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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 32: Blood Malediction Bahasa Indonesia

One of the main reasons that Edward came to see Soleil today was to deal with the blood medication that her second and youngest daughter, Astoria Greengrass suffered from.

In the past few months, with his new understanding of Life Code and after studying the disease through samples of her blood, he not only find the cause, but also a cure.

According to Edward’s research, blood malediction is nothing but a very powerful curse that is latched in the Bloodline Section of the Life Code. This curse will be passed on from one generation to another.

Despite how powerful this curse sounds or looks, it is not. Well, at the very least, the one in the Greengrass family is not.

This curse has remained inactive for countless years before reappearing in Astoria’s generation. According to Edward’s research, this curse has to use the long passage of time to slowly absorb magical powers from different members of the Greengrass family before it can manifest itself.

However, this feature is what made Edward interested in this curse. To be able to use someone’s bloodline as a medium for a curse is something that interests him; not to mention the fact that this curse can survive for so long.

-Scene Break–

Edward was standing in Astoria’s room with Soleil by his side. He first fed her a potion that he made personally for her. This potion was designed to isolate the curse from her Life Code.

Then, he pointed his wand at her and said “Resero Codexvita”, then her Life Code was shown to him. Then, he slowly observed.

He watched how the potion slowly started to fight the curse inside her bloodline. However, the curse was losing.

Edward had engineered this potion based on Unicorn, extremely pure creatures that disliked things like dark arts and curses. So, after a brief resistance, the potion did its job and isolated the curse from Astoria’s Body.

Then, with a wave of Edward’s wand, the curse started to be removed from her body. However, the process was not smooth.

Astoria’s little body started shaking in the bed, and a painful look appeared on her face. A black shadow in the form of a goat head appeared from her body; it seemed to be coming from inside her.

The goat head greatly resisted coming out of her body, but Edward insisted on doing so. He knew that this shadow was the physical manifestation of the bloodline curse of the Greengrass family.

The interesting thing about this curse was the fact that it was somewhat sentient. It knew what to do to survive. Whether this was instinct or some form of will, Edward did not know. But, he was prepared to find out.

While Edward was fighting with the curse, Soleil had a worried look on her face, but she did not say anything. Before they began, Edward had already warned her of what to expect, and that she should not distract him under any circumstances.

After entangling with the curse for a few minutes, Edward managed to remove it from Astoria’s body and placed it on an Alchemy item that he specifically prepared for it; he was quite interested in studying this curse–especially since it involves knowledge regarding bloodline.

“Is she going to be fine?” asked Soleil with a worried look on her face.

“She will be weak for a few days, otherwise, everything should be fine. However, closely monitor her and report to me in case you find something wrong.”

Soleil then nodded as she sat next to her daughter and caress her head/

“What are you going to tell your husband?”

“About what?”

“About the curse being gone.”

“He probably won’t even notice,” replied Soleil with a little melancholy in her voice. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong.

As soon as Edward removed the curse from Astoria, her father, Jamison Greengrass felt it. After all, this was a bloodline curse. As the direct bloodline of the Greengrass family, the curse was once passed on to him; It’s just that he was lucky and it never activated during his generation, but activated itself in his daughter.

So, these two married pureblood couples will have a very harsh and real conversation tonight. However, this will have nothing to do with Edward as he did not care about such a thing.

Even if Jamison found out about him, he would not dare to come to confront him. Not only because of his strength as a wizard but also because of both the political and economical power of the Bones family all over Europe.

After apparating home, Edward went to a specific room with a large map of the entire world on it. He pointed his wand at the humongous map and said: “Quirinus Quirrell.”


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