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“I know how powerful you are but our duty in the Library is to protect the world from going into chaos because of magic,” said the Librarian. “So, no matter the price, no matter the sacrifice, we have to stop you.”

All of these people knew that magic was slowly fading in this world. And in the current era, the number of real sorcerers in the world can be counted on one hand.

This is the reason that magical artifacts are so sought after by many people, because of how powerful they are on their own and because anyone can use them.

However, to their surprise, they found a powerful sorcerer that could probably rival the gods in ancient times. So, they were aware of the current situation.

A sword suddenly flew from the back and landed in the Librarian’s hand: it was Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. As for the woman next to him, black armor appeared on her body.

“Is this Ghengis Khan’s Armor?” Edward, but no one answered him. The Librarian swung his sword, and a massive pillar of light enveloped Edward. The light pillar reached thousand of meters into the sky and could be seen by everyone in North America.

More than 30 seconds later, the light faded away and Edward’s body showed. Besides a few burn marks on his arm and face, he was completely intact.

“Is this the magic immunity of Tier 6?” he muttered. “Even such a powerful Tier 5 attack has little to no effect. No, this high level of immunity should be because of the Crystal Mana. The majority of Tier 6 Mages should be more injured if hit with such a powerful attack.”

After talking to himself, he raised his head to see that the Librarian–who had just used this attack–suddenly aged by more than a dozen years and became an old man.

“Is the price paid to use Excalibur to such height,” said Edward calmly as he healed himself. Then, his right hand turned into a large quantity of sand to surround the Librarian and his Guardian.

A shield came from the Guardian’s armor to protect her and the Librarian, however, Edward had no intention of attacking but containing them. So, after enclosing the two into a dome of sand, he no longer attacked.

After feeling the struggle of these two inside, he nodded in satisfaction. This Sand Elementalization Spell was the result of studying Imhotep. Although the group has not found a way to permanently Elementalized the body, the spells created in the process were of great use.

Edward then looked at Judson and Charlene.

“You know, using violence is usually my least favorite approach.”

“It does not matter what you do,” said Charlene.

“How so?”

“Once I notice your arrival, I already sacrifice our immortality to break the chain of the library, making it disappear forever,” replied Judson.

Edward calmly raised his head to look behind the two, “It did not disappear.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your library exists in a separate dimension of its own. The chain that you broke is nothing but the connection of its dimension to the space here.”

“What are you trying to say?” asked Charlene.

“Meaning that as long as I have the coordinate of the dimension where it is located, I can still be teleported there,” replied Edward. The moment he entered the room he discovered the fact that this library was rapidly detaching itself from the current space.

So, he contacted Morgana to quickly calculate the coordinate of the Library Dimension so that he could enter. And he just received notification from her. A white light then enveloped all five of them and they were teleported inside the Library.

Both Judson and Charlene were shocked once they realized where they were. Meanwhile, Edward had removed his Sand Dome, and the Guardian was holding the Librarian who was on the verge of death because of how much life span he sacrificed to activate Excalibur.

“Hm?” muttered Edward as he felt something. His eyes turned purple as he looked around. “This library has some sort of consciousness acting like an A.I. That makes things easier. Morgana, hack it and take control of it.”

“As you wish, boss,” said the little purple-haired elf. The A.I. of the library was exactly like her, a magical artificial intelligence. So, she quickly launched a confrontation, and in just a few seconds, she was the winner,

Compared to her, this A.I. was still way too inferior, not to mention that her main server was created from a very unique and powerful treasure.

“Master, I have taken control of the library and deactivated the self-destruction initiation.”

“Excellent. Put these four in prison before they calm down. Save the Librarian as he might be useful later on.”

After that, Edward began to rapidly read the books inside; he did not touch the artifacts yet but asked Morgana to categorize them. Most of the books inside were magical books that contained curses inside them.

Some of them were powerful artifacts themselves that contained powerful spells, and some contained the real history of the past. It took him a full week to read all the books inside.

As a result, he furthered his understanding of this universe’s magic system and the control of different energy. However, his greatest gain was some of the historical records.

In one of the books, one sentence caught his attention:

“The War in Heaven brought the downfall of the Gods.”

After further research, he was able to confirm one of his theories: a war occurred between the different Pantheons of the Gods that ended with the death of numerous gods and the severe injury of many.

The Hebrew/Christian God, Yahweh, started a war against all other pantheons for the control of faith. This war who started in the mortal world with the rise of Christianity eventually affected Heaven, which was the realm where the gods habited.

However, from what Edward researched, he knew that this war was not as simple as he imagined as much information was lost. Something seemed to have gone wrong in the process.

Once he was done reading, Edward focused on the artifact–especially H.G. Wells Time Machine. Unfortunately, this artifact was simply a better version of the Time-Turner and could only slightly improve his time magic understanding.

However, Edward was not disappointed as he had something better: The Book of Solomon. This was an artifact that allowed the user to manipulate space-time at will.

Using the knowledge he had of the movie and some information in the Library, he was quickly able to find Solomon’s Mine where the book was located. As for the Masons in charge of protecting the mine, they were only regular people and paused no threat.

In the process, he also took the Spear of Destiny and Judas Chalice. The spear contained a great deal of divine energy since the blood of Jesus–the son of a God–once bathed in it.

Nevertheless, his main focus has always been the book; he studied it religiously for the next few months. And after he was done, his ability to use time magic without any aid had drastically increased.

Although he want to test out the new spells he created, he still had one important thing to do. So, he used the power of the book to bend space-time and contacted its creator: King Solomon.

In a mirror that was in front of him, he saw a man with a crown and a very long white beard dressed in ancient clothes. The man was only momentarily surprised when he saw a circular passage appear in front of him to show someone on the other side.

After looking at it for a while, Solomon said: “Some is using my book to communicate with me across space and time? How interesting.”

“Hello, King Solomon,” said Edward with a smile.

“What a powerful Sorcerer,” replied the king. “Moreover, one that used Inner Sorcery.” Slight jealousy could be heard in Solomon’s voice. As for Edward, he guessed that the Inner Sorcery was the same as Forbidden Sorcery that Imhotep talked about, meaning people who naturally have energy or mana inside their bodies.

“So, young lad, why are you contacting a dead person like me?”

“I just wanted to know some secrets of the past. However, I do not want to travel to the past to mess with the space-time continuum, so I thought that using your books to do so was the safest way.”

As wise as Solomon was, he understood Edward’s implication. Messing with time can easily destroy the foundation of reality. So, Edward did not want to take risks. However, using the book drastically reduced the risks he had to take personally since Solomon, one of the greatest sorcerers who has existed in this world, created it.

And if things did go wrong, he could deal with it as long as he destroyed the book.

“So, what exactly do you want to know?” asked Solomon not minded Edward’s actions.

“Many things. For example, why the Gods have fallen, why magic is almost non-existent in my time? I’m also curious about you too. In such a world where magic is slowly dying, how did you become so powerful?”

Just by reading the book, Edward could understand how powerful Solomon was in his prime; this was a Tier 7 Sorcerer, capable of destroying a star.


Title: Too Clever


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