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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 190: Project Pangea (II) Bahasa Indonesia


King Nedakh was surprised despite not showing it on his face. The royal family has just decided to take action against the Arcane Empire, yet they have already received the news. This could only mean that the higher echelons of their kingdom have been infiltrated.

This made him furious and worried at the same time. However, he could not display his emotions in the current situation.

“What are you talking about? The Kingdom of Atlantis has not done anything, but you have attacked us.”

“I do not care if you want to deny accountability,” replied Edward calmly. “My attack just now was just a warning. Next time, I will send my armada to break your shield and destroy your kingdom.

“By then, even your precious Sea God could not save you.”

The hand of King Nedakh on the throne squeezed the harm rest, forming a dent on the metal. He wanted to shout and roar but did not dare. In the past, he feared the technology of the Arcane Empire, but not the people.

But now, he just witness the Emperor use one spell and almost destroyed their shield. In the past, this would not have been possible. To be exact, 5 years ago, this should not be possible.

‘How could his strength increase so much in just five years?’ thought the king. Although he wanted to know, there was currently no way. So, he snorted coldly before ending the conversation.

Then, the mermaid who was holding the crystal rapidly swim under the ocean, fearing that the Arcarne Emperor would unleash his wrath on her; she was just the messenger, so she did not want to die for no reason.

Edward ignored the Atlantean King. When he first discovered the City of Atlantis, he was quite excited and even sent someone on a diplomatic mission. However, the response of these people was quite arrogant and even injured his messenger.

He understood the mentality of these people. They hated muggles for polluting the ocean. Oddly though, they did not intervene. As for the magical sides, they disdained how weak and backward they were. So, they never interacted or intervened.

Over the years, he tried to make diplomatic relationships with the Atlantis Kingdom to exchange knowledge and resources. But he received the same treatment. So, he stopped trying.

He trained a powerful navy and created special spaceships designed for both naval and cosmic battles. Armed them with powerful weapons and placed them under the sea.

Between the many small conflicts between the two nations, the Atlanteans have always been the ones who suffered. The only reason that Edward has been patient with them so far was that he knew that Atlantis existed in many universes, so he feared that some powerful being would have an issue if he destroy this one.

Additionally, they may have a weapon with the power of Tier 5 or 6.

However, after his return trip and his conversation with Merlin, he did not have that fear anymore. He still will not antagonize the kingdom. After all, he did not want to rely on Merlin for everything.

Nevertheless, he will still take a more aggressive approach when dealing with them.

After sending King Nedakh away, Edward began to focus on the task at hand. Under his supervision, all the continents and scattered islands fit together almost perfectly.

As for the missing gaps that existed, alchemy was used to grow these patches of land so that everything fitted perfectly together.

“Huh?” muttered Edward as he noticed something. He used a spell to scan the Pangea Continent and discovered something. After all the leyline nodes were connected as one, the process of them activating was suddenly accelerated.

Previously, after the Mana Trees were planted, it would still take thousands of years for them to activate on their own. But now, the time needed was drastically decreased.

“Why is that?” muttered Edward. From what he knew, the other planets on the solar system also had leyline nodes and were connected together. Yet, they were still unactivated.

Edward waved his hand to cast a Cloning Spell. Another version of himself appeared next to him for a brief moment before disappearing. A few minutes later, the clone appeared next to him again.

“As you suspected. The other leyline nodes on the other planets have also begun to activate.”

Edward nodded his head while looking at a map in front of him; he seemed distracted.

The map was the Pangea Continent. However, there were marks in different spots on this map. They were different ancient monuments that are famous in the world.

Edward focused on the Pyramids located in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Sudan, and other countries. He could see a pattern by drawing on the location of these pyramids on a map.

It was similar to the continent-sized transmutation circle that he was previously using to move the continents. The only difference was that this pattern was not a circle, but looked more like…

“Ancient Runes?” he muttered. However, he could not find anything from his memories to fit this pattern. However, he did have some clue as to the reason that the leyline nodes were suddenly starting to activate.

He guessed that some ancient civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians may have created some sort of magical ceremony using the entire world to reactivate the leyline nodes.

However, given how far apart these civilizations existed in history, how could they work so well together? Unless someone was leading them from the shadow.

“Herpo,” muttered Edward. “Well, this guy has worked really hard, hasn’t he?”

The question now is why did he stop? Why did he not continue with his plan?

Edward shook his head to remove these distracting thoughts from his mind; he was currently busy and had no time for this now. So, after tasking Morgana to study this map and come up with an explanation, he returned to the task at hand.

Once the continents were connected together, it was Edward’s turn to take action. He landed on a deserted place.

Then, a massive Gate of Truth appeared floating on top of the continent; the gate had countless runes engraved on it. This was the Gate that all the current Gate Alchemists used to create their Gate of Truth inside their Soul Dimension.

Furthermore, the people of the Empire who want to have their own Gate of Truth will have to use it as well.

Once the gate materialized, Edward closed his eyes as he began to feel the earth underneath his feet. He first felt all the different energy underneath.

He could feel the planet breathe through all the trees, releasing oxygen for people to live. As he sunk deeper, he could feel some form of consciousness.

This consciousness was vast compared to him, but did not seem to have much intelligence: This was the Planet’s Will.

One thing that fascinated Edward from the Full Metal Universe was the fact that the entire world was a living being with thoughts and consciousness. The planet itself even had a Gate of Truth that Father opened up during the Promised Day.

So, he studied this phenomenon in-depth. Now, the result of that study will come in handy in this situation.

(AN: So, according to the setting of the story, after using the perfect Philosopher’s Stone, new talent will be granted to the user like Edward’s Cosmic Awareness. Because of this, I’ve been trying to come up with a few ideas for what power the other members of his harem along with the Illuminati Members have.

I already have one for Rowena and Hermione that I’m pretty satisfied with. However, when it came to the others, I’m a little stuck. I have one for Bellatrix, but I’m not too keen on keeping it.

So, if you guys have any ideas, leave them in the comment sections and I will use them.

The rules are that the power has to be unique or special, not too powerful but can grow over time with the story.

If anyone is an avid reader of comics, you can talk about some powers you know about as I used them as a reference for Edward’s ability.

If possible, be as detailed as possible with your chosen ability, that way I can use it directly or draw inspiration from it.)


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