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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 58: 1926? Bahasa Indonesia

After finishing testing his stone, Edward headed to the room where he housed his Gate of World.

After entering, he placed his hand on the gate and used his magic power to activate it, then the door opened from the middle, revealing a greyish-black veil in the shape of a door. Edward stepped inside.

There, he found himself in a white corridor with two doors with labels on top of them: one said Leisure Room, while the other said Core.

The Leisure Room was essentially a vast space that held a large mansion that could probably house more than a hundred people. Without hesitation, Edward walked to the door labeled “Core” and placed his hand on it.

Then another female robotic voice said: “Scanning begins.”

This voice was different from Siri’s.

“Fingerprints match, eye scan match, physical appearance, 60% match, magical powers: unknown, Bloodline: Unknown, Soul fluctuation: Unknown. Detecting Intruder. Activating Counter-Attack.”

Following which, countless spells seemed to be activating around Edward–whose mouth was twitching nonstop.

He forgot that his paranoid side took over him when designing the security measures for the Gate and made so many precautions. Now, due to the fact that he had just gone through a bloodline modification, his body had changed tremendously, hence the reason that the Ai of the Gate did not recognize him.

So, he hurriedly said: “Activate Code: GFU2949IFHUHRG NUR 37480T3 FY73Y493 B7Y537Y359 8 753Y834U 8459635Y7 HUHVUR.”

“Processing. Code identified. Granting the highest level of Authority: the Creator/Owner. Welcome Mr. Bones, any commands?”

“Re-scan all my body parameters and use them as the New Security Protocol.”

“As you command.”

Then Edward spent the next hours rescanning and registering all his parameters: face. Height, bloodline, magical powers, and soul. Only then did he enter the Core Room of the Gate.

Inside the room was another white room about 29 square meters; this room full of writings all over the floor and the walls. Some of these writings were Ancient Runes, while some were enchantments.

After his entrance, Edward started to modify the enchantments in the room while adding a few others. Then, in the very center of the room, he placed the blue Philosopher’s Room.

Blue energy line suddenly appeared from the stone traveling throughout the entire room.

“Sir, massive energy output is detected,” suddenly said Morgana–which was the name of this particular AI.

“I know. Detect to see whether any of the enchantments are malfunctioning,” commanded Edward.

“Scanning. Problem detected with Enchantments #6, 67, 167, 534….”

Edward proceeded to fix the problematic enchantments so they can use the magical power of the stone to function.

The next step in his action was to test the entire Gate, but there was still something else he needed to do. After spending a few days making a special ring, Edward then activated the Gate.

–Scene Break-

Edward was standing in the core room with a holographic image in front of him. Through it, he saw that the Gate was time rapidly going backwards. His laboratory on the moon started to be destroyed or return to its original state.

After traveling to more than a year, Edward found that his Gate was buried deep underground in the moon

After an unknown amount of time, the Gate of Wonder stopped, and Edward had a frown on his face.

‘The Gate can travel through time, but not space-time. It seems that my understanding of these two forces is not enough. If I want to perfect this gate, I still have a long way to go,’ thought Edward to himself.

“Morgana, did you record all the phenomena that occurred during our time travel trip?”

“Yes, Sir. All energy fluctuation, life form or matter around us was recorded for you to analyze later on.”

Edward nodded before taking out the alchemy item that allows him to use the power of the Gate remotely. He placed an Invisible Charm on himself, then he teleported back to Britain on Earth.

After arriving in Diagon Alley, Edward uses Legilimency on a passing wizard to read their memories.

“1926?” he muttered. “This should be the time that the Fantastic Beast Movie took place.”

Edward’s first reaction was whether his presence could alter time too much, thus causing the disappearance of some future people; he knew that there was a high chance of this happening as there are precedents of people who tried to use the Time-Turner to mess with time.

However, he soon gave up thinking about this as he did not care. As long as his family is not involved, it does not matter to him, And if his family did become involved, then he will use the Gate to go back in time to try to fix it.

Of course Edward did not know that his reckless thinking was a result of his recent increase in magical prowess.

.. .

Soon after landing, Edward did a little investigation while recollecting his memories about all the information he had about the movie. He learned that Newt Scamander had left for America a while ago, so he instantly apparated to a corner he once visited in New York.

Unfortunately for him he forgot that he was in New York 1926 instead of New York 1992. Luckily for him, he did not remove the Invisible Charm, So when he apparated in the middle of a crowd full of muggles, no one actually saw him.

After stealing the wallet of a very wealthy muggle individual, Edward stayed at a luxurious hotel for the night. Before going to bed, he spent a great deal of time planning what he is going to do in this timeline and the benefit he can reap from the plot.

The next day, after getting ready, he took out his own World Wide Marauder’s Map. After recalibrating it, he discovered Newt Scamander’s whereabouts.

Since the original version already had his name on it, Edward did not need his hair or precious item of his to track. Edward made sure to keep watch of all the people close to Dumbledore–including Newt Scamander, even if he was a retired old man.

Then, without much hesitation, he showed up to Tina and Queenie Goldstein–who were having dinner with Newt and Jacob Kowalski.

After opening the door, Tina frowned as she looked at the handsome young man with blue eyes in front her. She asked with vigilance: “Who are you?”

There might be spoilers for the Fantastic Beasts Movies if you have not watch them and plan on doing so.

Pickup Line: It’s a portkey — once you touch it, it will take you somewhere you’ve never seen before.

Title: Obscurus


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