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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 239: Another Reincarnator Bahasa Indonesia


“Solomon, why are you intervening in my affairs?” said Merlin with a deep frown on his face,

“I didn’t do anything,” replied the Wise King.

“You should not have said anything to him about the war. How would you like it if I intervened with how you raise your apprentice?”

Solomon was quiet for a moment, “Well, I apologize. You’re right, I was out of line in my actions. How about erasing his memory or at least sealing it?”

Merlin shook his head as he knew Edward’s temperament the best. If he did that, this would eventually lead to a contradiction between the two of them. So, he sighed: “It seems that I have been a little too lax. From now on, whatever world he goes to, I will block it to prevent any of you from intervening.”

After saying that, Merlin disappeared. As for Solomon, he was quiet for a moment. He was indeed out of line but that was how he did things. Since he felt that Edward was talented and knew what he would be facing in the future, he decided to give him a heads up.

This would better prepare for the future. However, he also realized that he had broken some major rules by intervening with another Aspect’s disciple. Luckily, Merlin was a more peaceful person otherwise this could lead to serious trouble.

Of course, as wise as Solomon was, the reason he acted so recklessly was that he took into account Merlin’s personality and character.

Solomon looked in the distance as he thought to himself, ‘Time is running out for these youngsters. If they cannot grow quickly, we may not be able to hold on for long.’

After that, his consciousness left this version of himself in this time and space. He appeared in a parallel universe in the World of Warcraft Universe.

Quel’Thalas, a magic tower:

Solomon walked into one of the rooms inside the tower where a handsome elf was reading a book. He seemed startled when he saw someone barged into his tower without activating any of the magical traps.

“Master, how many times have I told you to not sneak up on me?”

“And how many times have I told you that I am testing your alertness,” replied Solomon. The handsome elf sighed and decided not to argue with this eccentric old man who likes to use strange methods to teach life lessons.

“So, to what do I owe your visit this time?”

“Disciple, I have some bad news for you.”

Suddenly, the handsome elf had a feeling that he was about to suffer terribly. Knowing how his master operated, this bad news was most likely catastrophic to him.

“What is it this time?”

“I have decided to seal most if not all the functions of your system,” said Solomon with a smile on his face.

“What?” said the handsome elf as he stood up from his chair. After being reincarnated into this terrible world, he relied on this system to become one of the most powerful mages in this world, wielding the power of arcane unlike anybody has ever seen.

Now, this old man who became his master just said that he would seal it away and take away all the power and convenience that it provided him.

“I’m sorry, my favorite disciple. Recently, I met the disciple of another old friend of mine, and just like you, he also came from Primordial Earth. However, he was not as lucky as you to have such a powerful cheat-like thing as a system.

“Yet, so far, his achievements have surpassed you by too much. So, I decided to push you so that you can further develop your potential,” said Solomon.

The handsome elf gritted his teeth after hearing this.

“Old man, I’m fighting with you.” Although he said this, he did not dare to do so as he remembered the first time he met his cheap master. Even with the so-called invincible mode of his system, he was almost slapped to death.

It was that experience that humbled him and made him realize how vast the world truly was.

“Furthermore,” continued Solomon. “Although I will not seal your system’s ability to travel to other universes, I’m giving you ten years to create a method of your own that can accomplish the same thing. If you fail, that part will also be sealed and you will be stuck in this universe for a very long time.”

“Master, how can you be so unreasonable?”

Solomon sighed, “Disciple, this is easier than you think. All you have to do is study how your system travels to other universes and replicate it. Or, you can use the Titan of this world since they also developed Omniverse Travel Technology.

“Some people managed to do with less.”

“Are you talking about the disciple of your old friend?” asked the handsome elf with gritted teeth.

Solomon looked at his apprentice with his deep eyes full of wisdom. “Look at your current state, you look like someone whose world has been shattered. You have been too reliant on this system that you have no confidence in doing anything without it.

“Many times, I’ve told you to use it as nothing but a tool to help you in your magical path but you never listen to me. With such a mindset, you will never become a truly powerful Mage.”

The handsome elf had a look of shock on his face after hearing his master’s words, and a sudden realization dawned on him: his master was right.

With the system, he could learn most magic spells or theories instantly, he could optimize them and make them better. It was easier for him to create new spells and invent new technology.

Additionally, he could travel to other universes to acquire new knowledge and learn different magic systems. Because of it, in just a few short decades, he became a Demi-God in this world even more powerful than Aegwynn.

Not to mention the fact that he could accomplish his dream of being together with the anime waifu that he idolized in his previous life. One could say that with the system, he has wealth, power, and women.

However, because of this, he had become over-reliant on it—especially after he met his master Solomon and the latter told him about the fact that his system was not the machination of some powerful entity, but a natural gift or talent that he had because he was from Primordial Earth.

As the handsome elf taught about all of this, he realized the deeper issue of his overreliance on this system. His master told him about the things he has to face in the future.

As a result of this, he was instantly overcome with fear thinking how bleak things would be for him. So, he wanted something to rely on to give him strength, to give him some assurance.

Despite the fact that his master told him that his system would become useless after he reached a certain level, he did not want to believe it. After all, that would mean that he had to rely on himself.

Honestly, at his core, the handsome elf did not think he was special. In his previous life, he was nothing but an ordinary weeb. So, deep in his mind, he always believed that he was nothing without the system.

After thinking about all of this, the handsome elf had a look of determination on his face. This was the opportunity to gain his confidence, to prove to himself that even without a system, he could still achieve great things in his life.

“Master, you can seal it. And don’t worry, I will not disappoint your expectations.”

Solomon smiled after hearing this. How could the disciple who was chosen by himself be simple? Maybe his disciple may not know what is special about him, but Solomon was fully aware of how strong the mind of his disciple was.

Among many of his peers, a lot of them have now accepted disciples and many of them told their disciples about the future that they would face. And from what Solomon knows, all these people had no choice but to erase or seal the memories of their disciples once they learned the truth.

And many of these disciples have cheat-like abilities that are even more powerful than his disciple’s system, yet, the latter was among the few that knew the truth and accepted it without almost collapsing

Because of this situation, many other people like Merlin opted not to tell their disciples the truth, for now, waiting for the right time and opportunity.

“I knew that you would not disappoint me,” said Solomon as he waved his hand to place a magical seal on a golden light deep inside his disciple’s soul.

Then, he disappeared from this universe; he was a busy man so he could not babysit his disciple during his growth.


Title: Chronomancy


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