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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 89: A wizard? Bahasa Indonesia

A week later, in a secret location, all the members of the Order of Phoenix assembled and were having a meeting. Dumbledore first introduced the situation of the werewolves and Edward’s actions.

“I think there is nothing wrong with his actions. Over the past few days, the werewolf potion has been distributed by the Ministry of Magic, and they have started a campaign for wizards to be more acceptable to werewolves and vampires,” said Professor Flitwick.

“It does not change the fact that he has an army of powerful dark wizards that are willing to do anything for him,” replied Alastor Moody.

“The way I see it, now these werewolves are under control and no longer deal with the dark side of the law.”

“I know that he is your favorite student, Flitwick, but it does not change the fact that he is dangerous. Look out how these pure-blood families are acting recently. They have been supporting all the Bones family decisions. Do you think these people did this because of the goodness of their hearts? Most likely, they are under his control as well.” replied Moody.

“Would you prefer that they wait until Voldemort resurrects himself and they serve him instead?” asked Flitwick back. “Can any of you deny that Edward’s action has not improved the magical world in just a short few months?”

No one answered as he was right. In just a short time, the British Magic World has greatly changed, and many members of the Order have benefitted from these changes.

An example is the Weasleys. With the new law that encourages families to give birth to more children, they received a large pension from the Ministry of Magic because they have so many children, thus dramatically improving their financial situation.

The most recent example is Remus Lupin. As a werewolf who was excluded by society, the recent potion and laws have benefited him greatly; they provided him with a chance at a better life, a normal life.

Additionally, the ministry has recently created many new jobs for wizards and improved the security of the country. In general, a new prosperous magical world is slowly developing in Britain.

After the silence lasted for a moment, Dumbledore finally spoke: “I understand that many of you may have conflicted feelings towards Edward’s action, and this is perfectly reasonable considering all the good that he accomplished.

“However, this does not change the fact that he is headed in a direction where he will acquire absolute power. And with this kind of power, it is very easy for a person to lose themselves. So, the objective of our Order is to ensure that if that day truly comes, we will be ready to intervene and prevent the magical world from suffering another devastating war.

The members of the Order nodded in agreement with Dumbledore, except for Flitwick. He agreed that absolute power corrupts, but he did not think that this would happen to Edward.

As the person in this room who knew him best, he knew that the only reason that Edward wanted to unify the magical world was that he believed that doing so will make it easier to pool all magical knowledge of the world together, then have as many people as possible study magic to push it forward.

What the members of the Order should be worried about was that Edward would become mad in his pursuit of knowledge someday, and conduct some taboo experiment; this was one of his greatest flaws.

Flitwick also knew that his favorite student was aware of that flaw and planned for it; he plans to surround himself with good-natured people that can keep him in check when needed, so that one day, he does not go too far.

Soon after, the Order of Phoenix meeting ended, waiting for the right time to activate. As for Flitwick, he did not tell Edward about this meeting as the latter promised him that he did not have to betray his past comrade. Furthermore, Flitwick knew that his favorite student probably had other ways of knowing what happened here. And with his current power, he might not even care about the Order of Phoenix.

–Scene Break–

Edward walked toward the Room Requirement with a sullen mood, and it was not because of the recent Order of the Phoenix meeting. It was very easy to spy on these people as his Marauder Map kept track of all these people, so when he noticed that they were all headed for one position, he guessed their intention. But he did not care.

After entering the Room of Requirement, Helena was waiting for him. So, he looked at her, then sighed: “Are you ready?”


Edward then handed her the Resurrection Stone. Using the spell she was taught, she activated it. A white light came from the stone, and a few seconds later, an illusory image appeared in the room.

The illusory figure was a beautiful woman with long black hair, dressed in 10th-century clothes similar to Helena. She looked confused for a brief moment, then she said: “Helena? How come I’m in the world of the living?” After seeing the black stone, she seemed to have thought of something and said: “The Power of Law?”

Then Rowena Ravenclaw ignored the stone and looked at her daughter, while Edward headed to the next room to give them some privacy.

Three hours later, the two finished their talk and appeared in the room Edward was waiting for them. He could see a brilliant golden light around both of their bodies, and he could guess the reason for it. So, he secretly sighed. He knew this would happen, so he was somewhat prepared.

“You must be Edward, I have heard many good things about you. I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for giving our mother and daughter the chance to reunite once again.”

Edward smiled reluctantly before replying: “Since I promised her to find a way to resolve her resentment, then I will keep my words.”

Mrs. Ravenclaw nodded: “I understand you are a wizard pursuing knowledge as I did, and as much as I would like to have an exchange with you, many of my memories–especially about magic–are gone. So, I can only give you my sincere thanks. However, I have a feeling that we will meet each other again, one way or the other.”

Edward frowned as he started worrying after hearing this.

“Are you worried about Death doing something to us in the afterlife?” asked Ravenclaw. “Well, you do not need to. The restrictions placed on him are far more severe than you can imagine. This is the price that mortals have to pay from pursuing powers beyond their understanding.”

“Mortal?” asked Edward with great surprise. “Are you saying that Death used to be a wizard?”

“That’s correct. Albeit a very gifted one, but one nonetheless. Unfortunately, that is all I can remember. However, with this information, you should be able to discover more.”

Edward nodded his head, then thanked Ravenclaw for the information. Then, he watched as the two of them turned into golden lights, and traveled to the afterlife.

Edward sighed as today, he lost a true confidant. So, he decided to break one of his rules and went drinking until he was wasted.

Title: Resignation


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