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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 318: Magic Parliament Bahasa Indonesia


Edward looked at nine different mirror clones in front of him.

“Number 1, you’re in charge of studying Zagred’s Word Soul Magic and the Reincarnation Spell he used.

“Number 2, you’re in charge of studying the Karma Empowerment of Positive and Negative Mana. You’re also in charge of studying Forbidden Spells; you can also work with Number 1.

“Number 3, you’re responsible for Anti-Magic.

“Number 4 has to help Morgana continue to recreate the Arcane Rune System.

“Number 5, you can begin to prep Megicula to become potion ingredient.

“Number 6, you’re in charge of keeping a tab on the training session and teaching Sally.

“Number 7, you’re in charge of [Project World Stealing]. Morgana will lend you half of her calculating powers. And once she finishes her work, she will help you. Your project might be extremely dangerous, so be extremely careful.”

“Don’t worry. I am you, after all, how can I not be cautious?” replied Number 7, to which Edward nodded before continuing:

“Number 8, you’re responsible for fixing the World Gate. On my way to the Land of the Sun, I will try to find some resources that can help with the process. However, if it is not enough, prepare to travel the multiverse to find the things we need.

“Number 9, you’re in charge of Wizard King duty and watching over the Spade Kingdom.”

“Why does it have to be me again?” asked Number 9. “Wizard King duty is so boring.”

“You can help with any of these projects if you have time,” replied Edward.

“We don’t want your help,” said the others in succession.

“Come on, guys. You should understand how terrible it is to deal with these papers all day.”

The others ignored him before going to do their task.

“Don’t mind them; they’re just joking.”

“I know,” said Number 9 before walking away.

Tap! Tap!

“Come in,” said Edward, who was preparing to leave.

“Sir Edward, the Magic Parliament Chairman, Sir Damnatio, is waiting for you outside,” said Edward’s assistant, Marx. Edward frowned at this news before indicating to let him in. Soon afterward, a man with dark hair and a long green robe entered the office.

“Damnatio, what can I do for you?” asked Edward while reading a book.

“I’m here for a few things,” replied the green robe noble with a somewhat indifferent tone.

“Despite how you fixed everything, the citizens still remember the destruction that occurred at the hands of the magic knights. So, I insist on my previous judgment that someone should take the blame to ensure the good image of the magic knights.

“The devil host is a perfect scape-goat. We can tell the people he controlled the magic knights to make them act this way.”

“Didn’t the newspaper already release the news about Zagred?”

“This is not enough; it would be best if the people believed a traitor was responsible for this incident. It is a better excuse as for the reason the magic knights could not respond on time.”

“My answer is still no.”

“Among the people whose body the elves took over were many prominent noble families; their reputation has to be saved.”

“Do these people care about their reputation?” asked Edward back.

‘Of course, they don’t care. You have brainwashed them to ignore their nobility status, to treat commoners and peasants alike,’ thought Damnatio as he clenched his hand.

“They may not care, but their families do.”

“That’s their problem, not mine.”

Damnatio had the urge to use his Scale Magic to judge this man. However, thinking how it was useless, he controlled the impulse.

“The second reason I’m here is Zora Ideale, the Captain of the Punishment Hall, has arrested too many nobles in the past week.”

“What were their crimes?” asked Edward as he flipped the book’s page in his hand.

“You know this is not the point.”

“They took the opportunity to kill, pillage, and other horrible things when the kingdom faced catastrophe. They deserve to be executed for their crimes.”

“We are the backbones of this kingdom; do not forget this.”

“You used to be, but not anymore.”

“So, that’s how you’re going to behave? Using your overwhelming strength to act like a tyrant.”

“For over 500 years, you nobles used your overwhelming force to do what you pleased. So, why can’t I do the same?”

“I would like to remind you,” said Damnatio, steeling his resolve. “You’re the Wizard King; your duty involves jurisdiction over this kingdom’s military power; nothing more. But yet, you have involved yourself in our economy, politics, social life, and everything in between.

“You went as far as banning the king from leaving his castle. Your actions are above your authority.”


Edward closed the book in his hand, generating a sound that made Damnatio’s heart skip a beat. Edward slowly placed the book on the desk before walking in front of Damnation.

He ignored the fear in the latter’s eyes as he fixed the wrinkles on his collar. Then, with a very composed tone, he said:

“I could have ousted you, the nobles of the Magic Parliament, and even the king. And I would not need to use force to do so. With my prestige amount the citizens, I could have led a coup to overthrow this entire kingdom, and it would have been extremely easy.

“So, I want you to remember. Your status as nobility, your wealth, social, economic, and political standings; I can take all these things away with a snap of my finger.”

He then gently taps Damnatio’s face.

“So, remember this. Better yet, remind the other nobles of this fact. Because, so far, I have been playing nice. As long as you stay out of my way, all of you can live in your fantasy bubble where you think you still matter while enjoying the generational wealth that you have plundered from the corpses of this kingdom’s citizens.

“Is that understood?… Well, I’ll take your silence as a sign of acknowledgment. Now, do you have anything else you want to talk about?”

Damnatio shook his head despite wanting to discuss this problematic mission with Elysium. So, he walked out of the office blankly, eyes full of confusion and fear.

“Do you think this was too much, Sir?” asked Marx.

“Marx, what did I tell you about eavesdropping?”

“I was not eavesdropping; the walls of this office are simply too thin. Back to the topic, is it really wise to offend the Magic Parliament?”

“The only reason the Magic Parliament still exist is because of my previous curse and because my workload would increase after eliminating them.”

The Magic Parliament is a collective of nobles and royals who act as the Clover Kingdom’s legislature and judiciary. However, when Edward created the Punishment Squad and gave them so much power, he took most of the parliament’s judiciary powers.

Regrettably, he could not take their other power because of the curse. And now that he was free, he no longer cared enough to continue playing political games with them.

“Has everything settled before my departure?”

“Yes, but are you sure nothing will happen again to the kingdom in your absence?”

“Well, according to the future I saw, the Spade Kingdom should not attack us.”


“Yes, should.” with his present self, he could only see a few minutes in the future with absolute certainty. However, beyond that, he has to see different timelines and possibilities. And so far, he can only see ten different timelines.

His ability was nothing compared to Doctor Strange, who could see fourteen million six hundred and five. However, he can see the future on his own, while Strange has to rely on the Time Stone, so he is still better.

“Don’t worry. One of my Mirror Clones has at least 60% of my power, which is more than enough for most situations. And if something did happen, I could just open a portal and instantly return.

“Plus, you should have more faith in the Captains and their squads–especially once they finished my training.”

Marx nodded in relief before reporting a few more things before leaving. Then, Edward also left, using an Invisible Spell on himself before flying eastward toward the sea; he did not want anyone else to know of his departure to prevent possible trouble.

Once he arrived at the sea, he tried opening a portal to the Land of the Sun since he saw where the continent was located when he retrieved the World Gate.

However, he discovered a strong spatial disturbance that kept affecting the portal. So, he decided to fly there inside. Anyway, he wanted to check out some of the islands he saw on the map.



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