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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 191: Project Pangea (III) Bahasa Indonesia


After coming into contact with Planet Earth’s Consciousness, Edward could feel it trying to say something, or send some sort of message. However, it was too difficult to understand. So, he focused deeply before hearing:


“Thank you?” After pondering for a moment, he understood the reason. Before the Empire was established, the planet was slowly heading to destruction.

Mass pollution, climate change, global warming, deforestation, and animal extinction were the shortlist of the things both muggles and wizards were doing to the planet.

However, after coming to power, he fixed a lot of these problems. With the use of Mana as clean energy, many problems such as air pollution were solved.

Magic was used to clean the already damaged environment, strict laws were passed for hunting both normal and magical animals. Trees were planted all over the world–especially with the recent Mana Tree.

With all these changes, the environment of the planet was reversed for the better. Although it is not perfect as there are still some problems, in general, things are looking better than they used to.

So, Edward smiled and replied: “You are welcome.”

After saying that, he proceeded to tell Gaia–which is the obvious name he decided to give the planet’s will–his intention. After she agreed, he linked her consciousness to the massive Gate of Truth in the sky.

Inside the gate was a large dimension. However, unlike Truth, Edward did not place knowledge inside that dimension. Instead, he placed another one of Morgana’s main servers inside.

The purpose of doing so is that she can now use Gaia’s power to monitor and control the tectonic energy, aquatic energy, Dragon Pulse, and even mana in the leyline nodes.

In the previous world, Edward has seen how dangerous alchemists can be with their experiments. In the future, every individual in the Empire can become a Gate Alchemist.

The alchemists in the Full Metal World had access to scientific knowledge during WW1 and WW2. In comparison, the people of the Empire have access to knowledge hundreds of years more advanced than them.

So, Edward could imagine what catastrophic things some people might create. So, he prepared in advance.

For example, Human Transmutation is only possible by the most elite of alchemists in the previous world. However, in the Empire, even a middle-schooler with enough knowledge about the human body and DNA could recreate a perfect human body.

As such, Edward could foresee how many people will try to bring their departed loved ones back to life. Creating a body is not difficult for most people. The only issue is the soul.

So far, Edward has realized that only the Resurrection Stone can successfully summon souls from the afterlife. Even if he creates the right spell to do so, it always fails, most likely because of Herpo.

So, he is not worried about that. What he’s worried about is that Herpo used this opportunity to enchant people to do his bidding, to use their emotional distress and sorrow to turn them against the Empire–just like he did with so many Alchemists against Truth.

So, he created this server and Gate of Truth so that both Morgana and Gaia can monitor these secret alchemic experiments, and when needed, completely deprived these people of their energy source and thus their alchemy–just like Father did to the Amestris Alchemist

Once everything was done, Edward checked the server to ensure that everything was running smoothly. Then, he focused on the second aspect of Project Pangea.

After the continent of Pangea was recreated, one of the major issues that will plague the people living on it has to do with climate. People from different parts of the equators are used to different types of climate or weather.

Humans are easily adaptable, so with time, this will not be much of an issue. However, places like Antarctica are a problem.

“Have the temples been built?” asked Edward.

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Then activate the enchantments.”

Soon after saying these words, the planet shook slightly for a very brief moment. Then, myriad magic circles came from these temples and surrounded the entire planet.

Luckily, only Tier 4 Arcanists and above could see them, otherwise, people might start to panic.

After seeing the magic circles, Edward first checked to see if there were any problems with both the enchantments and the Philosopher’s Stones powering them.

He was satisfied with the result.

To deal with the climate issue and the eventual destructive power of Tier 5 Arcanists, Edward took inspiration from Karma-Taj and the sanctums located across the world. Each sanctum served as a magic node to a powerful shield that surrounded the planet to protect it from otherworldly threats.

The temples that Edward built served similar purposes. One of them is to regulate the climate of each region before all the people adapt to the current situation.

However, this was just a secondary ability. The main purpose of these temples is a preventive measure against powerful arcanists. Once a massive surge of unidentified or unauthorized mana is detected, the enchantments will activate themselves and placed the person in a Magic Forbidden Zone.

That way, their mana will become unusable and they will not be able to cast spells. This is to prevent Tier 4 and higher Arcanists from creating large-scale destruction on regular people.

Of course, the enchantments can also be used as a weapon.

After everything was done, Edward led this group of people to do the same thing on the other planets. Although many people complained that these planets did not have that much population to warrant such extravagant use of resources, he ignored them.

The universe is vast, so there is no lack of resources. And even there was, he can still travel to other universes. So, he was never worried about resources. Plus, he could tell that some of these people did not want him to have such complete control over the solar system, and in turn, over the Empire.

The remodeling of the other planets went smoothie–with only a minor problem. The Consciousness of these planets was very weak especially compared to Earth.

After a quick study, Edward came to the conclusion it was because there were not that many people who have lived on them. For a planet to have its own will, it requires creatures with consciousness born on it.

Compare with Earth which had countless different races born and striving on it for millions of years, the other planets could not compare–especially after the Lumerian Civilization was destroyed 12,000 years ago.

These planets became inhabitable my most magical races–let alone humans. The only exception is Mars which has creatures living underground. Nevertheless, their population was also very small.

Anyway, it took Edward a week before everything was done. He returned to Earth to continue the next project of the Symposium.


Title: The Symposium Ends


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