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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 88: One More Problem Solved Bahasa Indonesia

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Inside Edward’s classroom, Dumbledore, Minerva, Snape, and Flitwick were waiting with a little anxiety on their faces. In front of them was Harry Potter–who was looking at everyone with a look of confusion on his face, wondering why these professors called him here.

“Would there be any problems?” asked Dumbledore.

“Besides a little pain, there should not be,” replied Edward calmly.

“Should?” asked Professor McGonagall.

“Well, we are dealing with the soul after all, so I cannot say 100% guarantee,” added Edward. He then took out his wand and pointed at Harry’s scar. But he paused for a moment: “Okay, I lied. This will hurt a lot.”

A white light flew from his wand and hit Harry’s scar. Soon afterward, Edward found himself in a white room with no one in sight. He knew that he was in the Soul Space, a special dimension existing in the human body that holds the soul; he currently was in Harry Potter’s Soul Space.

And the reason that the entire place was entirely white was a form of self-protection. As one of the most important parts of the human body, of course, it has to be protected. Unfortunately, most people do not know nearly enough about the soul to enact their defense, so a subconscious one is usually developed on their own.

Waving his wand, the scenery then suddenly changed. Edward found himself in a house with many rooms. In one of the main one, Harry Potter was sitting there talking to two other people: his mother and father.

Edward knew that those were just projections. The real Soul Space is usually in the appearance of something that makes their owner very happy–even if it is a fantasy.

Without disturbing Harry and his family, Edward used a tracking spell to find any intruder or things that should not be here. Soon, in one of the very hidden rooms, he saw a small-looking baby Voldemort lying in a fetal position. With a wave of his wand, he started to remove it from its position, and of course, it resisted.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Edward was just standing motionless with his eyes closed, and still in the position of his wand extending. As for Harry Potter, he fell to the ground after the first spell was cast.

Luckily, he was caught by Dumbledore. At first, everything seemed peaceful and quiet, but Potter started screaming while holding his head like a pig that was about to be slaughtered, and this lasted for five minutes. The other Professors had to cast a Noise-Canceling Charm on the room in order not to alert the other students.

After five minutes, Edward opened his eyes, then a small light flew from Harry’s body. Without pause, he took out a diamond and placed it inside. Meanwhile, Snape quickly checked his the poor boy’s condition: “He’s fine, just passed out because of the excessive pain.” Then, he fed him a potion.

Dumbledore then asked: “What about the other Horcruxes?”

“In safe hands,” replied Edward calmly. The headmaster paused for a moment, then he did not ask any more questions.

As for Edward, he suddenly thought of something and he said: “While I still remember, let’s deal with our other problems.”

He walked towards one other classroom, while the others followed out of curiosity. Soon, they arrived in front of the DADA classroom.

Edward took out the previous diamond with Voldemort’s soul and cast a spell. A green light came from the diamond and touch the floor. Suddenly, all the professors felt like Hogwarts castle came alive, and Edward was connected to it.

Of course, the person most surprised was Dumbledore. As the headmaster of the school, he has some special permission granted to him by the castle itself, hence the reason he can still apparate while inside.

After the connection was established, Edward cast another spell. Following this, a mass of dark clouds suddenly came from the DADA classroom, and Edward took out a teapot and placed the cloud inside, before sealing it away.

During the entire process, all the professors watched quietly with a little awe in their eyes. As intelligent as they are, some of them have heard of the curse that Voldemort once place on the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts. And now, Edward seemed to have removed it?

As for how he did, they have no clues.

The process is very simple once you know the source of the curse. Since Hogwarts castle once belonged to Salazar Slytherin, he placed a charm on it that granted his descended certain control or permission in the castle.

As the true heir of Slytherin, Voldemort sacrificed his control in exchange for placing a powerful curse on the position of DADA. So, Edward used his soul to reinstate the control over the castle and removing the curse.

–Scene Break–

A large crowd was gathering in a dark alley. There were hundreds of them, and oddly enough, all of them were werewolves. Someone went to great lengths to invite the majority of werewolves that were on the dark side of the law in many magical communities across the world.

