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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 31: Visits Bahasa Indonesia

The next day after meeting with Harry Potter inside the castle, Edward went to the Three Broomstick Inn at Hogsmeade to wait for someone.

While he was waiting, Madam Rosmerta approached him; she stood opposite him as she stared deep into his eyes.

“Now that you have graduated from Hogwarts, you suddenly do not want me anymore, Edward.”

“Rosmerta my dear, I have been busy lately. Didn’t you get the presents that I sent to you the past five years?” replied Edward with a smile on his face. Then, he stood up from his seat and went to embrace her. However, she just shrugged him away.

“If it was not due to these very pure bottles of Youth Potions that you have sent me, I would not even talk to you now.”

“Don’t be like that. I have some free time during the holiday, how about we spend some time together,” replied Edward while holding Madam Rosmerta’s hand.

The odd thing was that while these two were flirting openly inside the bar, no one paid attention to them. This was because cast a very powerful illusion on his table.

This illusion was based on the Muggle-Repelling Charm but was tweaked by Edward to work on wizards with lower levels of spiritual powers than him.

As a matter of fact. Edward knows that he is a man-whore, but he didn’t care as he loved the accompaniment of beautiful women.

And Madam Rosmerta is amongst some of the beautiful women that he shared the process of bodily fluid exchange. And she belongs to the wild one. After using the Aging Potions, she can return to her youthful beauty, then she becomes quite wild.

At first, she was resistant to Edward’s advance due to the age gap. However, she soon could not resist his charm. Not to mention the fact that wizards do not care about age gaps as muggles do. A perfect example of that is the age gap between Tonks and Lupin in the canon timeline.

After spending a few minutes apologizing to Rosmerta and promised her a bunch of benefits, they set a date during the Christmas break for Edward to come to visit her, and they will spend a magical night together,

Then, Edward went back to wait for his guest, which showed a few minutes later than the previously arranged time.

“Tonks, you are late,” said Edward at the approaching young woman.

“I’m sorry, Edward, but Auror training went longer than expected,” replied Tonks after taking a seat across from Edward.

The two of them knew each other back in school. When Edward was in his final year, Tonks was in the second year. At that time, Edward had just started to study bloodline and he was interested in Tonks, the natural-born Metamorphmagus.

Edward can say that he owes many of his accomplishments in Human Body Transfiguration by studying Tonks’ ability. So, after meeting again after a few years of not seeing each other, the two of them started talking about many things.

They talked about their time in school, Tonks’ Auror Training, and Edward’s Five Years Long Vacation and Travel. Then, they got to business.

“Have you brought it?” Asked Edward calmly.

“Yes,” replied Tonks as she took out a bunch of tubes filled with blood, her blood. “Are you sure that you are not using my blood to do some kind of dark magic ritual?”

“Do I need to go through such lengths to harm you?” replied Edward calmly as he placed the blood away. “As I said before, I’m just studying your blood to see if I can discover where your Metamorphmagus ability comes from.”

After saying that, he took out a bag full of coins. “Here is your reward. There should be enough Galleons inside for you to be considered a wealthy wizard among some small family.”

After his transaction with Tonks, Edward talked with her for a while before leaving as he had another meeting with someone else. This time, it was with Daphne Greengrass’ mother, Soleil. She was also another one of his lovers.

After making sure that her husband was not at home, he visited her. However, this time, both children were home. So, Edward had to place a Sleeping Charm on them after arriving.

After spending a few hours in bed with her, Edward started to think about his future. With all the women he is involved with, his weak wizard body is starting to not be able to keep up.

Luckily for him, when he was traveling in China, he acquired a potion that reinvigorated the kidney and made him a stud in bed. Edward spent many nights praising the Chinese Potion Master that invented that potion.

However, he was aware that if the number of ladies increased in the future, that this potion will not be enough. As such, his Body Modification Plan is of the utmost importance.

After reigning in his thoughts, Edward looked at the half-naked Soleil lying next to him. “All right, today, I will deal with your troubles.”

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