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Right after leaving the Floating City, Lily and Snape headed back to their home. Snape had a general happy vibe surrounding him even though his face remained expressionless.

Once they teleported home, Snape asked her: “Are you going to talk to him now, wait for a while?”

“I guess there is no point in dragging things on.”

Soon, James Potter rushed into the room; he was excited after hearing that his wife was back. After all, he has not seen her for a little over 3 years. However, the smile on his face after Snivelus inside as well, slowly drinking tea.

James immediately wanted to get angry, luckily, the magic item that he bought for this occasion instantly cast a Mechanized Mind to calm his emotions.

“Honey, how are you?” said James as he embraced his wife and sat next to her. Lily smiled in return. To James, only 3 years have passed but 91 years passed for her in the other universe.

If it was not for her perfect memory granted by her powerful soul, she might have forgotten his face by now. Not just her, but maybe even the other member of her family as well.

“I have something to say to you,” said Lily. Her words instantly made James wary, thinking that something terrible was about to happen. And he was right.

“After thinking about it for a while, I decided to add Snape to our household.”

“What? You can’t do this!”

“Legally, she can,” said Snape.

“You, stay out of this.”

Veins popped on Snape’s forehead and he almost crushed the teacup in his hand. But controlled himself.

“What about our family? What about Harry?”

“Harry is a grown man now. He will understand,” replied Lily calmly.

“I can’t accept this,” James yelled as he stood up. “Especially not with him.”

“Then the door is open for you,” she gestured. James took a small step backward as he did not expect this outcome. He once again activated the magic item to enter a calm state.

“I don’t understand why? Why are you doing this? Is it because he revived you? Have you forgotten all the terrible things he did? He is the reason that we died in the first place.”

Lily sighed as she looked at her distraught husband.

“I am perfectly capable of identifying the difference between love and obligation. As for the things that happen in the past, let them stay that way.”

“No, I’m not convinced. You have to give me a valid reason.”

“I don’t have to give you anything,” replied Lily with a little coldness in her voice, making James scared, and also calming him down.

Snape was gloating the entire time.

‘This poor worm did not even know that he was facing a woman that faced a Tier 10 God and lived to tell about it.’

“I’m sorry. I just want to understand how this decision came about,” said James with a much softer tone. Lily stared at him for a few seconds, and after seeing that he was genuinely asking a question, she softened her tone to reply:

“If you want to know an answer, it is simply because I love him.”

“But that wasn’t always the case.”

“Yes, and with all the time we spent together, and seeing how much he cares and loves me, I have grown to feel the same way. And in the future, when we have to go on more adventures and spent more time together, our love will continue to grow.”

James gritted his teeth. He knew that Snape had found a way to delay his revival so he could spend more time with her, thus giving him a chance to win her heart.

What made him even angrier is the fact that Lily knew of this but still forgave him. On top of all that, the two of them belong to this special team that goes on adventures deep in the universe with the Emperor himself, meaning that they have ample time to spend together.

And from what he understood, this may not be a one-time thing.

A lot of emotions passed through James’ mind and he did not know what to do. In the end, he said:

“I need some time to process all of this. However, I would like you to be the one who tells Harry.”

As Lily watched him leave the house, she could only sigh to herself. Then, she contacted Harry.

Meanwhile, Snape was giggling inside like a schoolgirl at what Lily said, however, his face still remain expressionless. However, he still has some regrets. He wished that bastard would attack him and he could take the opportunity to obliterate him.

After all, he was only a weak Tier 4 Arcanist, and he was 2 tiers higher than him.

‘It’s unfortunate that Lily would never allow me to do this. I can only continue to dream.’

When it comes to sharing his love with his most hated person, Snape did not mind. And that is because he knew with their Omniversal Travel and their dealings in the Illuminati, he will get to spend more time with her than James could ever imagine.

Mars, inside a bar:

Two people were drinking. One of them had green eyes, glasses, and a scar on his forehead. The other was very muscular, with red hair and freckles on his face.

“Ron, I really don’t know what to do with James Jr. This this the 8th time he has been arrested for a misdemeanor this month, this month.”

Harry swallowed his drink in one shot, feeling the alcohol rushing through his body.

“Do you understand how embarrassing it is for me? The Director-General’s son is constantly being arrested. And I just replaced Kinglsey and took this position and the kid does this.”

“Maybe that’s your problem, you treat him as a kid. Ship him to the military; that would fix him up,” replied Ron.

“He’s an adult now, I technically cannot do that.”

“You’re just being soft.”

Harry sighed. He understood why his son was acting this way. Both his siblings had great magical talent. Albus graduated from the Honors Program and is now an intern with a Tower Master.

Lisa has just been accepted into Bones Advanced School of Magic. In the family, he is the only one who had to attend a normal Magical University as he did not want to use his connection to get in.

However, because of that, he grew envious and began to act in a rebellious matter.

“Didn’t you guys buy him an expensive Level 5 Dragon Potion?” asked Ron.

“We did. We thought that by increasing his talent, he would return on the right path on focus on his magical studies. But that did not change anything; he still kept behaving the same way.”

Ron did know how to comfort his best friend as he had no experience in this kind of matter. He only had one son and he was quite very satisfied with him.

Although Hugo did not enter the Honors program, he still graduate with excellent grades from the Bones Advanced Magic School. And after that, he entered the Imperial Navy as an officer and has been doing great so far.

As for himself? Ron’s life also has been great the past few years. With the invention of Aura, it was discovered that he had a great talent for the subclass of Aura Master, so he focused on that.

Plus, once he was in school, it was discovered that he also had a talent for military strategy, hence one of the reasons he liked and was decent at Wizard Chess.

So, the school nurtured his talent and after graduation, he joined the Military Strategy Division. And recently, he also was promoted to an upper-lower position.

“Did you see Hagrid’s Book Tour?” asked Ron to try to change the subject. “Apparently, his new book on magical animals has once again made him popular in the magizoology world.”

“Yes, I saw him a few days ago.”

“And how is he doing?”

“He still does not like dealing with all these fans and signing autographs. According to him, wearing formal attire is more painful than a dragon’s bite.”

“It’s good that he has not changed much. I remember how the professor, I mean the Emperor forced him to go to school and get a proper education. Now, he is a leading expert in studying and understanding magical animals and alien species.

“I wonder why he has not become a Tower Master?”

“Technically, he is. It’s just that he did not want to stay in a lab for too long as he preferred to learn about magical beasts from their natural habitat.”

“I ‘m sure Madame Maxime is not happy about this.”

“I’m sure she is used to his behavior by now.”

Then the two laughed out loud while continuing drinking.

“Who would have thought we would one day see Hagrid married and have kids.”

“Yes, the world is truly strange, however” replied Harry Potter, who was forced to stop when he felt his watch vibrate. After checking and seeing that it was his mother, he turned his watch into private mode, meaning that he could talk with her directly through the soul while still in this loud bar and no one would be able to hear anything.

“I need to go home.”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just that my mother wanted to talk to me about something.”

After saying goodbye, Harry teleported to the nearest designated area close to the Warp Portal. After paying a fee, he directly teleported home since his mother gave him access to the space in the house.

After hearing about her decision, he was not surprised as he long expected this outcome. When he was growing up, Snape was the one who was there for him instead of his father.

And after his father was revived, he thought that she would eventually break up with him. And to him, this decision felt more like pity for his father.


Many people have displayed their fondness for Chris and his story. I will write about his point of view in the future, along with some others.

Title: Last Opportunity


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