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Solomon pondered for a moment before answering the question as he did not mind. Given how powerful he was in his lifetime, he could have achieved much more. He could have attained immortality and traveled to the past and future. Yet, he did not do any of that and lived his normal mortal life.

This was by choice.

So, telling the secrets of the past to future generations is not a big deal to him. So, after organizing his thought properly, he responded:

“The answers to your questions are all related. During my time, a battle took place between Yahweh and the other pantheons all over the world. Despite what modern people say, he was not the sole and supreme God but the head of a pantheon.”

Edward was not surprised that Solomon was aware of how Christianity evolved in modern times. After all, the current space-time power he was using was Solomon’s power.

It’s completely normal for him to be able to look into the future and learn a few things.

“I do not know much about the battle since it mainly took place in the Heavens, however, I do know that things became complicated at some point because of outside influence.

“As a king under the banner of Yahweh, my job was to spread his name and faith in the mortal world to strengthen his power. The better a job I did, the happier my people became, the more faith they provided to him, and the more powerful he became.

“To better help to rule the mortal world, Yahweh granted me knowledge about sorcery. Since I was considered his champion, I could access a great deal of his power. However, as I study and understand sorcery, I became fascinated and wanted to uncover its secrets.

“Unfortunately, sorcery or any knowledge about it was strictly controlled by the gods. My obsession with sorcery displeased Yahweh so he reduced the amount of power I could borrow from him. I did not like the fact that my power could be taken away at a moment’s notice, so I began to search for knowledge regarding Internal Sorcery.

“Unfortunately, if there is one thing that all the gods agreed on was to prevent the rise of Internal Sorcerers since they do not have to rely on anyone. Additionally, internal sorcery was innate and only a few people had the gift for it.”

Edward realized that Internal Sorcery was similar to wizards in his universe, only a few people were born with it. This world does not have mana in the environment, so people can’t become mages.

“After I discovered this fact, I changed my plan. I first contacted Lucifer–who was the rebellious son of Yahweh–and made a contract with him to borrow his power, granting me the ability to summon demons.

“Then, I also contacted other gods of different pantheons to make contracts with so that Yahweh could not take away my power when he felt like it.”

After hearing this, Edward smiled knowingly. How could things be as simple as Solomon stated? Normally, only by having faith in one deity could a sorcerer make a contract with it.

Yet, Solomon–who was associated with Yahweh–made contracts with other Gods? How did he convince them to agree to such a thing? How did he manage to sign multiple contracts without his soul being affected? And after the other gods discovered that he had so many contracts, so much power, why did they not punish him?

Obviously, Solomon used his wisdom to place himself in the middle ground of the confrontation of these gods to benefit himself. And with a war going on, Edward could imagine the finesse this kind of maneuver would require.

This alone shows how intelligent this old man was, not to mention how deep his understanding of the soul was to be able to contain that many contracts.

Edward understood why Solomon is known as one of the wisest men that ever lived. Part of him thought that the bible did somewhat glorify the ability of this man.

“What was the result of the war?” asked Edward.

“Before I die, Yahweh’s Pantheon still had the advantage despite fighting many pantheons at the same time. However, as I said before, things seem to become complicated at some point.’

Edward opened his mouth to ask something when he felt a sudden change in Solomon. His calm demeanor that resembled a wise old man suddenly became mighty and supreme; it was as if he was the noblest and most powerful being in existence.

Edward immediately became solemn and on-guard as he looked at the completely different old man in front of him–despite his visage not having changed in the slightest.

After hesitating for a moment, he asked: “Are you the real Solomon?”

“Hahahaha,” laughed Solomon. “Worthy of Merlin’s apprentice. However, your understanding of the real and unreal is too superficial. All the versions of me that exist across the multiverse of the current universe, or all the universes that exist in the Void where I existed or once existed and their counterparts in their respective multiverse: they are all me.”

Edward frowned after hearing this as his mind rapidly functioned. According to his theory, one way to become a Tier 11 Multiversal Arcanist is to absorb or have control of all the different versions of himself in the multiverse.

That way, even if the original body is destroyed, as long as one of his infinite selves exists in the multiverse, he can resurrect himself. And after meeting Old Man Merlin and knowing of his existence across the Omegaverse, he theorized about possible future tiers.

Maybe one day, he will have to spread his legend and existence across multiple other universes. That way, he will become an existence with numerous clones in multiple universes.

As long as one of these clones or separate parts of him exists, he will essentially be immortal or eternal. Only if someone or something was powerful enough to erase him across all realities where he existed could he possibly be killed.

So, after hearing Solomon’s words, he realized that his theory was probably correct. After thinking about this, his eyes suddenly became more brilliant as the path forward was seen by him.

So, he said to Solomon, “Thank you for your guidance.”

Solomon sighed, “You are much better than my stupid apprentice.”

“You also have an apprentice?”

“Yes. He’s someone like you who was reincarnated from Primordial Earth.”

Edward frowned after hearing this. He was not concerned about the fact that Solomon’s apprentice was also a Reincarnator like himself. From Merlin, he knew that there were many like him.

What caught his attention was the fact that both Merlin and Solomon have accepted this disciple. To Edward, this felt like something was wrong.

“Sir Solomon, why are you and the old man suddenly beginning to accept apprentices?”

Solomon paused for a moment before sighing, “You know, sometimes, being too clever is not necessarily a good thing.”

Immediately, Edward knew that his guess was correct. Something must have happened that made all these big shots accept disciples and train more powerful people.

There is the possibility that they are facing some unknown threat that requires more people to deal with. Thinking about this, a sense of urgency suddenly overcame him.

“There is no need for you to be worried. At your current level, there is nothing you could do about it,” said Solomon calmly.

“How strong would I have to be to start worrying?” asked Edward; he likes to be prepared for the worse.

“All I can say is that even if you reach Tier 11, you will be nothing but cannon fodder.”

From this single sentence, Edward could gather a lot of information. The terms “cannon fodder” could be alluding to a war that these big shots are fighting, and even a Tier 11 Multiversal Individual is nothing in said war.

After taking a deep breath to calm down, he said: “Thank you.”

He did not ask any more questions. Although he was curious by nature, he also understood that sometimes, you have to reach a certain level to know some secrets otherwise it will be detrimental. Plus, he did not think that Solomon would say anything more.

“There is no need. You, youngsters, are the future,” said Solomon. Then, he took a glowing ball from his hand. “This is my gift to you.”

The ball appeared in front of Edward, then, after hesitating for a moment, he took it. Immediately, countless memories appeared in his mind. These memories were the films, manga, anime, and many other things that came after his death in 2019.

Inside, he even saw the movie that both Frank and Lilith came from called [Jungle Cruise].

“This is…”

“It’s not really precious but it will save you a lot of money,” said Solomon. However, after seeing the confused look on Edward’s face, he further explained:

“If you successfully manage to reach the Akashic Records, you can easily gain access to these memories. However, you have to pay for them.”

Edward nodded and was not surprised that the latter knew that he was trying to reach the Akashic Record. By now, he guessed how powerful these big shots were.

If he did not have Merlin as his backer, he would have run away the moment Solomon appeared. So, after chatting for a brief moment with the king, he closed the space-time connection.

Meanwhile, right after Edward ended his conversation with Solomon, an old man suddenly appeared in front of Solomon.________

Title: Another Reincarnator


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