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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 57: Second Philosopher’s Stone In the World. Bahasa Indonesia

Edward entered a room filled with beakers with different color solutions in them; the room looked like a chemist’s room. Then, he started mixing a bunch of different solutions.

The difference between his room and a chemist was the fact that his beakers and test tubes had different Ancient Runes inscribed on them. Every time that Edward mixed a solution, these runes would light up. Furthermore, once in a while, he would mutter an incantation before and after mixing the solutions.

After everything was done, the result of Edward’s solution turned into a crystal clear stone similar in size to Nicolas Flamel’s Philosopher Stone; this stone was the container of the magical powers.

After this was done, Edward proceeded to process the souls needed for the stone. His first plan was to purify these souls, unfortunately, he does not have any knowledge regarding this subject, and the ones he does have proven to be useless.

Edward once tried to purify a soul by using the magic he learned from some Buddhism monks in India, Taoist monks in China, and some voodoo priests he met from some places in Africa and the Caribbean. And even the ones he learned from native Americans located in the United States.

Unfortunately, this “purifying magic” was not created to remove all the negative factors of a soul, but to allow grieving spirits to move on to the afterlife. These magics were even proven to be ineffective against wizard ghosts.

Even trying to modify the Life Code of these souls has proven to be useless, thus showing to Edward that his understanding of this magic is not as deep as he imagines; he still has plenty of room to grow and learn.

So, Edward focused on another solution: using a similar method as his Mechanized Mind Spell. He stripped the souls of their intelligence, will, mind, spirit, and all their memories and emotions; essentially turning them into a blank slate.

The result of that was these souls were indeed more “pure”, but it also dramatically decreased their strength or power. Hence, the number of souls needed to create the Philosopher’s Stone was also dramatically raised.

“What a waste,” muttered Edward after seeing the amount of soul left after his little operations.

“Fortunately, this experience has greatly improved my understanding of the soul.”

After repeating this soul operation more than 100,000 times, Edward then focused on the next part of the process.

He went to another room where a lake was located; the lake was blue with specks of grey light flying around it every few seconds.

He first places the previously created crystal in the lake, then controls the lake water to enter the crystal; this lake water was in fact magic power liquified.

Edward had made countless before creating this lake; unfortunately, the water disperse into the environment once leaving a few meters from the lake. And no matter how he tried to store it, it was virtually impossible–until today.

After the crystal absorbed the vast magic power, Edward waved his hand and countless souls were floated inside the room. However, unlike previously when they were in the shape of a human, this time they looked like floating clouds.

With his wand, he controlled these souls to enter the crystal or stone. Afterward, countless Ancient Runes that were carved in the crystal were lit up one after the other, then a magical transformation took place; the souls perfectly bound the magic powers inside the crystal, turning it into something solid.

Edward did not have to use Ancient Runes as he could simply enchant the crystal. However, according to his research, using runes instead of normal enchantment improved the quality of any Alchemy items between 40 to 60%.

This is the reason that even when teaching his students, he taught them to use runes in their enchantments–even though most Alchemists do not.

After three days, the magical transformation of the stone ended. The result was that Edward’s Philosopher’s Stone was blue instead of red like Nicolas Flamel’s.

After that, he tested the stone by turning any metal into pure gold. With it, Edward was able to witness the highest level of Transfiguration Magic: Permanent change of any object.

In muggle scientist terms, this was essentially the ability of matter manipulation on a subatomic level.

Then, he proceeded to test out the Elixir of Immortality. After drinking it, Edward found that his soul’s power was increased by a mysterious force, then his body was washed over by a powerful magical power.

After testing himself, he realized that his cells had broken through the Hayflick Limit on how many times they can divide; it was then that Edward realized that this stone was not only a magical wonder but also a scientific one as well.

After these simple trials, Edward walked into another room. He stood in front of it for a few seconds muttering to himself: “I need a room with the highest level of defense that all my knowledge can create.”

After that, he entered the room holding the Blue Philosopher’s stone in his hand.

Inside the room, there was a complete replica of Hogwart Castle. Without hesitation, Edward pointed his wand and said:” Bombarda!”

A white light flew from his wand and hit the tallest tower of the castle, then Boom, the entire tower was destroyed. The debris left from the explosion fell on the other parts causing even more destruction.

If this was the real castle, this level of destruction would truly be catastrophic. So, Edward nodded in satisfaction with his power. This version of Hogwarts was a perfect replica–as it even has the same protective enchantments.

“Siri, provide me with another castle,” said Edward out loud. Following this, the destroyed castle was soon replaced by a new one after a few minutes.

After seeing this, Edward nodded in satisfaction to his Room of Requirement. For it to be so powerful, Edward improved many of the enchantments and dedicated a ley line node specifically for this room to draw magical power.

Edward then removed his smile, and with a serious look on his face, he held the stone in his hand. After concentrating, he started to channel the magical power inside his body.

He felt very powerful energy enter his body and grunted; if it was not due to his recent body modification, he reckons that his body would have exploded with so much energy running through his veins.

With a little effort, he pointed his wand towards the castle and said: “Bombarda!” again.

A massive light came out of his wand and headed to the castle.


A large and powerful explosion occurred after the light reached its target. A cloud of dust more than 20 meters could be seen, followed by a terrible shockwave that spread in the surrounding area.

A shield suddenly appeared in front of Edward as he experienced the power of that spell. He did not move his eyes as his clothes fluttered in the wind. Soon after, he saw the result of this attack.

The entire Hogwarts castle was destroyed with few remaining debris left. The protective enchantments were also annihilated.

As for Edward, he finally realized the power of the stone he created. Unlike Nicolas Flamel’s stone which is full of grievances from the souls inside, his is pretty pure–meaning that it is easy to control the magic power inside and use it.

And Edward knew that this was not the full power of the stone as more power could be drawn from it; the only reason he did not do so was that his body could not bear it.

However, alchemy items had a higher threshold than humans, so he could easily create powerful magical weapons at the level of nuclear bombs and more.

Additionally, the previous test was using a simple Exploding Charm. If he used Elementals Spells that have a wide range of attacks, or the Fiendfyre Spell that can burn anything, this would truly be terrifying.

After sighing for a few seconds, Edward left to proceed to his next plan.

Pickup Line: I don’t need to look into the Mirror of Erised to know that you’re everything I desire. (this one is corny instead of dirty)

Title: “1926?”


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