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After hearing his mother’s explanation, Harry just nodded before saying: “I know that you and uncle Snape have a lot of opportunities to spend time together, so I just ask that you still give dad a chance at a real relationship instead of keeping him out of pity.”

Although Snape raised him, Harry would still like his father to have a happy life. The man sacrificed his life to protect his son, so, he deserved to have a great family life after his resurrection.

After hearing Harry’s words, Lily realized that she may have been a little too harsh on James so she said: “I will. So, what is up with you? You don’t look too good.”

“It’s JJ (James Jr.), he is still acting up.”

“Is that so? Call him, I’ll have a talk with him.”

Harry opened his mouth to say something but just closed it. Then, he contacted his second son. Although not happy with the call, J.J had a great fear of his grandmother, so he did not dare not show up.

Inside a room, Lily stood alone with her grandson while looking at him up and down. He had tattoos all over his arms and face, piercings, and a mohawk, and his hair was dyed purple.

He had all tight black leather clothes with very tall boots. Based on his red eyes, Lily could tell that he had just taken some very powerful psychedelics, and maybe even some banned drugs.

“How original,” she commented. She contacted Snape to send her a Detoxification Potion and handed it to him.

“You are wasting that Dragon Potion,” she commented at the fact that he was still Tier 4. James Jr. drank the potion while lowering his head down. However, his whole demeanor was that he did not care about what she was saying, or would say.

Lily then handed him a piece of paper: “Sign this contract that protects your memories before we can begin our talk.”

Immediately, J.J knew that things were about to get serious since he was even required to protect his memories. As such, he wanted to refuse but when he saw his grandmother’s stare, he did not dare.

Lily placed two fingers from her temple and removed a silver hair-like wisp and placed it on his head.

“Look at this.”

James Jr. closed his eyes for an unknown amount of time, however, after waking up, large beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead and he was visibly shaking.

“I-Is t-this real?”

“Yes, this is the power of a Tier 10 God,” replied Lily calmly. “In this universe, there are countless being even more powerful than him since he was in an injured state.”


“Yes, most of his attacks were Tier 9 with only a few reaching Tier 10.”

J.J. had no choice but to take a seat to prevent himself from falling.

“Do you understand? In the scope of the vast universe, your problems are rather insignificant. Although that sound cruel but it is true. We live in a world where at any point, one of these powerful Gods could detect the Empire and with one attack, essentially wipe out every single individual–with maybe the royal family as an exception.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I’m telling you this to remind you what is important. I’m sure that it was not pleasant to live in a household where all your family was highly magically gifted. However, now, you also have a high magic talent.

“There are many people who would do anything to have the opportunity that you have. Do not let this opportunity pass by. Focus on your magical studies and advancement so that one day, you can have a place in this universe.

“Or at least, the right to live.”

A few minutes later, JJ left the house with a dazed look on his face. He appeared very distracted, not saying a word when he left.

“What did you say to him?” asked Harry.

“I put the fear of God into him.”

Harry was shocked and did not know what to say, so he asked: “Do you think it will work?”

“If he doesn’t, you can either ship him to the military or let him rot in jail to pay for his actions.”

Harry sighed before nodding his head. He called Ginny to check on J.J while he went to check on his father. He guessed that by now, he must have gone to see Lupin.

As for Lily, she began to prepare to write the doctrine for the Druid Class that she created. She also planned to spend more time with James as Harry suggested, an act that did not please Snape. However, he still did not verbally complain.

He also had his research to do, plus he also had to prepare for the Akashic Records Project. During that time, he will have plenty of time to spend with her.

Back to the present:

After planning for the future turbulence of the Milky Way, Edward had two things to do before preparing for the arrival of the Intergalactic Federation. The first thing he did was to allow Chloe access to the Time Acceleration Room so that she can quickly reach a higher Tier.

Then, she will send her to the Dimension Study Institute to use her Dreamwalker ability to find a Dream Dimensions in this universe. He also tasked a group of people to use the Witch Lords that he brought to see if they can find a dimension related to the Abyss.

The second thing he had to do was to start a project to send people to find whether this universe contained a Blank Realm or the space between parallel dimensions.

Another group of scientists, mathematicians, physicians, and Arcanists were also organized to study the technology of the Novad that is based on black holes.

Once that was done, he began to teleport to different planets in the Solar System while secretly casting a planetary-size spell. On Jupiter, he appeared in front of a random and ordinary citizen.

And before the latter could say anything, countless runes surrounded him, then, his body disappeared into tiny particles while Edward held a diamond in his hand that contained the person’s soul.

When he did all that, not one paid attention to him as if he was never here. He came silently and left the same way. He then went to see Tower Master Aarti that was in charge of studying Herpo.

“Your majesty, it is a pleasure to see you again,” she said with a smile, to which Edward also saluted back. After a brief cordial chat, the two got down to business as Edward checked her progress.

Based on the data, she did accomplish much for only a little over 3 years, so he was satisfied. Once that was done, he used a projection to enter the pocket dimension that Herpo was imprisoned in.

Edward looked at the man that was once considered his greatest foe. His over 5 meters tall body had shrunk to a little over 2 meters. His black robe that was full of mystery looked bland, and his general divine presence was greatly diminished.

This was expected, after all, for the past 3 years, his divine energy has been constantly drained from him. Unlike other Gods, he appeared to not be able to use a Divine Kingdom; he may not even have one as he seemed to only occupied the Underworld, and not the master.

“Have you thought about my proposal? Submit to me and hand over all your knowledge and you will be free.”

“As I said before, I would never bow my head to you, wizard.”

“Has faith corrupted your mind to this point?” asked Edward. “The old you was a cunning and ambitious black wizard willing to do anything to survive. But now, you think of yourself as a God and refused to bow down to a mortal–even at the cost of your life.”

To learn about the truth from Herpo, Edward took the risk to use the Time Record Spell to check what happened 12,000 years ago. He saw how Herpo became a God and the aftermath of his ascension.

Because of this, he knew that a lot of the things that Herpo said to him in the early interaction were false. Nevertheless, he still understood what kind of person he was.

Herpo did not say anything.

Edward waved his hand and a soul appeared:

“You should recognize this, don’t you? This is the leader of the Death Cult. You used some sort of reincarnation spell that will choose a new leader once the old one is dead. I guess that you might have thought that you could use him to revive yourself.

“But now, this chance is gone.”

Herpo was visibly upset after seeing that soul but he still did not utter any word.

“Unfortunately, this was your last chance,” said Edward with a disappointed sigh.

After leaving, Edward began to help Aarti in her research. In his previous voyage, he learned a great deal about divine energy so he was able to optimize the Energy Draining Enchantments and absorbed all the energy inside Herpo’s body, making him almost powerless.

Finally, he connected to the Floating City to place a seal on Herpo’s Soul and his [Authority]. By then, everything was ready.

As Aarti watched the Emperor leave with the body, she could not help but think:

‘That day will be a momentous day forever engraved in the annals of the history of the Empire.’

Then, she focused on the new data about divine energy that she received as compensation for taking away her subject. A bright smile was on her face as she knew that she will be able to improve their ethnic race’s Ancestral Spirit Magic with this data.

A few months passed and the Empire entered the rapid development mode. On this day, a massive spaceship tried to directly teleport to the Solar System, outside of Earth, but was blocked and was forced to appear on the outskirts instead.

And as soon as they arrived, they discovered that they were surrounded, with one of the main ships pointing a very powerful cannon at them.


Title: The Intergalactic Federation Visit (I)


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