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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 6: The Interview (5) Bahasa Indonesia

“How is that possible? If the muggles won the war, they would kill all of us wizards!” exclaimed one of the portraits.

“No, you are wrong. After winning the war, the muggles will become curious about us, they would lust and envy our powers. Although this war would have proven that science and technology are no worse or even better than magic, their desires to become special or unique will get the best of them.

“As such, they will study wizards thoroughly. For a long period of time, I imagine that wizards will become nothing but experimental subjects, little lab rats in a laboratory. The muggles will try to find the source of the power of our magical powers.

“I believe that they will succeed. It may take him some time, but they will eventually succeed. After that, they will want to grant such power to muggles. And I also believe that they will succeed in that endeavor.

“Then, a brand new group of wizards will rise from muggle society. Let’s call them Neo Muggle Wizards. These individuals will start to combine magic with technology, thus creating a brand new magical civilization. And with the large population of muggles, even if only 1% of them can actually turn into Neo Muggle Wizard, the number of wizards then will still be exponentially more than the current time.

“After that, the Neo Muggle Wizards–with their advanced thinking from science and technology–will also explore the universe and countless dimensions, thus creating a prosperous age or civilization of wizards.”

“Preposterous! Absurd! The very notion of your words is ludicrous!” yelled Phineas Black, who seemed very agitated. All the other portraits had similar ideas as him, but they tried to remain calm.

“Calm down, Phineas,” said Dumbledore–who was not as calmed as he appeared on the surface. “This is just a hypothetical future. There is no need to become so riled up.”

Phineas Black then looked at Edward with a fierce look, then closed his eyes and shut off his senses. Or at the very least, it appeared to be doing so.

As for Dumbledore, he was a little shaken as this was the second time in his life that a powerful wizard warned him of the future danger of the Wizarding World.

His old friend had tried to use radical methods to deal with the problem, while the one in front of him seemed rather indifferent.

“Edward, you mentioned that this was one of the reasons that you gave up your ambitions, what is the other reason?”

Edward pondered for a few seconds before answering.

“It was because of my parents. After their deaths, I came to a realization: Voldemort did not kill them, but the Wizard World did. Voldemort is a result of all the things wrong with our society.

“Whether it is the wanton discrimination or racism of those pureblood theorists, the social inequality between muggle-born wizards, half-bloods and purebloods, the backwards mindset of wizards for millennia, or the superiority complex of most wizards towards other races–both magical and non-magical. All these problems resulted in the creation of Voldemort, thus leading to the death of my parents. In my mind, the Dark Lord was not the only person that killed them, but the wizarding world.

“Why would I lead this kind of people to create such a prosperous civilization? Are they worthy?”

The room became quiet again. Many of the portraits had a complex look on their faces as they looked at Edward, and they sighed to themselves.

As for Dumbledore, he also sighed before saying. “I’m sorry Edward about your parents, however, I do not think you should judge the entire wizard world because of a minority few. There are plenty of good-hearted people in the wizarding world willing to do good things. A perfect example is your parents. When Voldemort was in power, they rose to the occasion and fought for what is right.”

“You may be right, professor. But do not forget that the ‘minority few’ that you talked about are actually the ones with all the power and influence in the wizarding world.”

The room once again entered a brief period of silence.

As a matter of fact, Edward did not tell the whole truth. One of the main reasons that he did continue with his ambitions was because he realized that he did not really need the help of the wizarding world to accomplish his goals/

With his talent and relentless pursuit of magic, he strongly believes that he will one day discover the way to travel through dimensions and other universes. After that, his journey through the sea of stars and dimensions will begin.

He will pursue the path of magic until he becomes one of the most powerful wizards in countless dimensions and universes. His legend will spread throughout many realities, and he will be able to control his own fate.

And the first step of his grand plan will begin after he acquires the Philosopher’s Stone. This is one of the reasons that he decided to come to teach at Hogwarts.

“Well Mr Bones, let’s get back to the interview. So, for what reason you decided to come to teach here at Hogwarts.”

“I have had many great memories in this castle. In many ways, it is a second home to me, so I thought of coming back. Furthermore, I have been lusting after the books in the Restricted Area, unfortunately, you always prevented me from entering there.”

Dumbledore just smiled before asking a few other questions for the interview, then Edward left.

Dumbledore was left alone in the room with his thoughts, then Phineas Black said, “What a scary guy!”

“What do you mean?” asked one of the portraits.

“I do not believe for once that a person who can come up with such a goal and ideal to just give up like that. In most likelihood, he discovered a way to accomplish these things on his own,” replied Phineas with a sneer on his face.

Then, the portrait of Dilys Derwent asked, “So, what are you going to do, Dumbledore? Are you going to hire him?”


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