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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 227: Zi Yuan Bahasa Indonesia

Looking at the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra, Edward was very happy. So far, with the Tears of the Moon and these two books, his voyage to this world is more than satisfactory.

Not to mention that there are still many things he can acquire in this world, and at very low risk. Although he still has to be wary of the gods, however, since they have not directly shown up now, it might mean that there was a problem with them preventing them from doing so.

“Alright, you two can bring the book and Imhotep back to the Floating City,” said Edward towards Lily and Snape.

“What are we going to do?” asked Hermione.

“We need to handle this group of people,” replied Edward as he pointed to the passed Evely and O’Connell. “Having a good relationship with them can help us in our future actions.”

The movie Mummy 2 involved the Bracelet of Anubis. Although Edward could find it beforehand, this bracelet seemed to have the ability to choose its owner and it chose Evelyn and Rick’s son, Alex.

Of course, even without the bracelet, Edward could find the Ahm Shere which is the location of the tomb of the Scorpion King. However, as he already suspected that the second movie is a battle between Osiris and his son Anubis, he did not want to intervene.

He wanted to observe things from the shadow.

Edward had developed a theory after meeting Imhotep but he did not have enough evidence. So, he wanted to confirm whether it was true during the second movie. The only problem is that this takes place more than 8 years from now since Alex was not even conceived yet let alone born.

Nevertheless, this was not a big problem as the time will give him and his group time to recover and do many experiments.

He used his wand to wake up the three.

“What’s going on?” said Rick who was on alert as he held his gun in his hand. He then looked at Edward with vigilance. “Where is Imhotep?”

“The mummy has been dealt with and the curse on Egypt has been lifted,” said Edward. After Imhotep passed out, his power was stripped from him using the Book of Amun-Ra, so the curses on the country were lifted.

“However, we should not remain here for long as the tomb will soon be destroyed.”

The five of them rushed out of Hamuntra as the tomb rapidly collapsed. After they left, everyone felt relieved, however, Rick was still pouting and had a look of distrust of Edward.

Hermione–who received a heads-up beforehand–began to talk to Evelyn to smooth out the awkwardness of the previous situation.

“I know that you guys may not need it but I thought it would be best to share some of it.” As he said that, he took out a small bag and dumped it out.

Then, countless treasures were dumped out from that small bag. And from the amount, it seems endless. Jonathan’s eyes suddenly lit up as he rushed to the treasure.

“For us?” he asked.

“Half of it. Since we both participated in this expedition, I did not think it would be alright to take all the treasures given all the effort you guys made,” replied Edward.

“In that case, everything is forgiven,” said Jonathan as he started to play with the jewels and gold. Edward separated the treasure into two and placed each half in a different bag. He made sure to place the scepter that is really the Spear of Osiris in the group’s bag before handing it to them.

“This bag can only open once and will become useless. So, after finding a safe location, dumped all of it.”

Jonathan was a little sad as he previously thought that he would have a magical bag that he could use to carry many things. It’s a shame that it could only be used once. However, thinking about all the treasure he has now, he did not mind.

After that, the groups separated.

“Are we returning to the city to begin our experiment?” asked Hermione.

“No, we will be hunting down the Pool of Eternal Life.”

“Where do we begin?”

“We have to go to China and get the Eye of Shangri-La.”

Edward did not need to wait for more than 20 years when the third Mummy movie began to seek out the benefit; he could do it now. After that, the two apparated to China in search of the jewel called the Eye of Shangri-La.

From his memories, Edward knew that the diamond was smuggled out of China by British Intelligence in 1940, and now, it was 1926 so it was still there.

He wanted to use divination to find its location but the diamond seemed protected against such a method. So, he had to use it the hard way. After more than a month chasing rumors, gathering information and reading people’s minds, he finally discovered it in the private collection of a wealthy Chinese widow.

After borrowing it, he flew straight to a stupa in the Himalayas. On top of a monument, he placed the diamond that showed the exact location of Shangri-La where the sorceress Zi Yuan and his daughter Lin lived.

As soon as he arrived at his destination, he was attacked by a fireball. Luckily, he was on guard and used a shield to protect himself. Then, he saw the beautiful Zi Yuan, her daughter, and three white creatures known as Yeti waiting for them.

“Is this the power of the Five Elements?” muttered Edward as he felt the power of the spell just now. In the Mummy 3 movie, the Dragon Emperor is said to be a master of mysticism and has control over the Chinese five elements: earth, water, wood, metal, and fire.

As a sorceress that has lived for more than 2000 years, Zi Yuan was also a very powerful magic-user.

(AN; In the movie, only the Dragon Emperor used the power of the five elements. Even though it is stated that Zi Yuan was a powerful sorceress, she only used magic once in the entire movie to summon the dead and mostly fought with a sword. So, it does not make sense for her not to know magic or use it, so I will change this for the fic.)

“Please, we have come in peace,” said Edward in Mandarin.

“Outsiders, you’re not welcome here,” said Zi Yuan.

“We are just here to communicate and exchange knowledge,” reiterated Edward. He was not lying as he was very interested in the Oracle Bones which is a book in Zi Yuan’s possession that contained all the spells of the Ancient World.

In order world, this book contained spells from different languages, regions, cultures, and ethnicity of this world. With it, Edward can quickly gain some understanding of the magic system of this world.

Plus, he was very interested in who created this book.

“Since you do not hear my warning, then all of you can stay here.” Countless swords suddenly flew over and floated in front of Zi Yuan.

“Is this the power of the Metal in the Five Elements?” muttered Hermione. “It looked like Magnetism.”

Immediately, she decided to execute the plan that she and Edward had made through Mind Communication to quickly end this fight. She apparated behind Lin and used a Stunning Charm to knock her out, then she proceeded to do the same to the Yetis.

However, these guys seemed to have high magic immunity so Hermione had to attack them a few times before knocking them out.

Meanwhile, Edward did the same to Zi Yuan. Once her swords rushed towards him, he apparated behind her and attacked. However, she seemed to be well-versed in battle and did a somersault to evade the attack.

However, before she landed, Edward mobilized the [Aura] inside his body and rushed to her side, catching her by surprise with his physical skill beyond the limit of ordinary people.

An ice shield appeared around Zi Yuan to protect her but Edward’s hand pierced through as he hit her Pressure Point making her immobile.


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