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“We could have a proper exchange, why the need for violence,” said Edward as he looked at the frozen Zi Yuan. He had to admit, she was truly a beautiful woman. It’s a shame that this woman was dedicated to her husband even after 2000 years, otherwise, he would have shot his shot.

He pointed his wand at her head and said: “Legilimens.”

Edward began to review her memories so that he could find the location of the Oracle Bones. However, not long after he began, he saw an empty with the sound of Sanskrit constantly chanting.

No matter what he did, this was the only thing he could find in her mind

“Is this a spell in the Oracle Bones?” From his memories, he knew that Zi Yuan knew Sanskrit and used it to cast an immortal curse on the Dragon Emperor and his army turning them into Terracotta Army.

Most likely, she learned a spell from that book in Sanskrit that protected her mind. And after more than 2000 years of study, she should have accomplished something.

Removing his wand from Zi Yuan’s head, Edward headed to Lin who was passed on the floor and tried to read her memories. Just like her mother, she did have a spell to protect her mind.

However, she did not seem as adept as her mother despite living for as long as she. Additionally, she was passed out thus decreasing her resistance.

After a few minutes of searching, Edward found what he was looking for. In a secret compartment, he found many books with the Oracle Bones in the middle.

“Are those the books on the Monastery of Turfan?” In the movie, Zi Yuan told the Emperor that she did not have the secret of immortality but knew of a place that did, and that was the Monastery of Turfan. There, she discovered the Oracle Bones and used them to grant the Emperor immortality through a powerful curse.

Edward was planning on visiting that place but now it seemed that it was not needed as Zi Yuan most likely moved all the books inside here. Ignoring the other books, he opened the oracle and begin to read it.

This book contained many spells but they were in different languages from all over the world, from different civilizations that once existed on Earth.

Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Sumerian Language, Mysopetamian Language, and many more.

Some of the spells in this book are from tribes that existed in the BCE time, so these languages are almost extinct.

Luckily, these languages are the same back on Earth so there is a database in the Empire with all these languages. Archeologists in the Empire can request to use the Time Record Spell to recreate certain events back in time to learn or recreate these ancients language.

As for the ones that this spell could not be used for, as long as a small part of it is discovered, with a supercomputer, it is no problem to deduce the remaining language. Additionally, there are Language Spells to translate all languages, however, sometimes, this method seemed to fail when it comes to some particular languages.

So, Edward can translate more than 90% of this book. As for the remaining 10%, he has to wait for Morgana to return to full capacity before translating them.

So, he began to read the book and translate it. During the process, he would chant the incantation on the book to try the spell, thus slowly gaining a basic understanding of this universe’s magic system.

“So, this world’s magic system is a combination of Warlock and Cleric from DND, Marvel’s Sorcerers, and the Dragon Prince’s Magic.”

Like the Warlocks and Clerics, from Dungeon and Dragons, the sorcerers in this world have to borrow the power of gods or other mystical entities. By using these entities’ names, ceremonies, and even contracts, people can borrow these people’s power to cast spells.

An example of this is Imhotep. As a priest and believer of Anubus, all his powers came from the latter. This is the reason that Anubis was able to take away his power and turned him into a mortal in the second movie.

This kind of magic is similar to Sorcerers in the Marvel Universe. Although this thing was only briefly mentioned in the movies, in the comics, this is a common thing.

As for the Dragon Prince’s magic, it came from six sources: the sun, moon, sky, earth, ocean, and the stars. This world followed a similar system.

For example, the Dragon Emperor mastered the five elements. The fire element came from the sun, the earth element came from the ground, mountains, and many more. The water element came from the ocean, the wood element came from forests, while the Metal Element came both from ores in the ground and from the magnetic field that surrounds the planet.

Another example is the chief of the Piku Michuna tribe that cursed Frank and Aguirre. His magic came from the forest where their tribe lived.

In conclusion, the people of this universe can borrow power from gods, mystical entities, and nature to cast their spells. Of course, this was not the end.

In the Oracle Bones, he found what Imhotep referred to as Forbidden Sorcerer. According to the book, this is a form of magic that does not rely on the outside but rely on power that comes from the inside.

And only a few people have the talent to awake and use this magic.

After reading that passage, Edward knew that the so-called Forbidden Sorcerers were people in this universe who were born with mana inside their bodies and can use it to cast spells.

The fact that the gods banned this kind of magic showed that they wanted to control the supernatural element of this world, not giving people the opportunity to be self-reliant.

However, Edward did not focus on this aspect as he was excited about this universe’s magic system. Gate Alchemy allowed people to control all kinds of different energy: solar energy, lunar energy, earth energy, and so on.

However, its weakness is that it does not bring the specific characteristic of these energies as they are mainly used to power up basic Transmutation. Unless such energy is completely studied–like Life Energy of Alkahestry that is used for healing–they have no individual abilities or characteristics.

Now, things will be different. By studying this universe’s magic system, he can use Gate Alchemy to use different energy to cast all kinds of spells.

Solar energy for fire spells, lunar energy for healing and curse removal, ocean energy for water spells, forest energy for plant-related spells, and so many more.

Plus, there is a new energy that Edward discovered from this book.

The main theme of both this universe seemed to be the undead. Whether it was Frank and Aguirre, all the mummies, or the Terracotta Army, they are all undead.

Both the Book of the Dead, the Book of Amun-Ra, and the Oracle Bones have many spells related to the undead. To cast any Necromancy spells from these books to bring people to life or create undead, the power of Anubis or an Eastern God named King Yama needs to be used.

In the process of casting these spells, Edward discovered new energy that he called Negative Energy, or Yin Qi for the eastern name. Using negative energy seemed very effective for necromancy-related spells.

Edward sighed once he was done reading the book. He was quite excited about the outcome. With these new applications of energy, the class of Arcanists that he created will truly become versatile.

From now on, even if Arcanists do not have access to their mana, they can cast spells with all kinds of different energy in the surrounding. That way, they can adapt to any situation and will not become useless without their mana.

One day when they travel to universes where magic is non-existent, they can still use the energies of that world to have extraordinary powers.

“So, you’re finally awake.”

Edward looked at his surroundings as he saw many places in his surroundings were destroyed, and traces of elemental powers could be found on the ground. More importantly, a bunch of dead bodies were on the floor; obviously, he had summoned them.

“How long has it been?”

“A week,” replied Hermione. Suddenly, Edward felt a powerful hunger and fatigue overcoming him. Without his large mana pool and aura, without drinking any potions, spending a week focused on reading and casting spells began to take a toll on him.

“I need some rest,” muttered Edward. “How is the situation over there?”

“I’ve managed to calm down the mother and daughter and explained a few things to them. We even made a deal.”

“Alright, you can tell me later after I rest,” said Edward as he yawned.


Title: The Pool of Eternal Life


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