Soon, someone apparated in the center of the dark alley where a small speaking stadium was located; it was Edward. And the majority if not all of these werewolves identified his identity.

As soon as he appeared, he became the center of attention. Then, his voice ringed to all the people attending:

“All of you here are outcasts of the magical world. For many of you, the reason for that is due to your choices and actions, while for some, it is simply a result of circumstances.

“But tonight, I will give all of you a chance to change your fate.”

He waved his hand, and two potions floated in the air: one blue and one red.

“The blue potion will allow you to freely control your transformation, and make it so that your bit does not infect anyone. With it, you will no longer be fear and cast out by the magical world, you can live an ordinary life. It only requires one dose and you will be set for the rest of your lives. Finally, the way to get this potion is to sign your name at the Ministry of Magic and one will be granted to you free of charge.

“The red potion is entirely different. After taking it, you will not only have the abilities of the blue one but also evolve. You will have the ability to turn into a half-wolf, half-human form. In that form, you will be 3 times stronger, faster, and more durable than the average wizard. Your claws will be able to slash metals, you will have an unnatural healing factor. More importantly, you can still use a wand and magic.”

Many of these werewolves’ breathing became rapid as they were rapidly consumed by greed; they wanted to rush to that podium and drink that red potion. Ignoring their reactions, Edward continued:

“Of course, as you can expect with something so extraordinary, the price is affordable to anyone. If you choose this red potion, you will have to give me your souls and wills; I will be your master for all eternity, and my words will be the absolute law from now.

“Now, make your choice.”

The dark alley became quiet after this as these werewolves contemplated a choice that can forever change their lives. Finally, one person raised her hand, but did not make a choice, but ask a question.

“Mr. Bones, will the blue potion be available to other countries?”

“Yes. However, I cannot guarantee whether it will still be free there. Nevertheless, your nationality does not matter. As long as you register with the British Ministry of Magic, you can still receive a free one.”

At this point, Amelia has already completely controlled the Ministry of Magic and Fudge is just a figurehead. And Edward’s goal is to increase the population, so “stealing” from other countries through this little trick is a way to go.

Following this, the alley once again became quiet with people pondering their choices. However, something unexpected occurred. Someone rushed to the podium towards Edward.

With a glance, the latter identified the attacker as Fenrir Greyback. Edward could see greed in his eyes. Unfortunately for the werewolf, when he reached a few centimeters from Edward’s body, the ground in the podium turned into countless chains that bound him. No matter how he struggled, he could not get rid of the chains.

As for Edward, he opened his eyes and made a slurping motion. Immediately afterward, Fenrir started to become thin as a mummy as powerful energy came from his body and entered Edward’s. After a few seconds, he turned into a dried mummy, and a white light flew out of his body. As Fenrir fell to the floor, he was oddly petrified.

This dark magic was one Edward just invented by combining the Dementor’s Kiss with the Basilisk’s ability to absorb vitality.

Nodding in satisfaction at his new curse, Edward raised his head and asked: “So, have any of you made your choice?”

The majority of these werewolves chose the red potion. After all, they were used to living on the dark side of the law, and they knew the importance of power. So, Edward had them sign a magical contract before given them the potion.

As for the rest, they chose the blue potion. At first, many people thought that Edward would not be happy with their decision and go back on his words, or prevent them from leaving the area. But they were wrong.

After they made their choice, a voucher was given to them to go to the Ministry of Magic and receive their potion.

Meanwhile, after this event, Edward went to another meeting, this time with vampires. He offered them to pass laws that allow the wizarding world to sell blood acquire from muggles through blood donation. As for the second option, it was magical blood that was personally cultivated by himself; this blood contained magical powers in it, thus could increase their abilities once ingested.

–Scene Break–

Late at night, Dumbledore was reading a letter that was just sent by him. Afterward, he sighed as he muttered: “So, now, you are not even hiding your intentions.”

Then, he sent letters contacting all the members of the Order of Phoenix.

Title: A Wizard?


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