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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 317: Training Bahasa Indonesia


Edward showed everybody the second room, which contained numerous beds that looked like MRI machines.

“This room is a Virtual Reality Training Room. I combine Captain Dorothy’s Dream Magic with Illusion magic to create a Virtual Reality. With this machine, each of you gets to experience countless life and make different choices.

“Well, not really. I have organized different scenarios for each of you based on your Willpower, Spiritual Strength, Goals, Ambitions, desires, family ties, etc. And based on the choices you made in these scenarios, your real Grimoire should change and create different spells.

“Additionally, you can fight with other people in this Dream World without worrying about the consequences. Even if you die, you can start over and try again as many times as necessary to defeat your opponent or grow during the battle.”

“Does that include the angels?” asked Acier, who thought this was a great way to train before the battle.

“Yes, but the knowledge I have about them is limited, so I could only estimate their strength and fighting abilities. However, I know quite a lot about the devils in the underworld. I have perfectly recreated most of their strengths and abilities–including the highest rank devils.”

“Can I fight you in this Dream World?” asked Mereoleona.

“Yes. There is a final scenario where I went mad, and all of you must stop me. So, prepare to face despair.”


Many people swallowed their saliva. They were all present when the Wizard King reversed time on the entire Clover Kingdom. As he described it, fighting such a monster was indeed an act of despair.

“Charmy, where are you?” said Edward as he turned around to face the crowd. Then, a small individual jumped over everyone’s head before landing on Edward’s arm.

“Here,” she said as she handed him a cupcake.

“Thank you,” said Edward as he ate. Once he was done, he said: “Whether the success rate of this mission can increase will depend on whether you can develop food magic to purify mana. So, now, the lives of all your friends are counting on you.”

“You can count on me,” said Charmy while stuffing a big piece of meat in her mouth. Edward was satisfied with the little girl’s motivation; she was his favorite character in Black Clover, and after coming to this world, he treated her like his daughter.

So, in this training session, he was extra-detailed; he wanted to ensure she could understand and control her Dwarf bloodline and use her second magic besides cotton magic: food magic.

Nodding his head, Edward then looked at the corner.

“What about you, Nacht? Are you in?”

A young man with long black hair and blue eyes suddenly appeared from the shadow in the corner of the room. Many people immediately became on guard for the new arrival.

“It is wrong to use the lives of so many people for your selfish gain.”

“Spare the sermon for someone who cares. If you don’t want to participate, leave.”

Nacht looked at Edward but did not say anything more. He did not like this man because of his absolute power.

To him, even absolute power used for good is innately wrong and evil, and he despises all evil.

“I see you you’re as gloomy as usual, Nacht,” said Yami with a smile. However, Nacht walked to the Black Bulls’ side and did not say anything else.

“Captain Yami, who is this?”

“It’s our Vice-Captain.”

“We have a Vice-Captain?” asked Luck.

“Never heard of it too,” responded Vanessa.

“Well, he’s a little grumpy and asocial, so he never shows up but watches from the shadow,” commented Yami.

“Since you’re participating, you will be the first to infiltrate Elysium and gather information. I will give you a set of magical artifacts to help you better hide.

“Plus, you’re in charge of teaching Asta how to use the power of his devil and explaining the Devil Binding Ceremony to him.”

Nacht just nodded his head in acknowledgment. The only reason he decided to participate was to reduce the casualties of these people–especially his squad member.

“The minimum requirement for this training is that you can use Mana Zone, Mana Method, True Magic, Ultimate Magic, and Liquid Mana at a basic level. If not, you will be eliminated from this mission, and all the power you previously received will be taken away.”

Many people looked at him as if he was crazy. Although the threshold for some of these techniques—like Mana Zone–has been greatly reduced over the years because of the systemic practice method created by the Wizard King, this did not mean anyone could master them.

Not to mention the more challenging techniques like Mana Liquid or those from the Heart Kingdom that they have no information about.

“Don’t worry; this is not as impossible as you think. These devices also contained Time Magic so that you can get a decade of training in one year.”

The worried magic knights felt relieved when they knew they had more time. Then, they became excited and nervous, thinking about the consequences of not meeting the requirement, so they motivated themselves.

“The Black Bull’s Captain likes to use the motto: Break your limit. I think this is the perfect motivation for all of you.

“Now, Mereoleona, Fuegeleon, Leon, Magma, Noelle, Acier, Vengeance, Charlotte, Yuno, Asta, Lichita, and Yami: all you stay while the rest can begin their training.”

All the other Captains and magic knights scattered to them their own things. Some went straight to the Enhanced Machine, while some more clover ones went to the Virtual Reality first to temper their Willpower before using it.

“Yuno, let’ s begin with you first.” A small portal appeared in front of Edward before taking out a Grimoire.

“Do you know of your identity?”

Yuno had a confusing look on his face, so Edward explained:

“You’re full name is Yuno Grinberryall, the prince of the Spade Kingdom and its true heir.”

The remaining people looked at him in surprise, and many people finally understood why Yuno–as a peasant–had such a large mana pool. Asta had his mouth wide open, while Lichita was only slightly surprised.

Meanwhile, Yuno did not know how to react to this news, but his Spirit, Sylph, was happy that her man was an actual prince, just like she had always imagined.

“You can learn about your real-life experience in the Virtual World. The reason I’m bringing this up is because of your bloodline and unique experience, you are probably the only person in this world who can use two Grimoires. So, be mindful of that during your training.”

Yuno nodded before taking the second Grimoire handed to him.

“Yami, I’m going to your homeland to track someone who will give me more information on Elysium. Do you want to go together?”

Yami paused, even stopping his smoking process. “Maybe later, but not now.”

“It’s fine, but you can’t avoid your past forever; sooner or later, you must confront it. What about you two? Do you want to go see Zuriel with me in the Land of the Sun?”

Lichita immediately shook her head. “There is no need. Since he left, there is nothing between us from now on.”

After seeing his mother’s decision, Asta decided to support her even though he wanted to meet his father.

“Fuegeleon, summon your Salamander.”

Edward then created a portal. A few minutes later, a large fire draconic creature appeared in the room. Edward closed his eyes for a few minutes before opening them.

“I have created a method for a Spirit to temporarily create contracts or bond with many individuals. So, Mereoleona, Leon, and Magma, you will sign a contract with Salamander to increase your strength.

“Magna, the Salamander, is very arrogant, so he did not want to sign a contract with you because of your small amount of magic power. So, I negotiated a deal for you: beat him in a duel of Will, and he will sign the contract with you.”

Magna clenched his fist after hearing this, but he was now determined to show this beast what he was made of.

“Noelle, you will sign a contract with a Water Spirit named Undine. Vengeance and Charlotte will sign with a nature spirit called Dryad. Remember, these spirits were kind enough to lend us their power, so treat them with the utmost respect.”

Edward then opened a portal to the Heart Kingdom to send Noelle and Acier before sending Vengeance and Charlotte to Elysia Village. Finally, he dismissed the others before going to do his own thing.




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