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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 5: The Interview (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The room became silent after Edwards’ grand speech. Whether it was Dumbledore or the painting of the headmaster, they all started to imagine how beautiful such a prosperous world would be.

Wizards would truly become powerful beings that control the world, or multiple worlds. They would have long lives to pursue their dreams and goals, and they may even eventually conquer death.

“Haha, Edward, only a noble pureblood like yourself could create such a beautiful world,” suddenly said Headmaster Phineas Black. However, Headmistress Dilys Derwent gave him a cold look, but he ignored it.

“Noble family, huh?” replied Edward. “In the world I envisioned, the concept of a noble family would have existed, but not because of bloodlines. No, it was simply based on abilities and achievement. If a wizard is powerful enough and contributed enough to the Wizarding World, of course, he would be granted wealth and noble status.

“However, if his descendants are mediocre, then they would only be privy to the wealth and heritage of their families. No power or status would be granted after more than three generations–if the descendants do not meet a certain requirement.”

Although Phineas was a little sad about this information, he could still accept the fact that noble families would still exist in this utopian world. As for the other portraits, they looked at him with gleeful smirks.

As for Dumbledore, he had a slightly surprised look in his eyes after imagining the world that Edward envisioned, then he soon calmed himself down and looked at it from a critical point of view.

“The making of such a civilization will never be peaceful and would be followed by blood and war. Not to mention how easy it is for wizards to lose themselves with so much power.

“And in a more realistic tone, what about the muggles? How do they fit in your grand plan?”

“You are right, professor. The Wizard Civilization would have to commit countless atrocities to reach the level I envisioned, but tell me, what great civilization has not done such a thing to achieve their grandeur and glory. This is just an inevitable thing,” replied Edward with a calm look on his face.

“As for the muggle? Actually, they are one of the reasons that I gave up all my ambitions.”

“What, you gave up?” asked Phineas. A few minutes ago, he was thinking maybe one of the future heirs of his black family might one day find a method to revive him from this painting.

Although he would have to ask Edward to take care of his last bloodline and ensure that he has descendants. But he still had some hope. And it was not just Phineas that was surprised, many of the other portraits were too.

However, Dumbledore was not. He took notice of the fact that Edward used the past tense when mentioning his ambitions, implying that there were no longer his goals.

However, Edward just ignored the portraits as he continued to enjoy his tea.

“You know, I once started thinking about the future of wizards, do you mind hearing my opinion?”

“If you do not mind,” replied Dumbledore with an intrigued look on his face.

“I believe that a war with the muggle is an inevitable thing, and it will not be started by wizards, not if things remain the way they are. As muggles’ science and technology continue to evolve, they will eventually discover wizards, then war will take place. Unfortunately, I do not believe for a second that wizards have a chance of winning such a war.”

“Nonsense,” roared Phineas Black, full of fury on his face. And it was not just him, many other portraits had similar thoughts as him.

Edward looked at the painting with a calm look, “Do you know that muggles landed on the moon more than 20 years ago?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Phineas with a frown on his already serious face.

“I’m saying this to tell you how advanced muggle’ science and technology and the rapid pace at which they are developing. Now, let’s look at us wizards, what was our greatest achievement in the past few decades? What major achievements that can change the world in the past few years?

“The only thing that I can think of is the Philosopher’s Stone, however, that was created more than 600 hundred years ago. Not to mention that the stone did not contribute to the wizarding world in the slightest.

“Muggles have already begun to explore the stars, while we still have laws from the Middle Age. For Merlin’s sake, we have space magic, but we have not even reached the moon yet. Even worse, no one even had the idea of actually exploring the moon.

“Well, I’m sure that some idiot wizard once had the idea of reaching the moon, then took his broom to try to reach there and die in the vacuum of space. However, that does not count.”

“All a wizard needs to do to win a war against the muggle is to use the Imperius Curse to control all the higher echelons of the muggles and use their powerful weapons against them,” argued Phineas.

“That’s not going to work as much as you think. It is common knowledge that any person with strong will can wake up from the Imperius Curse. Do you think that with the more than 7 billion muggles, there will not be people with Will strong enough not to be affected by the Imperius Curse?”

“So according to you, the wizard will come to an end after we lose the war to muggles?” suddenly asked one of the portraits.

“No,” replied Edward while shaking his head. “On the contrary, it’s the opposite. After losing the war, wizards will start to flourish afterward.”


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