. It bypassed all the enchantments in his laboratory on the moon and spread throughout the entire universe.

No one on Earth noticed that signal–except for Death.

In the Dimension of the Afterlife, Death looked at the moon as he muttered: “A real dragon? What exactly is that wizard doing in there?”

Meanwhile, after Kogratil declared his existence, he looked down at Edward and said: “Human, thank you for all your help in bringing the dragon race back to this world. Before l left, I can grant you any wishes that are within my ability.”

With a calm look on his face, Edward said: “Enough with your nonsense, kneel.” Immediately, a powerful force deep in Kogratil’s soul and bloodline acted and forced him to bow his head, and lay on the ground.

“If you can become smaller, do so,” ordered Edward. Then, the dragon king did so, reducing his size to that of a normal Hungarian Horntail.

“That’s better,” said Edward in satisfaction.

“Human, what have you done to me?” roared Kogratil.

“I have spent so much energy creating you, do you think it was for nothing? During the entire process, I have placed so many restrictions in your soul and bloodline for countless generations. So, you belong to me.”

I know this is a little late, but did anyone watched this week’s episode of Marvel’s What If…? Ultron was a badass and crazy villain. This kind of battle reached the level of craziness in the comics.

Title: Bloodline Inheritance


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